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Leroy jethro gibbs looked at the still form of his partner partially covered by his white bedsheet, she was beautiful. Like an angel out of heaven. When she walked by all the men stopped and stared, she turned heads that's for sure. She could have any man turn to putty in her hands with a simple look, and yet she'd chosen him. Him, a run down old marine. She was young, sensual, sexy, drop dead gorgeous. She was ziva. Ziva David - kick ass super assasin. She was sleeping peacefully in their bed, they'd been together for nearly two and a half years. She was what completed him, he loved her more than anything and anyone, and he never tired of telling her. He also never tired of her telling him how much she loved him, and she did, she worshipped the ground he walked on and she was forever trying to convince him of that fact. He secretly knew, he saw it in her eyes everytime she looked at him, he just couldn't believe he deserved it.

They hadn't told the team, they kept putting it of, weary of what their reaction would be. However there were a few people who did know, one of which was ziva's father, who contrary to popular belief adored his little girl. Gibbs had found this out 4 months into their relationship when eli David had turned up at ziva's apartment having used his own private plane to come spend time with his princess. Eli had gotten a shock when gibbs appeared from the bedroom with his gun pointed at eli's head. Of course, gibbs had gotten a shock when ziva and eli explained why they kept up the facade of pure depise towards one another. When ziva was four, her and her mother had been abducted off the streets by hamas operatives, they realised the little girl was the key to breaking eli David, so they tortured ziva's mother to death, forcing her daughter to look upon the abuse. Eli had found them before any serious physical damage had been done to ziva, but his wife wad already dead. It was this that brought eli to the correct conclusion that if people believed ziva was loved by her father she would forever be in danger however if they thought him a cold hearted bastard that couldn't care less about her, she would be considerably safer. Jethro agreed with their theory and had since developed a very good friendly relationship with eli. Of course their relationship enclosed the constant warning that should gibbs ever hurt his daughter, they wouldn't find his body. This made gibbs like eli even more, he had no intention of doing anything but worship ziva like the goddess she was. He loved her more than he'd loved anyone before.

Jackson gibbs also knew about their relationship, jethro had taken ziva up to stillwater after they hit the one year mark. Jackson was as much in love with ziva as jethro was. As soon as they had both walked through his front door Jackson had known his son was helplessly in love with the woman beside him. Jackson had always secretly favoured ziva out of all the team, when he had first met the team he had known that his son had fallen in love with her, however his son was trying to ignore that love, instead poorly attempting to feel for other women, a poor attempt to vanquishe his feelings for a woman he did not believe he could ever have. But then he got her, he took the plunge and found out she'd loved him secretly too, love at first sight for the both of them. Thank god hollis Mann left. He was with her for a couple of months, he didn't feel anything for her, but he needed some physical release and she was more than willing. He didn't realize how much his little fling with the army colonel actualy got to ziva, she hated the women, not because she was with the man ziva loved but couldn't have but because hollis would drop snide remarks aimed at ziva whenever jethro left the two alone together. Jethro found out about this 6 months after his fling ended, the night he confessed his feelings for ziva. He told her he loved her and had tried not to but he did, he didn't get chance to say the rest of his rehearsed speech because ziva had her lips on his in an instant. Igniting the most passionate and loving relationship that either had ever been in.

There were two other people who were in loop in regards to gibbs and ziva. One was ducky, he was jethros closest friend, it was ducky who had convinced gibbs to tell ziva how he felt. Ducky had bore witness to the looks and secret smiles that they flashed when they thought the other wasn't looking, he knew ziva reciprocated jethros feelings and since they had gotten together he saw the pure love and adoration they held for one another. Ducky was also now urging them both to tell the team, two and a half years of a secret relationship was wearing on them both. Each wanted the whole world to know how much they meant to one another, how strongly they were connected, two halves of a whole. Jethro had recently confessed to ducky that he loved ziva more than he had even Shannon, of course he had and still did love her, but that love didn't compare to the engulfing love he had for ziva. She was frankly his everything, his mere existence depended on her. If anything happened to her or their relationship ended he knew that it would be his demise. He couldn't live without her, she couldn't live without him. Simples.

The other person who knew was special agent Christian brown, ziva's in the closet gay best friend. Ziva had befriended him the first day she was in the ncis building. She'd quickly informed him she knew he was gay, even though every other person in the agency believed him to be a bigger womanizer than dinozzo. Their friendship was strong straight away, ziva understood him and didn't judge him for keeping his sexuality a secret from their co workers, and she encouraged him to 'go for it' when he was trying to pull gay guys at bars. They had fun together and didn't care if people thought they were fuck buddies, because they knew the truth. Christian made up female conquests to stop people finding out, he was handsome enough that his tales were believed, so gibbs was shocked when he found out - of course he'd known that ziva wasn't romantically involved with the special agent, he could see it in her eyes. When he had confessed his feelings for ziva the first thing she did the next morning was ring Christian and tell him that the man she loved felt the same, gibbs had heard the man's squeals through the phone. A couple of hours later the special agent was telling gibbs all about his night with a tub of vasaline and a hot hawain man. Gibbs liked Christian because he loved ziva and made ziva happy, anyone that did that gibbs liked.

Ziva stirred, breaking gibbs reflective trance, the sheet riding lower as she tossed about giving gibbs a view of her naked form, utter perfection in his eyes. He reached out and ran a hand along her golden thigh, inching slowly upwards, causing her to flutter her eyelids open. His hand scraped along her hip ad he bent his head to capture her mouth in an exquisite good morning kiss. "Love you" she wispered against his mouth, causing his lips to turn upwards, "love you more" he replied. "Nu-uh, impossible. I love you more". Gibbs smiled a brilliant smile as he retorted "well ziver we'll have to agree to disagree". With that she leant upwards, wrapping her arms around his neck as she recaptured his mouth, sensualy running her tongue over his lips, sending a wave of pleasure through his body. She hooked her leg over his waist, using it to pull him closer to her body, heat flooded south in him,making him perfectly ready and primed for her. In one swift movement he entered her, hissing at the feel on being deeply enveloped inside her. Coming home.

Their sweat soaked skin glistened as they struggled to regulate their breathing after the amazing sex they'd just had. Ziva was tucked into jethros side, playing with the dustings of hair she found on his chest, both blissfully unaware of the sparks of life they had just created. Tbc...