When Miss Parker noticed that the cab of Jarod was slowing down, she told her cabdriver to stop the cab and park behind a tree. She was right, Jarod's' cab pulled over, he stepped out of the cab and walked towards a hotel named "Sunshine". "Now I got you!" miss parker said with a smile on her face.

As miss Parker got out of the cab, she began to examine the neighborhood and the hotel building itself. She noticed that the hotel had no fire escapes and the only way in or out was the main entrance of the hotel. "I am finally catching a break" Miss Parker smirked.

Miss Parker entered the building and showed a picture of Jarod to a female, name Jane, who seemed to be the owner of the hotel. "Do you recognize this man?" Miss parker asked as polite as possible. Jane didn't hesitate and immediately told Miss Parker that she knew who the man in the picture was. "He's a really nice guy, who always help me whenever I have problems and gorgeous looking too, don't you think?" Jane replied. Miss Parker didn't answer her question instead she asked her "In which room number is he staying?". "He is staying at the third floor, room number 23, but what business do you have with him?" "Ohhh, I only saw his walking into this hotel by coincidence, he is an old friend of mine, I was just wanted to pay him a 'surprise' visited" Miss parked said. Jane didn't had time to responded to her question, because before she knew it Miss Parker was already walking toward the third floor.

As Miss Parker was standing in front of room number 23, she slowly pulled out her gun, slowly and quietly she took a couple of big breaths. When she was sure that she was ready, she knocked on the door, she could hear someone's footsteps moving toward the door, she wasn't sure if it belonged to Jarod or not. But then…she heard Jarod asking, "Who is it? I didn't ordered room service, you must have the wrong room".

Now Miss Parker was sure that Jarod was almost standing behind the door, she kicked the door open and pointed her gun at Jarod. Jarod was shocked and at the same time surprised to see Miss Parker, because he was so sure that he didn't left any clues for Miss Parker to follow. Had he been enjoying his vacation too much? Was he too careless?, in the past he could always sense it if Miss Parker was close by!. This time she even knocked on the door and still he had no idea that it was Miss Parker that was knocking on the door.

Finally Miss Parker broke the silence, "I see you are surprised Jarod" Miss Parker said. "No, I was a little bit too careless I guess, you seem to have gotten much smarter Miss Parker, I will give you that" Jarod said. "Hands above your hand and face your face against the wall, don't you dare too escape or I will shoot you and I want hesitate" Miss Parker said. Jarod did as he was told, meanwhile Miss Parker pulled out the handcuffs. Miss Parker touched Jarod's left hand and tried to cuff his hand, without any warning Jarod turned around, made some fast moves that Miss Parker couldn't counter and because she knew it, her left hand was cuffed. She still had her gun in her right hand, she tried to aim it at Jarod's leg, she pulled the trigger, but within that second, Jarod twisted her right hand and the bullet scratched Miss Parker left leg.