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"I don't like walking around this old and empty house.

So hold my hand, I'll walk with you my dear"

Morgana woke screaming. Nobody was by her side to comfort her. When she was just a little girl Arthur used to rush to her side until Uther or one of the remaining servants would come to wake her. As she aged Arthur showed up less, servants were dismissed earlier, and Gaius found himself wandering into her room in the latest hours to comfort her. On this night Gaius was out of the walls of Camelot gathering ingredients for medicines. Merlin was left behind to tend to the ill. She knew Arthur well enough to know that he worked poor Merlin nearly to death. He would not come to her at this hour, for which she did not blame him. Instead, she calmed herself down by crawling out of bed and starting into the halls. A walk around the castle at night would surely put her mind at ease.

The shadows of the night caused her to relive parts of her nightmare. This time it had been about a plague. Arthur and Uther argued about it and everyone in the lower city had caught it. Morgana hadn't been able to see what caused it but her longest lasting servant Gwen had been seen often. Morgana fear that she caught the plague. Arthur was distressed and at odd with Uther over the solution. She shook her head and stopped at a window to look outside. The village of Camelot was still. Nobody knew of her inability to sleep whom didn't live in the castle. They went forward undisturbed by her sorrow and fright. Morgana trembled where she stood.

"M'lady?" Merlin yawned from behind her. He was wearing his signature blue shirt and had that bright red scarf around his neck. His bottoms were thrown on haphazardly but he was at least decent. This was more than Morgana could say for herself, being in her nightgown.

"Oh, Merlin, you shouldn't have come. Arthur works you so hard. You really need the rest." Morgana managed to mutter loud enough for him to hear. Merlin rubbed his eyes and shook his head. He stepped up to Morgana's side and glared out at the still town beneath them.

"It's my job since Gaius is gone. Besides, I don't mind at all." He yawned again when he finished his sentence. Morgana looked at him. His jawline was not prominent and strong like Arthur's might be described but it was delicate and defined. She hadn't exactly noticed how handsome he looked before. Even with his messy hair he caused Morgana's heart to miss a beat. She peered back down to the cobblestone roads.

"The castle is quite menacing after hours." Morgana pointed out flatly. She hadn't found the comfort in her walk as she'd planned. Merlin's presence was enlightening and certainly calming, but it had not been what she ventured out for in the first place. She swayed a little realizing how tired she still felt. Merlin's shoulder rubbed on hers but she didn't move away.

"If it frightens you then why did you leave your room, m'lady? You knew someone would come to wake you." Merlin's voice was so calm and confident. He was cheerful no matter what and for this Morgana longed deeply. Nothing could disrupt his ever optimistic persona. She thought to herself that he wouldn't let a nightmare frighten him the way the shook her so badly.

"I'm not sureā€¦" The ward admitted. He was right, even if she was just the King's ward the treatment was lush. She heard the whispered that she was the most sought after woman in the entire kingdom. Suitors from other kingdoms came to seek out her hand. Naturally, she never found herself attracted to them. They flattered, sure, but never managed to gain her heart. However, this did not necessarily mean that someone would have come to her side. The only other persons who might have heard her were Uther and Arthur, neither of which who have rushed to her side in years.

"I'll escort you back to your room, Lady Morgana." Merlin held out his hand to her. She glanced to his thin fingers which welcomed hers with shocking warmth. She took a deep breath and thought how the idea of holding Merlin's hand she a fire through her veins. She could feel herself blushing at his offer. He hadn't been a servant his whole life and didn't know such an offer would have been seen as inappropriate by anyone else. A member of the royal family and a servant holding hands was unheard of and forbidden. Regardless the Lady Morgana put her hand into his and found herself dizzy by how right it felt. She drifted into his side and silently they bobbled back to her room.