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Title:The Perfect Night, For Some

Chapter 1:Dyeing To Know


"Now if x=234, and c=213, and the bottle is made up of 10% of x and 30% of c, how much of the bottle is made up
of v?" asked Videl's sixth period math teacher, Ms.Rough,"Videl, do you know the answer?"

"What?" asked Videl coming out of the daze she was in. "What did you ask, Ms.Rough? I'm sorry, I wasn't paying

"Never mind, Sharpner do you know the answer?" Ms.Rough replied turning her head away from Videl.

"Yes ma'am, v=60% of the bottle." he yelled across the room.

"That's correct." she replied.

"Hay, Videl what's wrong?" asked a voice behind her. She turned to Gohan.

"Oh, nothing. I was just spaceing out, that's all." she lied. In fact something was wrong. Videl had been
spaceing out a lot lately. 'If I could just stop wondering if Gohan likes me or not, then maybe I could start paying
attention in class.' she thought.

"Hay, Videl what's wrong? I know when something is wrong with you, and something is bothering you. Come on, you
can tell me." he replied.

"It's nothing, really, i just spaced off." she lied again. 'Why can't I just tell him the truth? Why can't I just
tell him how i feel?' she thought.

"Videl, please tell me. I know that if you tell me then I might be able to help." he said reaching out to hold
her hand. "Oh.....I'm sorry." he said as he turned a light shade of red.

"It's ok." she said as she turned back towards the front of the room.

BBBrrriiinnnggg, went the bell. Videl slowly packed up her things, and walked out of the classroom. 'I wish Gohan
would ask me to the dance. He's only got two more days left. And if he doesn't ask me then I just won't go.' she thought
as she struggled to open up her locker.

"Hay Videl." came a deep voice, which was owned by Shapner.

"What do you want?" she asked not really paying attention to him.

"So, you got a date for the dance?"

"I am not going, and if I do decide to go it, I sure wouldn't go with you!" she snapped back.

"Hay, I just wanted to know. And if you do decide to go, then I just want you to know that I'll be around." he said
as he leaned over into her locker, and started to mess up the way she had arranged it.

'That, that, greasy, slimy, two-faced, scum bag. He had better get his hands out of my locker before I shut the door on
him. Maybe if I tell him that I'll think about it he might go away.' "I'll think about it."

"Good that's what I wanted to hear and know." then he left.

Meanwhile, Gohan was watching Sharpner talk to Videl. 'I bet he's asking her out to the dance, and I bet she's
going to say yes.' he thought. He decided to hold back, because he didn't want to sound too forward if he went up and
just yelled if Videl if she wanted to go to the dance with him. But he wouldn't do that, he wouldn't make a fool of
himself. If Videl wanted to go to the dance with Sharpner, then he would just have to except that. But he wasn't
going without a fight. As soon as he saw Sharpner leave he walked over to Videl's locker. 'Just act calm.' he thought

"Hi Videl." he said.

"Oh, um hi Gohan." she replied staring at the floor.

"So, um, Videl, I-I was won-wondering if you," he paused

"If I what?" she said looking up from the floor, and giving him a questioning look.'Ask me to the dance.
Ask me to the dance!' she thought

"If you wanted, or if you wouldn't mind if I walked you home?" he finished in a rush.

'Oh, well at least he asked me something.' "Sure. Just let me finish re-arranging my locker. Sharpner
messed it up a little while ago."

'So I take it she's not going to the dance with Sharpner. In fact she seems a little mad at him.Yes! That's
wonderful!' he thought.

"Gohan?" asked Videl snapping her fingers infront of his face.

"UH?" he started to come back from his trance.

"Are you ready to go?" she asked

'She is so pretty. I love the color of her eyes, they fit her so wonderfuly.' he dazed off again.

"Gihan!?" Videl screamed.

"Ya, I'm ready. Let's go." he said as he started to walk off.

They pushed open the door's, and headed off to Videl's house.

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