Angela Webber was many things; she was in junior year at Forks high school, a very smart student and never failed a class or test. However she was also a witch when Angela was younger she had went missing from her original birth parents Lilly and James Potter, the two had searched as hard as they could but too no avail she was gone. Eventually they had lost all hope of finding her and tightened the wards around their house but even then they lost another child Sarah Potter had also gone missing, to say that they were devastated was an understatement they had lost two out of three triplets the only one left was Harrison.

They had been in hiding for a year when the attack came, the attack that they knew was coming. They had made plans and prepared for the day that this would happen, but they never knew the trouble, pain and emptiness that each one of their babies would feel.

~~~~~~~14 years later~~~~~~

15 year old Harry Potter was sat in the office at Gringotts looking at a piece of parchment in his hands in stunned disbelief

"I have siblings?"

Griphook could on watch as the only watch as the young wizard tried and failed not to fall apart

"It would seem so Lord Potter, we also have the Potters last will."

Harry blinked

"I didn't even know they had a will."

Griphook frowned

"You were supposed to be informed on your 11th birthday of the will so that it could be read."

Harry stood up and started pacing in anger

"I have received no letters from you or from anyone in Gringotts! As I said I didn't even know that they had a will!"

Watching as the young man paced backwards and forwards on the floor Griphook took in the information and clicked his fingers soon several documents appeared

"Were you aware that your 'guardian' has been making withdrawals every month?"

Harry stopped pacing and looked at Griphook with a indescribable look upon his face

"And pray tell me who is my so call 'Guardian'?"

"Albus Dumbledore."

What ever he expected was not the teen to explode in anger

"That son of a bitch! How big are the withdrawals?"

Flipping the documents Griphook looked down at them and clicked his fingers again, more documents came flying in

"He has been making monthly withdrawals of 80,000 a month and put in to different vaults; one belongs to Ronald Weasely, Hermione Granger and one to a Molly Weasely."

Harry sat down in the chair and blinked ahead as he croaked out

"Are you telling me that he paid my friends to befriend me?"

Harry knew that the meeting wouldn't go well but to go this badly was a sign that lady luck hated him; looking at Griphook he noticed the anger on the goblins face as he spoke

"One moment Lord Potter I will have to get the head of Gringotts."

As Griphook left the room Harry ran a hand down his face and began to pull at his hair, as a sign that he was distressed and angry. Harry was so wrapped up in his thoughts that he didn't hear the door opening again

"Lord Potter, I am Ranok the king of the goblins and head of Gringotts. It seems we have much to talk about."

A deadly smirk made its way onto Harry's face as he replied

"Indeed we do your majesty, indeed we do."

Let it be said that everyone Pureblood, Muggleborn and Halfblood avoided Gringotts that day due to the cackling laughter.

~~~~~~~1 year later~~~~~

Harry had spent the last year tracking down his final sibling, to say he was shocked when Sarah told him that she knew he was coming was a understatement.


Harry was about to knock on the door when it opened, a young woman was stood at the door with a welcoming smile on her face and a knowing look in her eyes

"Hello Harry Potter or should I say hello dear brother?"

As she moved aside Harry couldn't help but be stunned at the welcome he had received

"How do you know I was looking for you?"

A smile was sent his way as she gestured for him to sit down; sitting on the couch she began speaking in a soft voice her emerald eyes glazed over

"Tell me what do you know of rune crafters?"

Harry rattled his head to find out anything he could remember

"Erm, I think they lose the ability to use a wand but instead have a series of runes on their body that stand up or even look like tattoos."

Emerald eyes locked with Emerald as she spoke

"Not only that but because of that we lose a sense for me it was my eye sight, while I am blind I am most certainly not dumb."

Harry laughed and looked back at her

"So you're a run crafter?"

Sarah inclined her head before speaking

"The people that adopted me were seers, they could see everything past, present or future. They also taught me how to as well, there are three main things in which a rune crafter can learn one of them is the gift of the seers. Another one is a magical bond formed between siblings, family, friends and soul mates the final thing is to learn everything just by reading the words, as I said these powers do not come without a price and mine was my eyesight while I do not miss it I do wish that I could look at a sunset."

While she was talking Harry had moved over to the other couch so that he could hug her

"You said you could create a magical bond?"

His arm was still tightly wrapped around her shoulders as silent tears fell

"While it is possible do you know what it does?"

Harry laughed and gave a sincere smile

"Everything I see you see, all that I have learnt becomes your knowledge. Every memory, feeling and thought you will know as well as my emotions, you will also be able to find me even if I don't want to be found and we can also talk through our link as well."

Harry blushed as Sarah began laughing, but he knew it was worth it he watched as she rolled up her sleeves and her runes became visible to him running a hand down her runes he asked

"Was it painful?"

The reply was quick and blunt

"Imagine be turned by a vampire, except for the five days of pain it is a months pain. Tell me how did you know of the bond?"

Harry blushed once again and still ran his fingers up and down the runes of his sisters arms Merlin it was weird having siblings!

"I was going to use the bond to find you and Angela."

A soft serine smile was his answer.

~~~~~End flashback~~~~~~~~

That had been a fun year for the two had become inseparable, the bond had helped and sped things along. For the two it felt like they had been living together since they were children, looking at his sister that was sat in the passenger seat he spoke

"When are we getting to this forks place?"

Instead of the blunt replies he was used to and loved hear received a cryptic one instead

"Past Seattle and Port Angeles further down the road and beware the bears."

Harry huffed as he kept his eyes on the road.

~~~~~Same time Cullen residence~~~~~~~

A pixie like teenager was sat on her bed with a glazed expression, for a moment or two it looked like she was unseeing as the glazed expression left she let out a squeal of excitement and ran down into the front room with a huge smile on her face that screamed 'I know something you don't know!'

Six sets of amber eyes looked at her as one spoke


A giggle escaped her lips

"Carlisle's and Esme's mates are coming."

The reaction was what she had expected

"Who are they?"

"When will they get here?"

"They had better not be human!"

"Are they a threat?"

Esme and Carlisle both had soft smiles on their faces and felt like a weight had been lifted off their shoulders their mates were finally coming! The people that they had been waiting for where now on their way they shared a look with each other as Esme turned to Alice

"When will they be here?"

Alice giggled and skipped to Jasper who was sat on a couch looking at his mate, sitting down on the couch she smiled

"They should be here tonight, early hours of tomorrow it's the old potter residence that they are moving in too."

That shocked everyone no one had lived in the old Potter residence in nearly a century, they had seen people going in and out this past week but thought nothing of it until now Alice looked back towards Esme before speaking

"Esme, your mate is blind. I… when I had the vision I noticed something was wrong she was looking out of the window but it was like she couldn't see anything, like she was staring into space."

Carlisle wrapped a comforting arm around Esme's shoulders before he spoke

"Blind or not she is going to be part of this family, as will my mate we will have to see what comes and be ready for it."

With that the group had went their separate ways doing what they wanted to do as Carlisle spoke to Esme

"We don't know if she is blind or not, if she is then we will have to make sure that she enjoys it all the more."

A determined light came into Esme's eyes as she placed a small kiss on Carlisle's cheek

"I suppose I will have to do enough seeing for the both of us then."

With a smile she walked into the kitchen and began cleaning.