Tess, Jodie, Kate and Stevie are sitting on Drover's veranda having morning tea as Tess opens the day's mail." Bills, bills and more bills." Tess laments "Oh what's this?" The girls watch as she opens a letter. "Oh it's an invitation to pool party on Kilarney." Stevie laughs and says. "Oh that will be fun with Harry and Sandra." Tess laughs and says "No the date is when they're away. Time for a shopping trip I think." Jodie laughs and says. "I'm in! When are we going?" Tess grins and says "Now! Get your money girls we're having a day off. I need new bathers." Stevie says "Well I don't have any so I think I might need a pair too." They all laugh.

A few hours later they're in Fisher having a ball searching for which bathers suit them best. Kate and Tess have found beautiful two pieces that suit their figures perfectly. Jodie and Stevie have sat as they've paraded each set and been critical but fair in their assessments of each set. Stevie quips." Tess that one's perfect I'm sure someone will notice you in that." Tess chuckles and says " Nick's not like Alex, Stevie."

Stevie laughs and says " Tess! Nick's a male you're a beautiful woman scantily clad he'll notice alright." Kate says " Wouldn't you prefer he liked you for your brains Tess?" Stevie laughs and says " Kate men are visual creatures he can't see her brains until he gets close enough to know who she is. We're just getting his attention." Tess, Jodie and Stevie laugh. Kate quips " Maybe I should buy a skimpier bikini and see who I attract." They all laugh.

Tess and Kate are now sitting on the judging panel as Stevie and Jodie find the suits they like. "No No No" Tess and Kate squeal in fits of laughter as Jodie and Stevie clown around and parade some truly hideous swim wear. Eventually they all settle down and Jodie and Stevie wear the outfits they like. Tess says "Oh Jodes that one is absolutely perfect on you." Stevie walks out in the one she likes the most and Kate says " Stevie I think you'll get noticed it that one." Tess adds " Yep that's the one Stevie definitely an attention getter." Stevie grins at her friends and says "Thanks ."

Travelling back to Drover's the girls decide to stop at the pub for a counter tea on the way home. "Tess I've had the best day." Stevie says to her friend and the others agree. Tess smiles and says. "Yeah it was nice to just take off and have the day off wasn't it?" After they order their meals Stevie buys a round of drinks and they sit down chatting and laughing loudly.

Nick and Alex have pulled into the pub and Nick says. "There's the Drover's Ute Alex." Alex grins and says. "Well if Tess is here perhaps you could attempt to kiss her, Nick." Nick looks at his brother and says " Shut up Alex I'm not like you love em' and leave em'" Alex laughs and says. "Just move a bit quicker mate she won't bite ya know." Nick looks at his brother and shakes his head. "At least she knows I'm interested I don't hide behind the friendship tag." Alex shifts uncomfortably in his seat. Nick laughs and says "God I love watching you squirm." Alex laughs as he moves to get out of the car and calls back over his shoulder saying "I have no idea what you're talking about Nicholas."

As the waitress brings the meals the girls thank her and begin to eat. "Evening ladies." Alex says grinning at them a short time later. "Hi Alex." They all reply. Nick joins him seconds later "Evening all. Alex the pool comps been cancelled." Alex looks at him and says "Bugger I was looking forward to that."

The girls continue chatting amongst themselves and then Alex says. "Do you girls want to play a game or two of pool with Nick and I?" "No thanks. I'm going over to talk to Craig." Jodie says finishing her meal and rising from the table. Kate looks at him and says "Sorry Alex I'm with Jodes." Nick and Alex join Stevie and Tess for a beer and Alex says "Come on girls we've driven all this way." Stevie says "Well I'm with Tess so if she stays I will too." Tess giggles and says "Oh why not."

They agree on mixed pairs Alex and Stevie against Nick and Tess. It's a hot night and the pub is warm even though the air cons are on. As Stevie leans to take her shot, Alex is standing opposite her smiling to himself, Nick sidles up beside Alex and says "Enjoying the view Alex." Alex blushes and Nick laughs and moves away. They play a few rounds and then take a break as someone else has claimed the table.

Tess and Nick are deep in conversation so Stevie looks for Alex. She moves through the pub and realizes he must be outside. She finds him sitting at the end of the veranda and he looks deep in thought. "A penny for your thoughts.' She says smiling at him. He grins at her and says "I was thinking about how much I'd like to kiss you." Stevie laughs and flicks him on the arm as she sits beside him.

"You think I'm joking don't you?" Alex says. Stevie looks at him searching his face, smiles and shrugs her shoulders. "Stevie any other woman and I would have just moved in and kissed but with you it's different." She smiles at him and says "I know." He looks at her and says "What do you mean you know?" She says softly."What do you think I haven't noticed that you stand closer to me than necessary so you can inhale my perfume and how you're always looking at me when you think I haven't noticed or that Nick ribs you all the time about me?"

Alex looks at her and says. "So how do you feel about all of this Stevie?" She rises and stands between his legs and says. "I love it Alex. I've watched you for months and I know how difficult it has been for you and yet you've restrained yourself. Believe me I know because I feel the same way. It makes me feel like you value our friendship as much as I do and it makes me want you even more." She places her hands on either side of his face and slowly reaches to kiss him, his heart is racing as he wraps his arms around her, the kiss deepens and neither wants it to stop.

Alex asks. "So does this mean you're my girlfriend now?" She kisses him and says " I think we're past the point of no return don't you?" He chuckles and says. " Does that mean we aren't going to play pool?" Stevie laughs and says "Alex we're going to play pool with Tess and Nick. What I meant is you can't kiss me like that and expect us to just be friends." He stands and pulls her in closer reaching down he kisses her again.

She slides her hands across his back feeling every muscle, the heat of him so new and yet so longed for. He feels her hands on his back and he smiles on the inside, she's his, her hands are on his body, he deepens the kiss and moves his hands under her shirt, her skin is so very soft just as he'd imagined. Gently he caresses her breast and she lets him all sense is lost. He tastes her lips and feels the softness on his own. He wants her now, every part of him is aroused , every sense wants her. She feels light headed, her heart is pounding, will it survive his kiss, his touch?

"Alex tables ours." Nick calls into the darkness. They part breathless. "Yeah righto just give me five minutes." Alex calls. "Oh Stevie I want more." She smiles, breathes deeply and hugs him, her perfume entices him then she gently kisses his neck once , twice , three times, his heart pounds as she slowly moves to his lips and kisses him softly. He pulls her tightly in to his embrace feeling her beautiful body moulding into his. He releases the kiss and whispers " Oh God Stevie can we go home please?" She laughs and says "No Alex! Tess and Nick are inside waiting for us." Sliding her hand onto his chest she can actually feel his heart pounding. "Alex I can feel your heart beating." She says sounding concerned. " I thought I was going to have a heart attack when you kissed me ." He laughs. Looking up at him she grins and asks." Will you be alright?" He chuckles and says " Yes but just don't touch me." They both laugh and move back inside.

Tess and Nick have the pool table set up and both grin as Alex moves towards them holding Stevie's hand. Tess laughs and says "What's going on here then?" Alex grins and says "Tess I was outside minding my own business and she came out and mauled me." Stevie grins at him. He laughs and says "I've wanted to kiss her for months and tonight she let me. So now I've got a girlfriend not just a friend."