"What are those?" Lily gasped at the sight of huge black growling dogs running through the crowd of people towards the 'Weasleys Wizard Wheezes'; towards Leo.

"Hell hounds." Leo said through gritted teeth. The hounds must have caught his scent. Leo took out his weapon; his hammer.

"You're going to fight them? With that? No! Leo, you'll get killed." Lily said trying to talk some sense into Leo.

"Do you have anything better?" Leo snapped and ran towards the exit. He was filled with rage. He was thinking of the moves he would use to beat the Hades out of these Hell hounds. But just as he walked out of the door, all the new found courage and anger in him vanished. He saw three huge black Hell hounds growling fiercely at him.

He couldn't back out now. He had to fight them.

"Leo!" Lily came running to his side.

Turning around to see her had been a mistake as Hound number 1 had advanced towards Leo.

"Stupefy!" Lily shouted as a jet of red light hit the hound and it staggered backwards growling even more dangerously.
Leo threw his hammer at Hound number 2 advancing on Lily from behind.
"Uh.. Lily? Can you get me a sword?" Leo asked.

"Where will I find a sword?"

"Use your hocus pocus."

"Oh right." Lily said and transfigured a rock into a sword. She threw it at Leo who caught it.

Now Leo knew he didn't fight well with a sword; Hell he sucked at it, but his hammer wasn't going to work against these hounds. Nor did he have anything or any time to use his Hephaestus kid skills.

So, Leo decided to use all of Jason's moves instead. And they were actually very helpful. Lily and many other wizards also kept firing spells at the Hell hounds but it did nothing but anger the hounds more.

"Lily! Look out!" Leo shouted. Hound number 2 was going towards her. Her wand had been knocked out of her hand.

Leo ran his sword through Hound number 3 and ran towards Lily. He stood between her and Hound number used the move Jason had the last night on 'Capture The Flag". Hound number 2 turned into powder and disintegrated.

Hound number 1 also disintegrated as a jet of light it. A middle- aged man with dark hair and a lightning shaped scar on his forehead appeared and asked Lily, "Are you alright, Lils?"

Lily nodded and went to retrieve her wand. Her eyes met Leo's and he saw it in her eyes; gratitude.

She moved towards Leo and hugged, whispering, "You saved my life, Leo Valdez."

The man who had killed Hound number 3 was Lily's father, the famous Harry Potter. He talked to Leo who told him the complete story; how he got there and what happened with the Hell hounds. Mr. Potter did some Healing spells on Leo and the gash that ran down his arm, faded away.

"Leo, it is quite risky to use a Portkey to travel across continents but it's even more dangerous to Apparate. So I suppose we'll arrange a Portkey for you that is if you prefer traveling the Muggle way." Mr. Potter said.

"The Muggle way?"

"Through air."

"I think I'll prefer the Portkey."

Leo sat on a table in the Leaky Cauldron waiting for Mr. Potter to arrive; instead he saw Lily.

"You're leaving?" Lily asked approaching him.

"Yeah." Leo replied.

"Keep this." Lily said putting something in Leo's hand. "It'll remind you of our little adventure toay and your dragon."

Leo opened his hand and there lay the glass dragon that Leo had seen at the "Weasley's Wizard Wheezes'. "
I've done a bit of spell work on it. So if you ever need my help then just speak my name near the dragon's ear and I'll know. But don't make me Apparate across the Atlantic Ocean for a stupid reason."

They got up and walked towards Lily's father who held out a comb to Leo.

"That's your Portkey."

Leo took the comb in his hand that started to glow just like the hammer had.

"Goodbye, Leo." he heard Lily say.

And then the lovely face of Lily Luna Potter was gone as Leo found himself back in the Bunker Nine.

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