( Okay then, still a little bit of fisticuffs involved in this next chapter. Plus a little dash of M…or should that be more mmm…?!)

Peter Bishop blinked as he could feel the hairs on the back of his arms and neck rise as the density of Electromagnetic charge in the air was rising.

Before him, out of the waters of the lake rose a smooth walkway and at the end of the walkway, he could make a shimmering gateway in the process of formation and stabilisation.

He guessed that Erica Jones was hard at work but could see nothing as Evans had the gun trained to the back of his head and knowing that if he tried to move, he'd be rewarded with either a physical reprimand or at worst, a bullet in the head.

Perhaps it was best to remain still for the time being.

"Evans, keep the gun trained on him." Erica Jones stood at the console of the nearest machine and checked her readings, "I'm just about done here."

"Yes ma'am, he's going nowhere", Evans pressed the muzzle more forcefully into the back of Peter Bishop's skull, making Peter grit his teeth and wish he wasn't so restrained.

"Okay, that just about does it. Stabilisation should occur within the next minute or so," Erica Jones stepped out from the console and reached into her pocket.

"Evans, I need you to monitor the readings as I think I would like to take personal charge of our guest here for his final moments".

She bent down and unlocked the leg shackles and stood up.

"I'd rather not waste time having you to walk in those chains Mr Bishop. The ones on your wrists will remain however, you can understand, I do like to maintain some precautions, even in your last few minutes." she told him throwing the shackles aside.

"Why, Ms Jones, that's too kind of you." Peter sneered back as Evans went to the consoles and Erica Jones and her gun replaced the cold steel pressed against his skin.

"Start walking Mr Bishop…NOW!", the gun jabbed into his lower back and all he could do was obey.

Slowly, the last few, fateful steps to the gateway and to whatever fate had decreed for Peter Bishop began to fall into place.


"Pacey!", Olivia Dunham was alerted to the fact that he had taken off in the direction of the shore-line a few moments after they had joined the others.

Her eye had caught sight of him in the ever growing light of day and although she couldn't be sure, the familiar silhouette of an Observer had haunted her mind's eye.

"Damn that boy for running off!", she thought, he was only a kid and she had to keep an eye on him.

"Walter, you and Astrid follow me, we have to catch up to Pacey. Get that doorstop ready Walter…this is going to be close!", she started running in the direction of where Pacey had gone.

Last thing she needed was that kid acting like a typical teen and putting everyone's lives in jeopardy!.


Pacey ran as the Observer appeared just ahead of him out of the cover of the trees and bushes that surrounded the lake.

The Observer meanwhile, looked back and saw Olivia coming out of the darkness, gun in her hand and looking determined. Everything was in place. Timing was crucial.

Pacey grabbed him by the jacket lapels, "Don't you ever stay still?!." he glared at the man but the Observer's gaze missed him completely.

"Save the other", were the only words to fall from his lips as Pacey released him and spun around to see the scene before him unfolding.

"Great!. If you hadn't noticed there's a gun…how on earth am I supposed not to get..", he turned back but again as usual when this strange man showed up, he was talking to thin air…"Shot", he sighed and looked around.

"I hate it when he does that!", he started running again, picking up speed and determined to stop the two figures walking towards the strange gateway that now appeared at the centre of the lake.

"PACEY!", his ears could pick up Olivia Dunham's voice calling him back, but it was too late now…he was the closest one that could stop this. No time for words…just actions.


Peter, above the hum of the machines and the noise created by the gateway could've sworn he'd heard Olivia's voice. He put it down to his imagination and continued walking.

"That's it, just a little further now," Erica Jones voice mocked him as she shadowed his every move and pushing the gun further into his back.


Evans barely saw the boy pass him as he was keeping his eyes glued to the readings on the monitors both from the energy outputs of the machines, to the physical data coming off Peter Bishop and his body's responses to being close to the gateway. He reacted too slowly even though Pacey almost tripped over the leg chains that had been thrown away by Erica Jones.

Pacey meanwhile, recovered his balance and scooped down and grabbed the leg chains that had kept Peter Bishop captive and decided that there was no way in hell he was about to tackle an armed assailant without some form of protection. He kept running, despite the weight of the manacles and chains and picked up speed.

"HEY KID!", Evans yelled and desperately tried to catch up with the boy.

Olivia Dunham stopped and carefully as her F.B.I training had taught her, and took

aim. Pacey needed help and this was the only thing she could do to help him now.

She fired.

Evans fell to the ground, a bullet in the back of his head as Pacey was almost reaching his target.


Now Peter knew that wasn't his imagination as he heard a gunshot and knew that something had gone wrong in Erica Jones little plan.

He turned as Erica Jones did to see the source of the gunshot and at the same time everything seemed to happen at once.

"NO!", screamed Erica Jones as Pacey crashed into her and the gun went flying into the lake.

Peter found himself a mere few inches from the gateway, the chains had been seared in half freeing his arms and just another inch more and it could've been much worse, he tried to fight the magnetic current that was building and keep the remainder of the chains and manacles from going near the event horizon.

He could see that Erica Jones was fighting what looked like a teenager but Erica Jones was reaching inside her jacket for something.

"Get outta here man!", Pacey glared at Peter Bishop momentarily, pleading with him to go. "I kinda got my hands full here!", he tried to keep the woman's hands from going into her jacket where he suspected there was another weapon present.

Erica Jones gritted her teeth. Peter could only watch as the battle between the teenager and the older woman was taking them closer to the gateway.

"GO!. I got her!", Pacey desperately tried to tangle her hands in the chains and hold her as long as he could manage, but this women fought him as if she were possessed and he looked at Peter Bishop, "This isn't your fight.."

Peter saw that the kid was in trouble and that the ankle restraints had managed to be thrown aside, they were dangling precariously near the edge of the walkway. He managed to scoot past the pair of them as he heard Erica Jones voice taunting the both of them.

"O LIGHT, NOW LET ME LOOK MY LAST ON YOU!". She had managed to get to her feet and had her back to the doorway and had a wild look in her eyes as she reached into the jacket and produced a smaller hand gun.

Pacey got to his feet, panting heavily, "Give it up, c'mon…there's no way out!", he tried to reason with her and kept himself between her and Peter Bishop.

Peter grabbed the chains and pressed them into the younger man's hand and Pacey momentarily turned to look at him, "Do it!", Peter muttered.

"I STAND REVEALED AT LAST!. CURSED IN MY BIRTH, CURSED IN MARRIAGE..", she continued and took aim, pulling the trigger back,



Olivia ran onto the beginning of the walkway, there was no clear shot.

"Oh god!", her blood ran cold as she saw the scene before her and her feet were rooted to the spot.

"Peter…" Walter wasn't too far behind along with Astrid and both of them stood frozen to the spot as the scene was reaching its epic conclusion, his son's name fell from his lips in a strangled whisper.


Pacey with all his might swung the chains to try and avoid the gun going off aiming for her hands with a wild swing. As soon as the force of the chains hit Erica Jones, she exploded in a fierce blinding light which stunned the two men momentarily.

Back on the shore, Walter shielded his eyes and realised what was about to happen.

"Get off the Walkway…get off it now!", he started running towards Olivia, Astrid stumbled after him trying to calm him down.

Olivia blinked and tried to focus but all she could see was blurs, foggy, mis-shapen blurs and Walter's voice rang in her head.

"Olivia get off the walkway!", Walter was yelling frantically.

Stumbling back the way she came, she landed on dry land and collapsed into Astrid's arms, "Astrid,.. Pacey and Peter!", she tried to rub her eyes to clear the blindness, but to no avail, and tried to get up.

Walter frantically took out the home-made doorstop and was pointing it in the direction of the gateway, trying to keep the gateway open so that they could get home.

"Peter…Pacey!", he yelled as his fingers pushed and twisted the functions of the gadget, "GET OFF THE WALKWAY NOW!", he called out at the top of his lungs, hoping that he would be heard above the continuing level of energy build-up that was now occurring.

The Gateway was flickering on and off and currents of electricity were being thrown off onto the land and the machinery was imploding under the stress and strain of too much energy in the atmosphere.


Peter heard the voice of his father frantically yelling to get off the walkway and it registered in his mind at what they had all just witnessed, although he couldn't see very much himself, he found that his hands connected with Pacey and he just grabbed the outline of the boy that had just saved them both.

"Sorry kid.." he apologised and just took a leap into the lake and just as they hit the water, the gateway sputtered out and for an eerie second, all was quiet.

On the shore, Walter ran off the walkway and could only watch as a massive electro-magnetic wave shot upwards and out towards them.

"Oh my!", he stood there as the wave hit and knocked him backwards off his feet. Astrid and Olivia too were knocked backwards and both Peter and Pacey were gasping as the air around them whistled and died.

Machine parts lay scattered on the steps and in the lake, parts littered the shore-line and it felt strangely calm. The sun, just as it had every morning rose from its slumber and daylight began to chase away the last flashes of dark blue in the skies above them.

For all intensive purposes, it looked like it was going to be one fine day.


In a house, a short distance away. A young man had fallen to his knees and had screamed out his mother's name in pain and disbelief. She was gone. Just like her father. He was alone in this world with his pain and his grief.

He could hear the sirens of the police cars and it spurred him into action.

As long as there was someone to carry on the name of JONES then his mother and the actions of those before him would not die in vain.

Rob Jones calmly made his way deeper into the house and knew that one day, he would take his rightful place back into the world. For now, there were other things to take care of.


" My god!. That was AMAZING!", Walter Bishop was the first to get onto his feet and proclaim with outstretched arms that… " This was better than any BROWN BETTY experience that I ever came up with in the lab!".

Olivia got to her feet, her vision wasn't quite back to normal but she looked around frantically. Her blurred vision and the stillness of their surroundings unnerved her.

Astrid was up on her feet and pointed towards the steps of the temple as a bedraggled Pacey got to his feet and waved over.

"Olivia, over there…it's Pacey!", she pointed and jogged over to his location.

Walter helped Olivia over and Olivia looked around, still no sign of Peter and her heart was threatening to break into a million pieces right here on the steps of the temple.

"Boy…my son…where is he?", Walter's fears echoed Olivia's current inner turmoil as he searched Pacey's face for some answers.

Olivia then added, "He was right behind you, Pacey, he pulled you into the lake…he has to be here somewhere…", she tried to keep her voice steady.

Pacey stood up dripping from head to foot, his hair plastered to his forehead and looked around, " I swear he was there Agent Dunham, Dr Bishop, the lake isn't that deep…" he tried to keep his own voice from betraying any emotion.

Olivia walked down to the last step of the temple and looked out over the lake, a million emotions threatened to spill over and she couldn't face any of the others. To have come so far, to have arrived and witnessed the last act in this play and now to have it end like this.

"Peter…", her voice was barely a whisper as her eyes scanned the lake, in hope but also fearing the worst.

Pacey, Astrid and Walter just stood there, the truth slowly beginning to sink in as there was no sign of Peter Bishop to be found.

Seconds seemed to drag by, time itself seemed to have slowed down to a complete standstill…and then…

A shape broke through the calm waters of the lake and started to swim for the shore.

"Peter?"…Olivia's face went from despair to joy within a matter of seconds and she turned to her companions who also seemed to have been experiencing the same emotions.

"MY BOY IS ALIVE!", Walter Bishop let out a cry of joy and Astrid had the biggest smile on her face.

"I love it when a plan comes together!", Pacey mused as Walter pulled him into a bear hug and beamed from ear to ear.


Olivia felt like her feet were rooted to the steps as she saw Peter stop swimming and started to walk out of the lake. This time it wasn't fear that had her feet rooted to the spot, it was wonder. True, she had seen Peter forsake a shirt before, but not like this.

The water ran off him as he moved closer to her and she could see the way his muscles flexed and relaxed. Some of the droplets clung to the hair on his chest, glinting in the morning rays of the sun, giving him an ethereal look as he waded out of the lake. Long forgotten emotions started to simmer inside her and she could feel herself reacting to Peter's ever closing proximity.

Peter meanwhile had caught sight of Olivia on the steps of the temple and wondered if this could be real. The subsequent blast of energy had blinded him temporarily and coupled with the blow to his head, he thought that he had indeed found himself in the afterlife.

Olivia seemed to have an expression of relief mixed with something else as he started to walk towards her, slowly out of the lake.

She had that habit of biting her lower lip to stop a smile forming at times when he had accidentally caught her eye from time to time when they had been working a case and the excitement was over with until the next time. Her eyes had a glazed look, he knew that look, sometimes in the middle of the night, when he answered the door, when he had found peace for a few hours and his father had stopped reciting some formula for the perfect root beer float. When he thought he would get some sleep…there she was…and there was that look that momentarily fleeted over her face that was now plastered up in neon lights and for all the world to see.

Peter held the gaze in her eyes as he kept walking out of the lake.

Olivia had tried to keep her emotions locked in that place in her mind reserved for her "off duty persona" but this time…. there was no hiding from what her subconscious usually had under control. Admittedly she had lapses in distraction where her civilian consultant was concerned, but that wasn't usually on the job and her "tough F.B.I, no nonsense woman of steel approach" was normally on duty at the steering wheel of her consciousness and ensured that nothing slipped past that wasn't supposed to.

Now…now was a different matter and Olivia could not help but admire the man who was now coming out of the lake, walking towards her and looked at her the way she knew that usually spelled the word "Trouble".

"Olivia", the way her name fell from his lips had her completely enthralled and she felt herself unable to bite back that smile that she knew she would regret. He stood in front of her now and Olivia couldn't help but gaze over his physique and noted that she had never taken time to note that Peter had so many freckles. In fact, part of her wished she could spend a lifetime charting how many freckles he actually had and there seemed to be a colony of them that caught her attention at this minute in time.

She tried to shake the thought out of her head and regain some composure, but she was sure that a slight giggle had escaped her lips at trying to quell that thought, her vision must be back to normal after all to notice such small details indeed!.

Instead, she turned her attention to Peter's face and ended up breathing his name and whispered, "I..I..I MEAN WE thought we lost you there.."

"I'm not going anywhere Olivia," he replied sincerely, " I told you that once before and I'll say it again. You're not alone in this fight. It's my fight too."

Meanwhile, a little distance away Walter had his arm around Astrid and one around Pacey, and was watching the scene unfold in front of him with a glow of warmth.

"Let's leave the two love-birds to it!", he announced quietly, "I do hope that this is the beginning of an interesting partnership in more ways than one!. Pastry…Asprin…I think we should go and find some birth control for my son and Agent Dunham…".

"Walter!", Astrid turned to him open mouthed, "That's just.." she fumbled, then gave up, "Walter…you know what I mean!".

Pacey looked dejected. "If only some woman would look at me like that!. I guess I gotta grow up a bit more first…" he sighed watching the scene and feeling his heart break inside.

"Don't worry my boy!", Walter cajoled him, "It'll happen, one day."

"Let's raise a toast to one day then!", he grinned sheepishly and the three of them left Olivia and Peter to their reunion.


Olivia and Peter stood just inches from one another, the tension between them seemed electric and this time there were no machines or gateways standing in their way.

Olivia noted that Peter had a head wound which was starting to bleed again.

"You're bleeding Peter, we should really get that seen to…I'm sure Walter will be able to find a way to take those chains off your wrists and oh…we'd better get you a blanket as well…you look freezing!", Olivia started to babble, as she regained a little of her composure and reached up to touch the wound on Peter's head.

"I'm okay Olivia, trust me. I'm just glad we both made it out safely". Peter tried to calm her down and took her hands in his gently.

Olivia looked flustered and the spell she was under seemed to be losing its hold over her, she could swear that there was a police siren heading in this general direction and that sound was bringing her back to her senses.

"Walter tried to keep the doorway open, we were trying to rescue you and get ourselves home," Olivia continued, "Look at all of this…we're stuck here…this was our last chance…". Olivia couldn't hold it in and it was all spilling out…"When you didn't surface out of the lake…I thought…I thought..".

"Olivia. It's all okay. Don't worry," Peter smiled that certain smile that somehow seemed to calm her nerves and put everything in the world into a clearer perspective. "Walter will find a way.", his hands continued to hold and caress hers gently, "There's always hope. I never gave up hope when I was held prisoner, you shouldn't give up so easily, we'll all get home."

Indeed, the silence was shattered by the wail of a police siren as a couple of vehicles appeared on the scene and Officer Witter dived out of the leading car.

"Hey, if it isn't my big brother!", Pacey ran over to greet him despite the weight of his wet clothes restricting his movements somewhat. "Decided to join the party?. Well, you missed all the fun Deputy Doug, the bad guys are all dead!".

"Pacey!", Doug grabbed his brother and hugged him even though he was drenched to the skin.

"Whoah there!. Doug Man!. You're not setting a good example to your fellow police officers here!", Pacey tried to joke, "I'm supposed to be the black sheep of the family, the jovial town jester…the guy who screws up.."

"Pacey!. Quit that right now!", Doug warned him, "You're my brother and I'm glad that you're here in one piece. Are you okay?. What the hell happened out here?!. This place looks like a war zone!", he took in the scene before him.

"Well Doug, that's gonna take some explaining to do." Pacey sighed and folded his arms.

"Who's that with Agent Dunham?" Doug narrowed his eyes and wondered just what was going on there.

"That bro, is Peter Bishop, the guy that they were looking for that was kidnapped. I think it's safe to say, Douglas, that we both never really stood that much of a chance with wooing the fair Agent Dunham. I guess the better man won.", Pacey wistfully mused.

"Pacey Witter!. You gave me your word that you…"

"Douglas, just cool it okay. Let's just call it quits!", Pacey cut in and gave his brother no chance to finish the sentence, "I probably learnt my lesson this second time around, the hard way." he admitted.

"Come on Pacey, we'd better get you into some dry clothes and wrap this whole nasty business up and let these folks on their way."

Doug straightened his cap and made his way over to Olivia and Peter, hoping that he wasn't intruding on this reunion of theirs.

"Agent Dunham," he cleared his throat, he took out a document from the inside of his jacket, "I got that search warrant. Maybe a bit too late some would say."

"Officer Witter!." Olivia seemed to snap out of her daze, "Um, I expect you'll be wanting a full report on what's happened here today."

"It's okay Agent Dunham. That can wait. I think your colleague here is in need of some medical attention. I'll get the medics up here." he looked gratefully at Olivia. "Thanks for keeping my little brother out of harms way".

"Pacey's your brother?!", Peter Bishop turned and shook hands with Officer Witter, "Pleased to meet you Officer. I have to say, your brother is one brave kid, smart too. He saved my life back there you know. Took on an armed assailant all by himself. You should be proud of him.", Peter recounted to an astonished Officer Witter.

"I take it you're Peter Bishop?. Ah…Mr Bishop…" Doug Witter was at a loss for words.

"Yes Officer?", Peter frowned wondering if he'd said anything wrong.

" We are talking about the same Pacey Witter here?. My brother has a certain reputation around this town and "hero of the hour" isn't one of them", he took his cap off and scratched his head, "Maybe this experience has done him some good after all." he concluded.

"Peter!", Walter suddenly came running up and embraced his son.

"Hey Walter!. Nice to see you there!", Peter had the wind knocked out of him as his father held him in a tight hug. Astrid hung back and smiled as Peter grimaced and added, "Astrid, I take it from what I've been hearing, my father has been making some new friends during my absence!".

"You have no idea Peter!", she replied, "Don't even start me on the new words that Pacey's been teaching him, it's been bad enough trying to understand him in the first place!".

"Son!. First thing we must do is have blueberry pancakes…and a root beer…and oh…there's this place that PARSLEY took me to that makes the most divine puddings ever!" Walter started to rattle off a celebratory feast and Peter just laughed.

"Walter, the food can wait. I take it "PARSLEY" is "PACEY", you forgetting names again?", he just shook his head and looked at Olivia, "I think I have some catching up to do don't I?".

"I suppose you do," Olivia tried not to get distracted again by Peter's lack of clothing which was beginning to undo her "F.B.I" persona which had re-asserted itself when Officer Witter had arrived on the scene.

"Well Agent Dunham, " Doug Witter watched from the sidelines as she stood to watch Peter and Walter rediscover their father and son relationship. He folded his arms and sighed.

"It looks like this is one story with a "Happily Ever After" ending after all."


Agent Dunham had insisted that along with Walter and Astrid that she accompany Peter and Pacey to the local hospital for a precautionary check-up.

Of course Walter insisted that the pair were fine but Officer Witter wanted to do things by the book and take no chances where his brother was concerned.

Olivia hadn't had the chance to thank the younger Witter for saving Peter's life and after making sure that Peter was fine, she went to check on Pacey.

Olivia found the room where he was being treated and gently rapped on the door.

"Oh… hey Agent Dunham!", Pacey was sitting up in a hospital gown on the bed and looking around. "I thought that you might have seen Deputy Doug on your travels. He's supposed to be bringing some dry clothes back for me. I told him to bring something that would fit Peter as well. Take it you haven't seen him?. I really don't want to be here any longer than I have to."

"I'm sure he'll be back soon. The docs will probably release you shortly, I had a word and you should be free to go just as soon as they get a couple of test results back", Olivia smiled and wondered how to broach the next part of the conversation.

"You know, back at the lake there.", she cleared her throat, "That was one very stupid and foolhardy course of action, charging at an armed suspect the way you did. It was also the bravest thing I've ever seen Pacey."

"Really?", Pacey had that smug kind of expression on his face, " I guess you're kinda impressed but still mad at me at the same time?", he couldn't help but look at Agent Dunham and grin.

"Pacey. You know that if you hadn't been there, then Peter would be dead by now. I guess, I have to admit, yes…although I should be mad at you, I am impressed." she replied after a moment weighing up the action to the consequence.

"Pacey, you're a smart kid, but you've still a lot to learn. Don't be in a rush to grow up so fast okay?. Take your time, it'll all work out. Thank you for saving Peter and for being at that "awkward" teenage stage and all the associated tears and joys that go with growing up."

She took his hand and looked around, hoping no-one was looking to witness what she was going to do next.

"Pacey, we have a little unfinished business to sort out," her voice dropped to a whisper and she sat on the bed next to him, "It's just a little awkward, considering the trouble you've previously had and I wouldn't want…"

Pacey put a finger to her lips quietening her. "It's okay Agent Dunham. I don't want to embarrass you in any way, just forget that I said anything in the first place. I guess it's better that way, for us both."

"Pacey, you will find someone who appreciates your way with words and that maturity that breaks through from time to time, trust me, there's someone there for you. One day they appear out of the blue and change your life for the better, I know it's hard to believe, but it will happen.". Olivia found herself gently pressing her lips to Pacey's forehead and quietly added, "I don't like to break promises to people that I care about".

Surprise turned into understanding as Pacey nodded, "I guess that makes us even Agent Dunham." he laughed, "Who'd have believed that Pacey J. Witter could have…" he quickly stopped in mid sentence as he saw Doug in the doorway and then added, "Could have been so stupid and rash and put his life in danger, thus making his older and of course sexually confused brother, actually proud of him for the first time in his life!".

Olivia stood up as soon as she realised that Doug was standing in the doorway and hoped that Doug hadn't seen anything that had just transpired between Pacey and herself. She cleared her throat, "Hello Officer Witter, Pacey was just wondering where you had gotten to."

"Pacey, I think you should get these clothes on." Doug threw the plastic bag at Pacey, " Hospital wear, really doesn't suit you. Besides, little bro, I need to take your statement. If Agent Dunham could give us a little privacy…" he looked at Olivia slightly disapprovingly.

Pacey opened the bag and rifled through the contents, "Here Agent Dunham, give this to Peter, it's an old T-shirt of mine, should fit him okay." he handed it to her.

"Thanks Pacey, I'll, um, catch up with you later on..", she caught a little smile from him as she turned to go.

"Better get back and check on Peter and the others", she breezed past Doug and avoided his gaze.

"Pacey Witter." Doug shook his head, " Can I not take one eye off you for a split second and there I see you and…"

"Doug!", Pacey cut him off…. "You didn't see anything, bro, on the other hand, if you want to make a big deal out of it. Well, actually, I have flicked through your cd collection lately and I'm sure your fellow co-workers would just LOVE the fact that you've got the whole back catalogue of a certain electro-pop band that just happens to have the most OUTRAGEOUS front man ever and who is most definitely out of the…"

"Pacey!. Okay…calm down…we'll forget that last conversation we had. I'm here to take your statement bro…police business…" Doug shut the door.

Pacey lay back on the hospital bed, hands behind his head.

"Let's see…where do I begin".


Later on in the evening, once all the police business had been taken care of, there was time for a little celebration as Pacey with a little help from his brother, had organised an evening out at the "Icehouse".

Walter of course was wanting to solve the problem of how to cross back, but Pacey insisted that everything was under control and that he had a surprise in store for the end of the evening and that everyone had to be there to see what was going to happen.

Doug, unfortunately could not join in with the festivities as he was working, but had helped towards footing the bill courtesy of CAPESIDE'S finest boys in blue along with a little contribution from the school board of governors who of course wanted a little piece of the glory themselves.

Doug had informed them that the estate was currently closed off to the public due to police and local government business and that what had been found up there was being sent off for further examination to the relevant authorities.

Olivia had managed to keep the "true events" of what really had been going on out of the reach of Doug Witter and was happy that they seemed to have kept damage limitation down to a minimum level.

Walter however was vexed by the lack of access to Erica Jones work and fretted constantly over the problem at hand, working himself into a near frenzy.

Pacey knew that the evening would not go well unless he first calmed the scientist's fears and before the festivities kicked off, he made an announcement.

"Ladies and gentlemen. After the day we've had, we should get down to the serious business of celebration. However, I thought it best that before we partake of what this fine dining establishment has to offer, that I should get this part of the evening over and done with first."

Pacey took something out wrapped in layers of bubble-wrap and plastic sheeting and handed it to Walter. Everyone wondered what was inside and an expectant silence fell over the dining table.

"Courtesy of Capeside's finest and a little friendly persuasion from yours truly, Dr Bishop, this should solve your problem", announced Pacey, "Although," he whispered to the older man, " Maybe not showing this in public is a good idea, just play it cool!".

Walter unwrapped the package and when it revealed part of one of the machines that had helped Erica Jones to cross over, Walter nearly burst into tears.

"Is that what I think it is?", Peter looked at the contents of the package and then from Walter to Pacey. "How on earth did you get your hands on that?!" he demanded.

"Oh, you see, sometimes having a brother in law enforcement gets you into some restricted places. Now being a witness to some truly awful events this morning, my brother had to inform me of what they found on the estate. Then again, perhaps, I took in a bit of that technical sci-fi stuff having worked with Dr Bishop here and recognised what some of this "contraband" was.

Maybe a moment of distraction, say here and there…" Pacey looked at the team with an innocent expression on his face.

"My boy…WONDERFUL…truly Wonderful." beamed Walter, "Thank you Pacey".

"Okay!. Let's get ordering some food here!", Pacey beamed from ear to ear and it was time to start celebrating in style!.


As Peter and Olivia took a quiet walk out onto the marina. Walter, Astrid and Pacey walked a little further behind them and ended up chatting about the days events.

"Dr Bishop, I never really understood WHY that woman exploded in the first place. I was only trying to knock the gun out of her hand!", wondered Pacey.

"Ah, my boy…you see if you travel between universes, over time, your atoms become highly unstable," Walter began to try and break down the events in his mind.

"Okay, that explains the explosion, but why did it have an effect on that gateway?".

"Now that was unforeseen. When the energy from those atoms was released, it created a power surge in the event horizon of the gateway. Too much power created disruption in stabilising the gateway causing it to phase in and out of existence.

You said you watched "Star Trek"?."

"Uh sure. Does that mean it was the old chestnut of matter and anti-matter equals Boom and mass destruction of life as we know it?!", Pacey grinned.

Walter grimaced, " In a manner of speaking, YES… but not as severe as that! . Astro…that boy is too smart for his own good!" he muttered into her ear as they continued their evening walk.

"Walter, you're going to miss him when we leave tomorrow aren't you?", Astrid replied.

"I find that to be true. I know I will. " Walter mused, trying not to think about it too much.

"Hey Guys…better let the love-birds get ahead a bit further, don't want to ruin the moment do we?", Pacey fell back the few steps ahead he had been.

"Most certainly not, young man!", Walter stopped and winked at Astrid… "Astro…I think some things will definitely have changed for the better after this trip wouldn't you say?!"

"Walter!. Let's just leave them to it. I don't think they need any help from us!", admonished Astrid and started to slow her walk as well.

A little further ahead, Peter and Olivia were taking a slow walk back to the motel. A radio happened to be on in one of the boats tied up in the Marina. Strangely enough, the tune was quite appropriate on this moonlit evening replete with a gentle breeze and the soothing background of the ocean.

The orchestral quality of the song added to the atmosphere as the lyrics drifted over to the ears of the F.B.I agent and her consultant.

" Don't ask me, what you know is true. Don't have to tell you, I love your precious heart.

I…I was standing, you were there.

Two Worlds collided.

And they could never tear us apart…"


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A few little notes to add here, so I'll try to be brief..

1. Erica Jones last speech actually comes from the Greek tragedy "Oedipus". Trying to find "famous last words" isn't easy, I was gonna try something Klingon, but thought that Greek Tragedy was better than a TREKKIE(ism).

2. The song lyrics are from the GREATEST album ever produced in the 80's and damn if not one of the great forgotten bands of that decade namely INXS.

Check them out preferably 1977-97 "INXS" with Michael Hutchence singing and of course "KICK" is the album and the song is "Never Tear Us Apart". Currently used in an advert in the UK at the mo.

Oh yeah and I had to mention "Erasure" as well by fair means or foul..(second best band ever…whoops showing me age here!).

3. No fanfic I'd ever read has ever mentioned the "freckles" okay, maybe I did a bit too much research, but FRECKLES ARE SEXY!.

4. I tried not to get too technical with "event horizons" and sci-fi blurb, yep, "Stargate" mention here too for an idea or three…

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Fusion: " A TALE OF TWO UNIVERSES". Chapter Eleven.