Quirinus had just finished Potions Class. He didn't know how well he did. Again, he swore he'd screwed everything up but instead of dwelling on that. He had something else to dwell on; he had to find Terra. Where was she? She was in his Potions Class and the two hadn't been able to focus on their work as well as they usually would have. Quirinus was sure he'd done worse than he had ever done as he thought about it, but his mind wondered to where she was. She said she would meet him outside the classroom but when he exited, she was nowhere.

Quirinus sighed. It was all too good to be true. She had led him on, he was sure of it. He slowly trudged back, towards the Ravenclaw common room to study when out of nowhere someone leapt on his back. Quirinus stumbled forwards. Just luckily the wall was there to save him as he held his hands out and fell towards it, breaking his fall.

Terra sniggered, "Oi! It's just me!" she laughed.

Quirinus breathed heavy, "oh! There you are!" he laughed timidly. He must have looked stupid. "S-sorry, I-I..." he couldn't finish. He was now nervous. What would have happened if he had have hurt her?!

"Relax. I was expecting it." she laughed.

"D-d-deliberately...?" he said, rather shocked and somewhat hurt.

Terra sighed and ran her hands through his hair while she clung to his back, "It was supposed to be for a surprise attack." she said. "I'm sorry."

Quirinus felt instantly calm, "I-It's f-f-fine. W-w-where sh-should we go?" he asked.

Terra grinned, "Anywhere! Though there is a place I want to lead you. It's outside. Near the lake, only not."

Quirinus thought for a second and decided to let her direct him on where to go, he piggy-backed her through the courtyard and to the Quidditch pitch. They looked at the sky and it was decided. She directed him to the Black Lake. There they sat for a while, watching the water flow smoothly.

"I really do love you, Quirinus." she said suddenly, as he took her in his arms.

"I l-l-love y-y-you t-too." he said, rather taken aback.

He jumped to his feet. An idea formed in his head, it was perfect. He carried her towards Hogsmeade but took a little detour. Just as they reached the corner, he took a path he had been on before when he went camping with Charlotte and the rest of his friends. It was a nice little spot, not out-of-bounds but also secluded. He set her gently on the ground and kissed her as deep and passionately as he could, gently nipping her lip by accident. Terra moaned slightly and Quirinus, the timid boy he was, pulled away. He didn't want to get too carried away. He had no idea even to how to pleasure her in an intimate way. The two gazed into each other's eyes for a while and Quirinus grinned, he sat down on the grass and conjured some picnic foods, along with a glass of non-alcoholic wine. He would save the alcoholic stuff for their next camping trip or something. They sat watching the clouds for a while, whispering sweet nothings to one another. It wasn't much of a date to Quirinus but to Terra. It was everything.

"Let's call this a date." she said suddenly.

Quirinus' eyes lit up. "Definitely!" he leant in and kissed her again.

Once they had finished their picnic, Terra leapt on his back, the two tackled eachother playfully. Being the feisty woman she was, she nipped his ear playfully, Quirinus had no idea what to do, so he turned around and chewed hers back, probably harder than intended. Another small moan escaped Terra and she pinned him to the ground and kissed him deeply. Quirinus' tongue explored her mouth. He gently tickled the roof of her mouth, exploring to see what he could do before Terra's tongue found his. Their tongues fought with eachother before finally entwining with eachother. Terra leant in for a deeper and passionate kiss, Quirinus arms wrapped around her, he felt all sorts of feelings he had never felt before. He knew then, that she was his. She was the one he wanted.
They walked back to Hogwarts, hand-in-hand once they caught their breath, about to start next class. Quirinus hadn't wanted their moment to end but he knew there would be another. He had no idea how easily turned on Terra was and this scared him as much as he enjoyed it.