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Chapter 1 – The Big Move

Alex Evans' POV

I'm not a morning person so when I hear my sister cheer and squeal I just wanted to get up and hit her with a pan. But then I realized it must be good for her to be screaming so I got out of my warm bed.

"This better be freaking good or I just wasted my walk" I yawned but as soon as I saw my mum and sister I wanted to run to my bed. They both had a smile that scared me.

Oh this can't be good! I thought.

My mum had plane tickets in her hand.

I was really scared now. "Uh, mum, why do you have plane tickets? They're not for our use right?"

"Of course they are hun." she said cheerfully.

"What! Why? What's wrong with Brighton?" I say to her.

My sister, Daphne came up to me and put an arm around me. She had her little bunny, Snowball, in hand.

"Oh Alex. You'll love where we are heading." she said brightly as she touched the bell necklace I was wearing.

We have this on going joke that we pretend to be our favorite animal. She loves bunnies so naturally she pretends to be a bunny. That's is why I gave her Snowball three years ago. Two years ago she gave the necklace I have around me neck. It has the shape of a bell in honor of my cat that died when I was four.

Suddenly, I got a sudden interest in learning about our new home. "And where might that be?"

She giggled and said, "Why Los Angeles of course! Remember when we were younger, we used to dream about living there. You know, before you turned into this..."

She pinched a little bit of my shirt with two fingers. And so what if I'm a tomboy. I'm doing it to protect her even if she doesn't get it.

I roll my eyes and shake her hand off. She gets the message and walks over to her seat at the table. She quickly begins to eat, but never letting Snowball out off her lap.

"Oh darling, I have no other choice. My company has moved me and we have to go or I'll lose the job that keeps a roof over our heads." said my mother setting a plate on the table that maybe is for me.

Oh my! Does she really have to play the "job that keeps a roof over our heads" card. Now I feel guilty.

Daphne signals me over to the seat with the plate of food. I reluctantly obey. I sit and even though I'm hungry I don't touch my food.

"Okay so why should I accept this?" I said referring to the move.

"First, the beach and cute guys." says Daphne, setting her fork down.

I make a sour face at the "cute guys" part but the beach sounds nice.

"Second, where we are to live is amazing?" Mum says, sitting down.

"Where is that?" I say slowly.

"The Palm Woods." Daphne cheers.

When she said that I was drinking orange juice and spit it out. " What? Could you even afford it, Mum?"

She shook her head, "No but the company does."

"And third, maybe, just maybe, we could meet a cute celebrity and get married." said Daphne, feeding a piece of bacon to Snowball. Snowball refused the bacon. Of course she isn't going to ear it! She is a vegetarian! I leaned over to them and snatched the bacon from her hand and threw it on the table. Snowball looked thankfull.

"Alright then. Lets move." I said subconsciously. How in the world did that escape my mouth!

Daphne and Mum cheered and hugged me along wit thank you's.

Oh well... Maybe we are moving to Los Angeles then.

~A week later~

"Welcome to the Palm Woods, Mrs. Evans. And of course your children as well." said the manager to my mother. Daphne who was beside me, pouted. She doesn't like being called a child. Neither do I.

Mum turned to us to introduce ourselves. We sighed.

"I'm Alex and this is my twin sister Daphne." I said for our sakes.

Mum smiled. She turned to the manager, whose name is Mr. Bitters and finished signing the papers. A lifetime later she finished and he gave her the key.

We smiled at him and we dashed to our room, or should I say apartment. That is what I thought when we got there. It is amazing and our old furniture is nothing compared to the ones here.

After we finished our mini tour, we knew that this apartment has three rooms, two of them with bathrooms, on bathroom in the hallway, a nice kitchen, a living room and a hallway closet. Pretty nice and comfy.

The thing about twins is that we can communicate without speaking. We read each other's minds. So when when we finished the tour, we looked at each other and we waited for mum to turn around.

When she did, we each dashed to a bedroom that have a bathroom and shut the door behind us. When we do, we laugh afterwards.

An hour later we finished packing, faced a mad mum, and we headed to the pool area we spotted earlier with our bathing suits.

Well, Daphne has a bathing suit. I never ever liked them so i wear a t-shirt and trunks.

"Why don't you wear a bathing suit like a normal girl?" Daphne reproaches me.

I smirk and say my typical response, " So what if I don't wear a bathing suit and wear my trunks? So what if I'm a tomboy?"

She sighs and we head to the pool.

As we pass through the door I bump into someone and I grunt. We fall on top of each other. Him under me.

"Sorry, Man." I grunt. My voice sounds manly for some reason.

"It's alright, dude. Just slow down. There is enough pool to go around." he says to me and pats my shoulder. He heads inside. Daphne and I turn in synchronization and I wonder who that was. He looks familiar.

Daphne squeal and I cover my ears. "Daphne!"

"Sorry, but do you know who that was?" she asked urgently.

I shook my head and she rolled her silverish-blue eyes that are identical to mine.

"That was Kendall Knight, one of the Big Tine Rush guys." say gasps.

I scrunch my eyebrows. "Who?"

She ignores me and looks around, "Maybe the other guys are around here."

And with that, she wanders off. Normally, I wouldn't let her go off like that but I am still dumbfounded by that guy. Kendall, Daphne said he was named. And he apparently is famous.

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