School had started up again; Quirinus was just about to head through the wall to Platform 9 3/4. He had been looking forward to this since he went back to his parent's house, where he spent his holidays longing to see Charlotte Clearwater, his best friend again. However; things took an unexpected turn when he saw someone he'd made friends with last year; someone who he had no idea, just how important they would become to him...

Quirinus looked around him, taking in his surroundings, he quivered as many people passed, some school mates saying quick hellos to him but seemed to be in a hurry to find their friends to really stop and talk to him. This worried Quirinus a lot, had his fears come true, that they'd realized there are better people than him to hang around with? This wouldn't have surprised him in the least if they had. The year before he had made a few friends, one best friend, Charlotte Clearwater, who accepted him straight away and introduced him to her friends who also seemed to have accepted him but had things changed now? Quirinus' quivering grew worse, though he knew he had to wait to see if Charlotte would find him, he couldn't help but want to escape from his anxiety. The fears were growing too much for him, on top of the excitement of finally being on his way back to Hogwarts; home. He had so many mixed feelings, he could have just broken down on the spot, but that would have been stupid of him. He didn't want attention; he wanted to be recognised as the person he was and prove himself, that he could do something, instead of being the boy who seemed to be the unintelligent stutterer, but how could he prove himself when he couldn't even make a friend? Just as he took a step back for a run up to run through the wall, he heard a voice behind him.

Distant at first but he heard it again; a female's voice, "Hey Quirrell!" she shouted, happily.

Quirinus spun around and realized who she was instantly, a broad grin on her face, it was none other than Terra Weasley; someone he had made friends with, just the year before.

Quirinus beamed, "T-T-T-Terra!" he said, timidly but happy to see her. He grinned shyly, "H-h-how a-are y-you?" his stuttering seemed to have calmed down a bit with people he knew, since last year; he was once terrible with all people but as he got to know them, he apparently became more comfortable with them.

"Pretty good." Terra replied, "Wanna maybe go do something later?" she said with a grin.

'Really...? She's asking me to go hang out with her? We're still friends? BRILLIANT!' he thought to himself, slightly taken aback.
Quirinus looked up at her, partly confused, partly excited and curios to why she would want to still hang out with him, wouldn't she have other people to hang out with, people cooler than him? As much as he thought over why she would want to hang out with him, he couldn't help but feel eager to spend time with her; he had missed his friends all summer, especially Charlotte and as he had just realized, Terra.
"W-W-W-What's i-i-i-i-in m-m-mind?" he stammered, yet couldn't help but grin at her.
He wondered whether this would be a strange question to ask her, but it was already too late; he'd asked it so now he could only wait for her reply and worry about whether he was being awkward or not. He was just overly happy to see her.

"We could do anything. We can think of something." she replied and smiled at her.

"W-w-w-whatever y-y-you h-have i-in m-m-mind, r-r-really." Quirinus replied; his voice as warm, as much as it was shaky.

Terra took his hand in hers, "How about a nice walk then?" she asked and smiled as Quirinus timidly took her hand.

Quirinus grinned again, still as shy as ever, "S-s-s-sounds p-per-per-perfect." his mind raced, 'why is she being so nice to me? This is really different... but I like it.'

Many thoughts ran through Terra's mind, 'He's so sweet and I absolutely love being around him. It makes me smile... he makes me smile.' she smiled brightly at Quirinus who gave her hand a gentle squeeze, "Shall we then?"

Quirinus looked at her and smiled brightly, 'she's amazing!' he beamed to himself.

The two still had over two hours before the train left, they decided to take a walk around the place, straying away from the station but not too far, Quirinus' hand in hers, the two friends talked about their holidays and how much they missed eachother. Quirinus wondered many times if it was just friendship on her mind but he knew he couldn't mean any more than he already did; it would be a miracle if he ever got a girlfriend; the two had known eachother for a year that day. It took Quirinus to point that out. Terra beamed at this realization then talked about how much time had flown, how much they'd both seemed to have grown in the period of just a year. Quirinus was just happy to have her by his side; he was happy to have anyone, as long as they were a friend. It was only since Hogwarts, he had ever made friends. Charlotte was the only person he had spent one-on-one time with. He never was one for large groups, or any form of group really. It was nice to have another friend. An hour and a half passed and the two realized they should probably get back to the station before the train left without them.

"Race ya there!" Terra laughed, cheekily and took off in a flat run.

Quirinus chased after her as quick as he could, he'd almost caught up with her, the barrier to Platform 9 ¾ not too far ahead. He ran quicker but he had missed her; Terra had already made it through the wall. He stopped, a little scared that he might miss the wall and run into a muggle or someone. He took a few steps back and ran at the wall. Within an instant he found himself standing less than fifty feet away from the train, a huge grin formed across his face, his heart leapt as the train gave a loud whistle. He couldn't believe he was there at last but where was Terra?