Kitty the little cat

Quanktumspirit: "This is a twist version from Ariel to Puss in Boot's. I will try and stick to the Ariel plot. But there will be no ocean in this story. Please review. I own nobody. Written date: Saturday 4th August 2012."

One day in the vast kingdom of cat's there lived a mighty cat king. His name was Alexander. He had brown, white, black, gray and any type of cat fur colour the world has ever seen. He had a beautiful wife called Glinda. She had the most stunning black fur and blue eyes he has ever seen. He loved her with all his heart.

One day she asked to talk to her love about an important announcement.

"Yes my love. What is it?" King Alexander asked his wife.

"Well my dear… you remember we talked about having a family…" Glinda asked her husband nervous.

"Yes. And I told you that baby kitten's are fine. One or two. Do you remember?" King Alexander asked his wife chuckling.

"Yes… but…" Queen Glinda said worried.

"What? What ever it is tell me dearest. Please." King Alexander begged his wife.

"I am pregnant from you with… with…" Queen Glinda could barely tell her.

Glinda got the ultra scan out and showed her husband the baby's… in there were 7 baby kitten's. King Alexander's eyes widened. 7 prince's ore princesses. Wow.

"We… we are going to be parent's of 7 baby kitten's?" King Alexander asked her surprised.

"Yeah. Will you stay with me please?" Glinda begged her husband.

"Always and forever." King Alexander promised her.

Glinda and King Alexander kissed each other passionate. They just loved each other to much to ever be apart.

"But what are we going to call them dear?" King Alexander asked his wife.

"I would love to give them all the same first letter dear. I know you count threw the alphabet and when I say stop tell me which letter you've got. That will be the first letter of every kitten." Glinda suggested them.

"That is absurd. But ok. A…" King Alexander said.

The king counted threw the alphabet and Glinda grinned at him. A short while later.

"Stop. Well what letter?" Glinda asked her husband

"K. So the kitten's will be called K something." King Alexander said and started thinking.

A nock came from the door and a lady in waiting entered.

"Oh I beg your pardon your majesty. A bundle of flowers from your mother and father has arrived." The lady in waiting told them.

"That's ok. What for flowers?" King Alexander asked interested if a name could be behind them to.

"They are Camille's sir." The Lady in waiting told them.

"Why they are my favourite. Thank you. Oh thank you so much Miss. May I please know your name?" Glinda asked the lady.

"Ok your highness. My father called me Kaya." The Maid introduced herself to her.

"Why, thank you Lady Kaya. May we have your permission to use your name for one of our kitten's?" Glinda asked the maid.

"Why, that would be an honour to be called after one of the princesses. Thank you so much." Kaya said happy and excited.

"Hey we cold as well call one of the kitten's Kamilla. Ok?" King Alexander suggested.

"After my favourite flower. What a brilliant idea." Queen Glinda said happy.

"May I please know why the interest in the letter K?" The maid Kaya asked the King and Queen interestingly.

"You may. Because all the princesses should have the same letter. That way it is easier to remember. Could you give us another name with K?" King Alexander asked her.

"I have 2 actually. One from my diseased mother. She was called Kitty. I loved her to bits." Kaya told the King and Queen.

"Wow. We should call our youngest Kitty. Thank you. Have you got another?" Glinda asked the maid excited.

"If I may. My great grandmother was called Karenna. She loved baking." Kaya told the King and Queen.

"Well tell your great grandmother all the thanks' from us. She has just been named for one of the 7 princesses." King Alexander said happy.

"Thank you so much." Kaya the maid said beaming with happiness.

"Have you got any other ideas?" Glinda asked hopping for the last few names for her kittens.

"I'm sorry. But no your highness. How about you ask the public when you tell them the great news?" Kaya suggested.

"What a grand idea. Ok." King Alexander said happy.

So the public gave the princesses there last names. And as the perfect names were found the kitten's all arrived. The king and queen stood in front of there kingdom and showed them there beautiful cat's. The kingdom named the last ones: Katie, Kadie and Karia. So their names stood and the King and Queen loved there baby's over everything. They grew up and were a right bunch of trouble at times. Especially there youngest Kitty. But one thing that all of there Kitten's could do was sing.

One evening Kaya asked her father and mother to hold a concert for them. They have written a song about there names.

"Why of course my dears. Tonight. If that is ok with you guy's?" King Alexander said very happy.

"Thank you so much father." Princess Kamilla told her father happy.

The evening came and the kitten's al looked ravaging on stage. Kitty was placed in a closed of cat basket for the show. The lights dimmed down and it started.

Cat sister's song:

"Ah, we are the daughters of Alexander
Great father who loves us
And named us well
Katie, Kadie, Kaya, Karia, Kamilla, Karenna and Kitty.

In concert we hope to enlighten
The heart of the cat country
With music's swell. Katie!" All the cat siblings sang together.

"Ahh." Katie sang.

"Kadie." The cat sisters sang.

"Ahh." Kadie sang.

"Kaya." The cat sisters sang.

"Ahh." Kaya sang.

"Karia." The cat sister's sang.

"Ahh." Karia sang.

"Kamilla." The Cat sisters sang again.

"Ahh." Kamilla sang.

"Karenna." The Cat sisters sing.

"Ahh." Karenna sang.

"And then there is the youngest
In her musical debut
Our seventh little sister
Were presenting her to you
To sing a song Sebastian wrote
Her voice is like a tingle
Its our sister
Kitty- Ahhhh." The cat sister sang.

Kitty ran of stage in tears and the guards were after her. She just hated the spot light whiles her sisters couldn't get enough of it. The guards lost her as she ran directly out of the palace and into the kingdom for the first time ever in her life.

Quanktumspirit: "Oh no. What will Kitty find in the street's? Please review. I own the re-written names for Kitty's sister's."