Stories of the Five Chapter 1

Tang Seng was meditating when Buddha asked him "Do you know how your first disciple doing?" "No, I have not seen him since after we ascended to heaven,"Tang Seng replied. "Then how about you take your third and Second disciples to go check on him."suggested Buddha. Tang Seng nodded and went to do it.

Sun Wukong"s POV

You have heard of me right? Say no and I'll kill you…just kidding. So nowadays I just doing nothing after fetching the scriptures and stuff like that. After doing that, I became a Buddha. Hurray for me! But after a month, I figured sitting on a lotus and chanting scriptures wasn't my thing.

So Buddha decided to put me in the Demon world…oh wait, you haven't heard that part. I'll start from the beginning. Most of the time you don't see demons wandering around and creating havoc do you? You thought I was just a famous legend, didn't you? And all those things about magic, flying and other kind of stuff is fake, am I right?

Of course I am.

Well…that is because Buddha did spring cleaning. He wiped out all the bad demons and placed the ones who wanted to do good things in another world. And this happened centuries ago. But more evil demons were being born and Buddha didn't want them to go into the human world and start causing havoc. So Buddha placed me in the demon world and I was in charge of killing or enlightening the bad demons.

Mostly, I kill them. But my girlfriend, Chunli, would have done either. She is also one of Master's disciples. But right now, I don't know where the heck she is. I miss her. So while being occupied, I still have free time and now I'm a billionaire and a male model…oh shut your bloody mouth. I can do whatever I want.

I decided to keep my face since demons are not allowed to go in the human world. And I am an immortal so I don't age. Chunli would have loved to see me keep my face. She says I'm more handsome like that. Part and parcel why I miss her and hope she can come back to me.

I also got enrolled in high school since I don't have much to do. And believe me, sometimes it actually kinda fun. Would be more fun if Chunli was around though. And in school, I'm called Zach. Outside, Wukong.

Well, after high school was over for the day, I was taking a shower and I heard someone knocking on the door. Oh come on. There was a doorbell for goodness sake! Huffing, I quickly dried myself and put on some clothes and ran downstairs. I was living in a nice terrace house.

I slammed the door open and saw my Master, Zhu Bajie and Sha Seng. Master was fine and hadn't change. Bajie was still as fat as ever. Just the sight of him made me want to kick his ass for fun. Sha Seng hadn't changed much either.

Smiling, I greeted "Hi everyone." The three of them smiled and nodded in greeting. I invited them in, being the kind monkey I was. Master complained a bit about not in the correct clothing so I went to a wardrobe and pulled out some clothing for them.

We sat down and chatted, catching up on each others' lives. "Have you heard anything from Chunli?"I asked. They shook their heads. I sighed, I missed Chunli more than ever. Master laid a hand on my shoulder. I smiled faintly.

The next day, I brought them to high school. Bajie decided to call himself Jacob. Master and Sha Seng were still deciding. Just then, the school bully, Roy came up to me and we argued, which eventually led to a fight. I hurt him easily so he didn't bother us.

"Hey Zach! It's time for P.E. It's dodge ball again!"called out Daniel, a friend of mine. I nodded and brought my friends to the gym. After a very painful dodge ball practice for my friends, P.E ended. And after a long day, we went back to my place.

We then had a good night's sleep.

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