'Striker.'; Who is The Striker people ask. He was a vigilante; a human with... SUPER POWERS!

Four years ago has The Strike appeared and stopped rime in the city of, South Park. South Park was a small town filled with a bunch of rednecks. Most adults are perhaps, stupid. Crazy things go on in this small town called South Park. It all stopped four years ago, exactly the time he appeared. Are you, perhaps... confused? Very well, let me tell you a tale of things that happen in this time and who is The Striker.

Firstly, he is called The Striker because of one reason. He strikes in the darkness.. the shadow, and you will never know what hit you before you're on the ground. When he first appeared, some mistook him as Mysterion. Unfortunately, the cops never caught him to ask who he was. People tried to figure out his identity, sadly, they never saw him. Hiding behind the shadows. People begin to call him, The Striker because of that simple reason.

Who is he, you ask? Well... you are about to find out. The life of The Striker is never easy filled with crime.


This was just the prologue of the beginning. Now, as you may notice.. or not, I'm not that good at writing. Besides, this is just an project I felt like doing. So, you should expect nothing from this story. If you have any idea on how I can prove my writing, I'll gladly accept it.