Tess and Nick arrive with baby Jack who Nick has already nicknamed Pud short for pudding.

Jack Hamish Nicholas Ryan is a delightful baby and all he does is eat and sleep and even when he wakes he just lays there waiting and if they haven't noticed he's awake he'll let out a small cry and then a few minutes later another one .

Nick has named him Pud because he's a chubby, calm and placid baby.

Tess laughs at him and tells him Pud might be a fun name for a baby or a little boy but picture a grown man his Father's size called Pud!

Nick tells her he'll find something more suitable.


Stevie and Alex enjoy cuddling their new nephew and Tess and Nick have cuddles with Alexander after awhile both babies tire and fall asleep.

The four enjoy the roast and the boys have a beer and Tess and Stevie have a small glass of wine each.

Stevie begins the conversation "So I think it's time we talked about what we're going to do with Kilarney."

Nick says "What do you mean Stevie?"

Stevie takes a deep breath and says. "Well I'm settled now and I've accepted that I have to live here but I want to know if I can write a will leaving the property to all of our children? Harrys' will said I couldn't will it to you, Alex or Liz but it didn't say anything about our children. And then there's Wilgul, Alex and I worked so hard to get it running and now it's just sitting there falling in to disrepair. I don't know much about it but couldn't we put all the properties into some kind of trust."

Alex says "Stevie do we really need to do this now?"

She looks at him and says "Yes we do Alex because I feel awful about this and I don't want the responsibility of Kilarney on my own. Kilarney rightfully belongs to you and Nick and your children."

Nick jumps from the table and heads into the office the others follow him.

Tess says "Nick, what are you doing?"

He grins and says "Stevie's right I think we can set up a trust with the three farms and it will benefit all of us now and our children and grandchildren I just need to check something first."

Stevie smiles and says. "Oh I hope you're right Nick then the four of us can make the decisions together."

They stand and wait as Nick searches.

He turns grinning and says "Stevie you're brilliant I'll call the solicitor in the morning and find out the details."

Stevie hugs him and says "Oh Nick this is great news. Can we include your Mum in it too?"

Nick says. "She doesn't need to be Stevie her divorce settlement took a huge amount of cash from Kilarney she's independently wealthy."

Stevie grins and says. "Oh Ok I just thought it would make her feel a part of everything again. But you boys know better than I do."

Tess and Stevie walk back out to the kitchen.

Tess says "Do you feel better Stevie?"

Stevie takes a deep breath and says. "Tess its huge weight off my shoulders. I just hope Nick can find all the answers and we can do it."

Tess looks at her friend and says "Stevie you were handed a multi- million dollar property and you've just basically given it away."

Stevie laughs and says "I didn't give it away Tess I'm sharing it with my family."


Tess and Stevie remain in the kitchen while Nick and Alex move back into the living room.

The two girls chatter about the babies , breast feeding, nappies, rashes and finally the subject moves around to sex.

Stevie looks embarrassed when she asks Tess. " So have you and Nick ..."

Tess grins finding it amusing that Stevie would be embarrassed about this.

" Have we what Stevie?" Tess pushes for Stevie to explain herself.

Stevie looks at her and then shakes her head and says "It doesn't matter."

" Have we had sex yet?" Tess asks.

Stevie laughs and says "Good on you Tess you were enjoying watching me squirm weren't you?"

Tess chuckles and replies " Well it's not very often that you look uncomfortable. So yes I was and yes we have."

Stevie nods.

Tess asks. "So I assume you haven't or you wouldn't be asking."

Stevie looks over her shoulder and then leaning in whispers. " Did it hurt Tess?"

Tess smiles and says " I had a c section Stevie so it was a bit different for me."

Stevie offers. " I really want too and I can but I'm so worried Tess."

Tess replies . " Just take it slow Stevie and relax you'll be fine."

Nick walks into the kitchen for two beers and the girls change the subject and follow him back into the living room.


After Tess and Nick have left to go home, Alex and Stevie move upstairs.

At the top of the stairs Alex stops her and kisses her deeply.

She grins and says "Oh I'd like some more of that."

He laughs and says "No only one a day because anymore and I'd want you."

She reaches up and kisses him softly, deeply, teasing him with her tongue, he responds when she finally releases the kiss she says.

"I think I might have a shower before bed Alex would you like to join me?"

He grins as they walk into their room.

He looks around and says "Where's Bull?'

She grins and says " Bull? "

Alex smiles and says " It suits him doesn't it?"

Stevie smiles and says "I thought "Bull" could stay in his own room until his next feed so we could have a little privacy.

The monitor is there so we'll hear him"

He smiles .

Looking at him, she says " Alex I'm scared it will hurt can we take this slowly please."

He hugs her and whispers " I can wait longer if you want Beautiful, really I can."


During the night Alex wakes and Stevie is snuggled in beside him.

He smiles to himself he's a happy man.

"Alex." She whispers in the darkness.

He replies "Hmmm"

"Can't you sleep?" She asks and he can tell she's smiling.

Smiling he cuddles into her and replies. " Yeah I don't know why I woke up but I was just laying here thinking about how happy I am and how I love waking up with you."

She rises up on her elbow and leans over and kisses him.

As her breasts brush his skin he inhales and says " Stevie are you sure about this ?'

She kisses him again but doesn't reply.

Running his hands over her his heart beat quickens.

Gently and slowly he makes love to her.

He's aware of her fear.

Initially she concentrates on relaxing but is swept along with his kisses and caresses.

Time engulfs them.

As he moves from her ,spent and satisfied he hears her inhale and senses she's crying .

In the darkness he touches her face and feels her tears .

" Oh god Stevie did I hurt you?" His voice soft and full of concern.

Hugging him she replies " No Alex that was beautiful."

He holds her and they whisper together of their love for each other and then they sleep.


A while later Alex wakes and turns his bedside lamp on their little boy is stirring he can hear him on the monitor.

Stevie is asleep beside him she is so beautiful he reaches over to kiss her and she says. "Again?"

He laughs and she opens her eyes. "What are you laughing about Alex?"

"I kissed you to wake you up because Bull is awake and you assume I want to make love to you."

She reaches up and hugs him and kisses him and says "Well you do?"

He enjoys her kiss and says "Yes I do but I need to get the little fellow first so you can feed him."

She giggles as she watches his bare backside run out the door, he returns a short time later and she's grinning.

"What are you smiling about?" He asks.

"I was just enjoying the view." She replies.

He laughs and says." Keep it clean will ya the little bloke doesn't need to hear his Mum talking dirty."

"Alex can you grab a tissue for me please" He passes the baby and the tissue.

Stevie wiggles over towards the baby and runs her nipple along his cheek he turns instantly and latches on.

Sucking vigorously Stevie feels a tingling sensation as her milk lets down as the baby guzzles milk begins to squirt from her other breast and she places the folded tissue over it stemming the flow of milk, the baby is making funny little noises and gulping and guzzling.

Alex laughs "He's a little piglet isn't he , noisy little fella."

Alex gazes at her and smiles.

Stevie has been watching the baby and hasn't noticed she glances up at him and says "What are you smiling about Alex?"

"I'm just thinking about how much I love you and how happy you make me." He replies then adds

"Stevie what you're doing with Kilarney is amazing."

She looks at him and says. "That's what Tess said. I don't see it as amazing I'm just sharing with my family as best I can. What Harry did was wrong and I'm just trying to fix it."

Alex says sadly. "He couldn't see what a beautiful person you are. Sad really don't you think."

"No Alex the only sad thing was how he treated your Mother and Nick and yourself." She responds.

He looks at her and says "I am who I am because of him Stevie."

"No Alex you are who you are in spite of him. You are nothing like your Father, Alex nothing. You're kind, sweet and gentle man and you have a huge heart."

He smiles at her and says. "Is that what you really think of me?"

She smiles at him and says. "Come here."

He rises up and kisses her.

She continues "Alex you make people feel good just by the way you treat them and the things you say and you do it without thinking about it. And when it comes to me the way you kiss me makes me forget about everything when I'm in your arms, the house could burn down around me and I wouldn't care. I've never felt like that before. When I've been and my lowest point there you are. Even when we were just friends, you always had my back and when I was in trouble or sad you'd just appear and I knew I'd be alright."

He grins at her.