Hello, lovelies.

So, you clicked on my story anyway, hehe.

As the summary reads I'm rewriting (the plots, the grammar and all that yada).

The new summary:
An oblivious, young woman has to face her inner demons when Klaus abducts her as repayment for an old debt. / only liars claim comfort to be satisfying, and only martyrs thrive when thrown in the dark, but when both begin to crumble into pieces from their peril, a puzzle is created from their fall. S3

- Every sentence is a phase of the story.

- If you're curious...the opening scene can be found in the last chapter.

- Follow this story if you think you like to read it when it's finished, because you'll receive an update then. And I'll be very grateful and happy, haha. obv. ;)

xxx, Lionfeathers.