A decision has been made

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The princesses really liked Puss's brother's. All 7 princesses learned a lot from Puss's 6 brother's and himself. The more time they spent together the more the Princesses felt at home with the boy's.

One day King Alexander called all 7 brother's together to discuss something very important.

"Welcome. I would like to ask you 7 a important question. First, do you like it here? Could you see living in this country for all eternity?" King Alexander asked the brothers' and Puss.

"Yeah I think so. We 6 have been on a long search to find the home where we belong. And this country really need's a lot of help," Peter nodded to the window.

"I agree, you need somebody who can sort your tax problems out, somebody to lead the army to defend the country, another to guard the royal jewels and so on. We could help you with them." Paul suggested.

"Each of us individual have a splendid time with your daughter's. They are everything and more of she-cat's then we could have ever found anywhere else," Pare almost swooned with love for one of the Princesses.

"Indeed. I also noticed they each have fallen in love with you guy's. So I would like to ask each of you to propose to my daughters and be married to them... is it ok? Do you guy's feel ready to have a long term relationship with them?" King Alexander asked them, he wanted to be sure that both sides were just as much in love as the other.

"You mean it sir? Even though we are not royalty?" Papillary asked worried about their common cat status.

"Yes. I just want my girls to have their happy ever after. And you all have shown it more then enough times that you love them and they love you. I hope it is ok if I leave it to you all to become the next king's and queen's of this land," King Alexander asked the cat's.

"Yes your majesty." All the bother's said at the same time, except for Puss.

"No your majesty," Puss said calmly knowing Kitty won't be happy with the statue as a Queen.

The room was dead silence and King Alexander looked over to Puss. His brother's were confused about this as well. Why wouldn't Puss want to marry Princess Kitty? He loves her. Or are they all wrong. Puss just crossed his hands and looked straight at the King.

"Excuse me Puss? I thought you loved Kitty? Or are you just fooling around with her feelings and wait for the right moment to break her heart?" King Alexander asked him mad.

"No, no, no. I would never harm her. I would rather kill myself then dare to hurt her feeling's. I love her," Puss said honestly.

"Then why don't you want to become the next king with us? If you love Kitty you would do her the honours," Pare asked his brother.

"Your Majesty, do you know the reason why Kitty ran away from her home a few years ago and ended up on the street's?" Puss asked the King.

"She didn't ran of. She was here all the time." King Alexander said now confused again.

"She wasn't. Even her sister's noticed something was up. I talked with Kitty a few month's ago as we all moved in here. And she told me that she didn't want the throne or the kingdom. For her they feel like gold bar's and silver chains holding her in her cage. She wants to be free. To see the world and live happy without the burdened of a kingdom on her shoulders. And to be honest I can't live up from a robber, street cat and outlaw to suddenly become king. It is to much responsibility. I would rather leave as well." Puss explained and honest.

Everybody was silence at Puss's words. They were truly spoken from the heart. King Alexander studied Puss to see if he was lying to him, but no. Puss was being very serious and honest with him. The King side. Kitty was his favourite daughter of the lot. And to have her leave her home just broke his heart. But he had to agree to reassure their happiness.

"I would like to talk with my daughter about this later on. Then we will make a decision. For now. Leave to your chambers," King Alexander asked them.

The boy's all bowed to their king and left to the chambers.

They grabbed Puss and pulled him into Panama's chamber and he closed the door.

"Puss what was that all about?" Peter asked him mad.

"It was the truth guy's. I can't run a kingdom, I am better at running then helping out. I am leaving as soon as the wedding's are over and you can't stop me," Puss explained to his brothers.

Kitty entered their chambers to find Puss. She waved at the other cat's and Kitty noticed the boy's had a mad glare at her.

"Good evening boy's. What is going on?" Kitty asked them confused.

"Is it true Kitty?" Pare asked to see if their fears are confirmed.

"Is what true Pare?" Kitty asked them.

"That you don't want to run this kingdom with your sister's instead you want to leave?" Papillary asked Kitty to see if it was the truth.

"Yes it is true. It is just to much work for us. And every day that we are here I can tell Puss is getting more uncomfortable, it is a big leap for him. Probably to big, from an outlaw to suddenly become king and ruling the lands he once robbed from? It will drive him mad. So I want to be happy with him and go wherever we feel more at home." Kitty told the other cat's.

"Is it the same with you?" Panama asked Kitty.

"Yes. I have been helping this country out ever since I was born. And I just don't want to be caged in anymore. I want to be free with my true love Puss. Please understand that guy's," Kitty begged the other cat's.

"Ok. We will tell the other's," Pare agreed.

All the cat's got together and Kitty's sisters were filled in with the information. Of course they were hurt by Kitty's and Puss's decision to leave. But they deserve their happy ever after just as much as they all do with Puss's brother's.

"Ok. Good luck to the both of you." Kamilla said.

"thank you for understanding." Kitty said happy.

Kitty and Puss each left once the wedding's were over between their brother's and sister's. On the evening after the wedding, Puss and Kitty packed their thing's together and left. All threw the land great celebrations were held to hope for a secure future for Kitty and Puss. They both road towards the west to approach great new adventures.

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