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The week had dragged by, for seven hellish long day no one had moved or even attempted to leave the house not even for hunting. Carlisle had called in sick and phone the teens off school as well.

It was on the final day did the four move, at first it was a moan of pain follwed by a grunt and soon the four were waking up. Everyone held their breaths as their eyes fluttered open and instead od the red eyes of a new born it was the same coloured eyes that they had all fallen in love with, they all watched with bated breath as Harry sat up and looked around the room his emerald green eyes were now flecked with pieces of red mostly due to his magic. Harry turned around and seen Carlisle at the edge of the bed and launched himself into his arms, Carlisle clearly seeing what his little mate was going to do caught him around the middle and pulledf him in for a kiss.

Aro looked away to give them a few minutes to them selves until it had vbegan to get heated up and there would have been clothing removed, thankfully it dodnt come to that as ge coughed to annouce himself.

Harry looked at Aro and smiled before pull8ing the older vampire into a hug ad speaking

"Thanks dad."

Aro smiled and looked down at his newly aquired son and smiled before wrapping his arms around Harru and saying

"It was not a problem."

Aro straightened out and cast a meaningful glance at Carlisle who was trying to leave the room in a not so sneaky fashion. Giving the ounger vampire a nod Aro walked out of the room.

As soon as he had left Carlisle pounced on Harry

(just imagion four hot steamy sex scenes for the next three pages, as most of this chapter was complete and utter sex)

By the time the newly mated couples left their rooms it had been a good four days the Volturi were still at the house and most of them were supporting smirks on their faces while looing at the newborns, Sarah wasn't even phased as sge looked around the and smirked before saying

"Not my fault you lot are all virgin hermits"

Angela laughed as she entered the room Edward had her wrapped up inside of his arms, looking around Angela asked

"Wheres harry?"

Both Sarah and Esme pointed upstairs as another scream was heard while Rosalie asked

"Does that answer your question."

Angela no0dded and found that she was very glad that she couldn't blusg.

Snape and Demetri came into the room a hour later both wearing smiles that vanshed as soon as Marcus spotted them, red eyes widened as he took in the scent of Snape soon the three were out of the roon again with Sarah calling after them

"Don't do anything I wouldn't."

A laugh was the only naswer that she received.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~1 year later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

It had been a hard and long road for them all to get were they were today, and none of 5them would change anything for the world.

Snape, Marus and Demetri were all bonded and mated, within a few weeks of Marcus realising that Snape was his real mate. Shortly after the mating they all noticed that something was wrong with Snape and had Carlisle too check him out, if vampires could of fainted they would have when carlosle reveled that Snape was a two weeks pregnant.

The rest of the coven were delighted at the thought of a baby been inside of Volterra, even though none of them knew wether or not t would be a full blooded vampire.

Carlise been worried for the rest of the family checked them all out and quickly found out that Sarah, Angela and Harry were all pregnant as well. It was a major shock too ther systems but they had managed it, and no one had any complaints either.

(Another sex scene)

Carlisle sighed as he pulled his mate in close to him, he could never be happier than what he was now.

(sex scence)

Demetri, Marcus and Snape all collapsed into a pile of limbs. None of them wanted too move and so they chose to stay like that for the rest of the night.

Edward had his arms wrapped around Angela as he smiled.

(sex Scene)

Esme was reading a book while Sarah crawled up the bed and pounced on her

(once again a sex scene)

~~~~~~~~10 years later~~~~~~

After the birth of everyone's favirote children thing in Volterra had settled down for the most part, as it turned out Snape was not pregnant with just one child but triplets and named them

Aro Alexander Snape-Potter-Volturi

Alexis Esme Rosalie Snape-Potter-Volturi

Jasper Emmet Snape-potter-Volturi

The three mates had their hands full raising all three, but no one was shocked when they began to show signs of magic so instead of sending them too Hogwarts they had a school built for Magical creatures next to Volterra so the parents could go backwards and forwards.

Angela and Edward had two baby girls that were spoilt by their auntie Rosalie, who simply adored them. It had taken Angela seventy two hours of pain and screaming for them too be born but she wouldn't of had it any other way, she eventually named them

Angel Rose Potter-Cullen-Snape-Volturi

Esme Faith Potter-Cullen-Snape-Volturi

The biggest shocks for anyone was when they found out that sarah was pregnant with eight babies and not one like they had all hoped for, Alice and Rosalie were happy for days while Sarah and Esme were in shock. It also didn't help that everyone in the Volturi when they found out went over protective on them, they weret even allowed to go to the shop by themselves. Instead they had a armydo it for them.

When Harry had found out he ahd laughed himself silly until Carlisle went to Aro and spoke with him, so Harry was placed under protective watch as well which doubled when everyone found out that he was pregnant with thirteen babies.

Aro hadn't stopped smiling for days when he found out, not only was he a father he was also becoming a grandfather as well. But that di8dnt stop him from smothering his 'little baby boy' when ever he fely like it.

By the time Sarah and harry's due dates arrived the two were more than ready for them to be born, Sarah had went into labour first a hundred and fourty two hours later ever member of the olturi had seen the new aditions six girls and two boys

Amy Louise Potter-Snape-Cullen-Volturi

Lilly Rose Potter-Snape-Cullen-Volturi

Alice Rosalie Potter-Snape-Cullen-Volturi

Faith Angela Potter-Snape-Cullen-Volturi

Rose Hope Potter-Snape-Cullen-Volturi

Jane Alexis Potter-Snape-Cullen-Volturi

And for the boys there had been fighting for days until Esme put her foot down nad trough the floor but eventually they were named

Alec Marcus Potter-Snape-Cullen-Volturi

Demetri Felix Caius Aro Potter-Snape-Cullen-Volturi

It was peace for a few short weeks until harry had went into labour and need they babies to be cut out via C-Section because there wasn't enough room for him to give birth naturally his first baby was born a boy which was called

Emmett Jasper Edward Potter-Cullen-Volturi-Snape

His second one which was a gilr was called

Lilly-Anne Potter-Cullen-Volturi-Snape

The third adj four were joined at the hip and need to be removed from one and other but the two were eventallu named

Aro Alexander Potter-Cullen-Volturi-Snape

Mary Emma Potter-Cullen-Volturi-Snape

The fifth baby came ou without a hitch and was named

Carly May Potter-Cullen-Volturi-Snape

By the sixth one Harry was swearing he was never going to have kids again

Mason Phil Potter-Cullen-Volturi-Snape

The seventh

Emma Annie Potter-Cullen-Volturi-Snape

The eighth

David Steven Potter-Cullen-Volturi-Snape

The ninth

Louise Stacey Potter-Cullen-Volturi-Snape

The tenth

Tracy Wednesday Potter-Cullen-Volturi-Snape

The eleventh

Steven Dalian Potter-Cullen-Volturi-Snape

The twelfth

Jillian Marie Potter-Cullen-Volturi-Snape

And the final one out of the bunch was called

Caius Marcus Potter-Cullen-Volturi-Snape

Harry was never happier than he was in that very moment, but his body was exhausted and he fell into a healing comma for a week.

All in all the new family was getting on without a hitch and they now had more grandchildren than they could shake a fist at, however it could be said that it was no longer boring and dull as for the children that my friends is a story for another time.


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