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"What?" Hercule shouted.
"They hit head on!" Gohan felt his heart suddenly stop.
"What do you mean hit head on?" Hercule yelled again (A/N: he's sooo stupid!).
"JUST AS I SAID!" the boy now shouted getting annoyed at Hercule.
"Where are they taking her?" Gohan now asked bearly being able to speak.
"Satan City Hospital." the boy said in a softer voice.
"Gohan I can...." the boy started.
"I'll go there myself. But do me a favor." he walked over to the boy, pulled out a pen from his pocket and wrote down two phone numbers.
Whispering he said, "I want you to call both of these people, this one," he pointed to the top number, "Ask for Bulma and Bulma only. Trust me on that one. And this one," he pointed to the bottom number, "Ask for Chi-Chi. Tell them what happened and where I am. Got that?"
The boy nodded. Gohan didn't smile, didn't smirk, he simply replied in a cold distant voice, "Good." With that he left the park and headed towards the hospital.
Once he was a few yards away from the park/dance, he then took flight and spead towards the hospital. 'I have to get to her as fast as I can.' he thought as he speed even faster towards the Hospital. As he neared the Hospital he laned and started to walk in a quick pace. 'I can't believe this happened. This never would of happened if I was there.' suddenly he stopped as a shock of realization hit him, "Its my fault. This is all my fault."
"What's all your fault hun?" came a female voice from behind him.
Turning to face the person he suddenly noticed of how this woman was dressed. She was dressed in blue scrubs (A/N: the type doctors assistents were. :) "Where am I?" he suddenly asked.
"Why your at Satan City Hospital." she smiled before letting a qustionable look on her face fall, "Is there something I can help you with?"
Letting the information process in his brain for a moment Gohan suddenly shouted, "Videl! Do you have a Videl Satan in this hospital?!"
"How did you know?" the woman questioned.
"Because I need to see her. Can you take me to her?" he rushed hoping that she would.
"I'm sorry but she's in the Critical Condition, and only family is aloud to see her." the woman said in a sad voice.
'What am I going to do now?' Quickly thinking up a lie Gohan said, "I'm her brother!"
"BROTHER?! Videl Satan has no brothers or sisters. She's an only child!" she shouted shocked.
'Come on Gohan...THINK OF SOMETHING!!!' Responding to his thoughts he replied in a fake consirned voice, "Well I'm...her long lost brother. Hercule never new about me, because our mother didn't want him to know."
"She didn't did she?" the nurse asked cocking an eyebrow.
"No, and just a few months ago she died of a....a huge car crash just outside of the city. We just had her burried a few weeks ago." he said in a fake sad voice.
"Yes, and a few days ago I was talking to my uncel....my Uncel Softabur (A/N: that's prounced...soft-ta-bur) and he told me everything."
"He did, did he." the Nurse responded.
"Yep, and I've been looking for a chance to find them and tell them everything. And I was about to give up hope until tonight that's when I finally found my long lost family. I told them everything and they welcomed me to the family. That's why I must see Videl...my sister." he put on a sad face hoping that would top it off. (A/N: I know that Gohan isn't that very good of a lier, and that he DOSEN'T lie at all but hey! This is a critical prolbem~)
Gohan watched as the woman went into deep in thought trying to make sence of his story. 'Its going to work!!' he thought happly.
Suddenly all hopes of going to see Videl were lost by a Humorious laughter from the woman. "That's very *gasp* that's very good. I mean *gasp* I might of believed you if *laugh* it haden't been Videl Satan!" quickly she straighen up. "But I still can't let you in even though that was a fantastic lie!"
"Oh," Gohan suddenly dropped his head in defeate. "But since you seemed so drastic into seeing her...I guess I could let you." Gohan brightened up, "Thank you! Well Come on lets get going!"
"Okay lets!" the woman said with a bright smile before leading him towards the building and into Videl's room. 'Smooth.' she thought before giving out a loud chuckel. 'Very smooth'

"I'm not sure what we are going to do. I mean...she might not live." came the Doctor's voice as he and Gohan talked in the hallway. Gohan had been at Videl's for about thirty minents.
"But-but you-you can..." Gohan manged out.
"We will try everything we can Mr. Satan. I think that now would be a good time to go see your sister again." The doctor finished as he pushed Gohan back into Videl's dark room. (A/N: Hehe, the nurse told the doctor the lie...and he believed them! Sorry.. :)
Sighing Gohan walked into Videl's room and pulled a chair up close. 'Please Videl...you- you can't die on me. Not now, I...' "I need you."

The boy sighed as he calmly picked up the phone and began to diel the first number that Gohan wrote on his hand. Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring,
"Hello?" came a males voice, and from the sound of it he seemed pretty mad.
"Um..yes, I'm here to talk to a Bulma?" the boy asked.
Suddenly the man screamed, "WHAT DO YOU WANT WITH HER?! ARE YOU HERE TO ASK HER ON A DATE?!"
"NO! I promise! I just have a message from Gohan to give to her! That's all!"
"Because why in the world would I want to even go with her?" the boy rushed.
"OH! So now your saying that she's not good enough for you! Is that it? Hum?" the man demanded.
Suddenly a female voice came from the other line asking, "Vegeta! Who are you yelling at?" Before Vegeta could even anwser the boy replied, "Hello? Is there a Bulma there? I have a message from Gohan. Its urgent."
"Why...yes." Bulma smiled, then yelled, "Vegeta! Get off the phone!"
"Woman! How do I know that he's not going to say anything dirty or something? It could be a trick" Vegeta yelled back.
"Because...he won't. I bet he's a sweet boy who is just doing what Gohan asked him to do. Now get off, or you'll be sleeping on the couch for a month."
"Good, then maybe I can get a good nights sleep for a change." Vegeta responded.
"Uh?" the boy asked
Bulma stopped for a monent before saying, "Just one moment hun. Vegeta if you don't get off this phone RIGHT now...I'll tear down the G.R. (A/N: is that possible?). AND I'll make sure that you won't eat more than one plate a day for every minute your on this phone!" Smirking Bulma listened as a soft grummble was heard about 'Damn woman, I hope she rots in hell' followed by a loud CLICK.
"Now," Bulman said to the boy smiling, "Who is this?"
"This is Ted from school. I go with Gohan. Well, there was an accident, and... he's at the hospital now."
"Is something wrong with Gohan?!" Bulma asked, worry now took place of where the smile was.
"No! Its just that...Videl was in the car. He wants you to get over there as soon as you can." "Okay, I'll be right over. Thank you...Ted right?"
"Yes mam." he then hung up.
Sighing Ted repicked up the phone and dialed the second number.
"Hello?" came a sweet female voice.
"Yes is there a Chi-Chi?"
"Speaking, is there something that you need?" she asked.
"Um...My name is Ted, and I go to school with Gohan..."
"Oh! Your a friend of Gohans? I'm sorry but he's at that school dance tonight but I'll tell him you called."she started to hang up.
"NO! See that's what I'm calling about."
"Yes, there was an accident."
Chi-Chi felt her entire body to into hysterics yelling, "WHAT DO YOU MEAN AN ACCIDENT? IS MY BABY BOY FINE? Please tell me he'll live!"
"He's fine! He's fine! Its about Videl!"
Chi-Chi stopped yelling but still there was a hint of fear in her voice as she asked, "What about her?"
"She was in an accident. Gohan is there at Satan City Hospital with her. He wanted me to tell you that he would like for you to get down there as soon as you can. Also there is a Bulma comming too." he added.
Nodding she said, "Okay thank you Ted. I have to go." Chi-Chi then hung up.
'Man...Gohan has some werid friends!' Ted thought as he Also went to the Hospital.

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