This is the last chapter because I thought it would be nice to end it on Suranne's birthday.
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The ambulance bed crashed through the maternity hospital doors, a trail of people dressed in wedding attire followed.

"This is Rachel Lumb, 38 weeks pregnant, complaining of abdominal cramps. 10mg of morphine was given at the scene, blood pressure 130 over 90, oxygen levels 90%," called the paramedic.

They wheeled Rachel into the Emergency Delivery room and Kevin went in with them. A midwife showed everyone else: Janet, Gill, Melissa, Julie, Taisie, Elise, Alison, Mitch, Pete and Lee, into a waiting room.

"Get him out of here!" Rachel screamed at the midwife, pointing at Kevin. "I don't want him here!"

"If you would like to step outside and we'll tell you when Mrs Lumb wants you to come back in," the midwife said to Kevin, opening the door. Kevin stepped outside, feeling helpless. He couldn't bare to see Rachel in this much pain.


Back in the waiting room, everyone was tense. They knew Rachel and the baby were going to be fine, but that didn't stop them from worrying.

"For God's sake, Gill. Will you take that stupid thing off your head?!" Julie asked tensely, pointing to the small cream fascinator that Gill had insisted on wearing for the wedding.

"Yeah, sorry," she replied, pulling it off. Seeing her young detective in so much pain had seemed to sober her up a bit.

"Mom, is Rachel going to be okay?" Taisie asked tearfully. She loved Rachel and couldn't bare to think about what she must be going through.

"Yeah, of course she is!" Janet replied, hugging her youngest daughter.

At that moment, Kevin came in looking upset. He sat down in a chair between Gill and Julie and put his head in his hands. Everyone thought that something bad had happened.

"Kev, is Rachel okay?" Melissa asked.

"Yeah, she's okay, I think. She doesn't want me in there though," he replied and started to cry.

"Hey, come on. What's all this for?" Gill asked, putting an arm around Kevin.

Kevin looked up at Gill. "Have I done something wrong?" he asked.

"No, why would you think that?"

"Well, she doesn't want me there. I thought I'd done something," Kevin replied.

"Of course you haven't! You've just got married, you can't have done anything wrong!" Gill insisted. Kevin still wasn't sure so Gill continued. "Look, you've lived with Rachel for the past 6 months, you know what pregnant women can be like. She probably just doesn't want you to see her like that, you've just got married and she's not exactly looking her best."

"Yeah, I guess so." Kevin looked into Gill's eyes. "She's going to be okay though, isn't she?"

"Of course she is, Kevin! Lots of women have babies every day. Eh, if I can do it, she can do it, with knobs on!" Gill replied. This reply seemed to satisfy Kevin and he gave Gill a small smile.

Melissa, who was sitting next to Elise, got up and went to sit on the floor in front of Kevin, so that she could look at him. He was looking at the floor again and she looked up at him, trying to get his mind off Rachel and to think about the baby instead. "Have you thought of any names yet, Kev?"

"No, we thought we'd wait until after the wedding, but it seems that Baby GaGa had other plans." He winked at Taisie. "I really like Nicholas for a boy but I don't want to suggest that because it might remind Rach of her ex boyfriend and she really doesn't want to be reminded of him. Whatever its name is, Rachel promised me that its last name could be Lumb as long as she can choose its first name. I'm thinking about asking if it can be Bailey though, the Baileys are so much better than the Lumbs. All that stuff I told her about Great Uncle Mark being a brain surgeon to persuade her was a load of rubbish."

"We have a Great Uncle Mark?" Melissa asked, confused.

"No, I made him up," Kevin replied.

"Oh, but the Lumbs are great, look at me!" she said, flicking her hair back as if she was a model or something. "Why do you want it to be Bailey?"

"Haha, yeah, look at you!" Kevin smiled, stroking Melissa's hair. "And because the baby isn't really mine, it would be wrong to let it think otherwise. Besides, I know Rachel really wants it to be Bailey, to carry her last name on."

"Oh," Melissa replied. "It could be Lumb-Bailey, or Bailey-Lumb," she suggested.

"That's a sweet idea but I don't think that we'll do that," he replied.

"Oh," Melissa looked disappointed.


At least an hour later, a midwife entered the room. No one knew the exact time because no one had remembered to wear a watch, not even Gill, the most organised person in the world.

"Mr Lumb?" the midwife asked, looking at Kevin. "Rachel's asking for you."

Kevin stood up, his hand shaking and his heart racing. He was going to meet his child for the first time. He walked into the delivery room next door and saw Rachel sitting up in the bed, a little pink bundle in her arms. He rushed over and kissed Rachel. He looked down at his daughter and smiled. "I love you," was all that he said.

The rest of the MIT force has come in a few minutes after Kevin. Rachel guessed that the midwife had said that it was okay. They all took turns looking at the baby, still calling her Baby GaGa.

"She's beautiful, Rach," Janet said, the last person to see the baby. "What are you going to call her?" she asked excitedly.

Oh God! Kevin thought. Why did we not think of this sooner?

"We haven't decid-"

"Suranne," Rachel interrupted Kevin.

"Suranne?" Kevin looked confused. "Darling, don't you think that's a bit of an odd name? A bit old fashioned?"

"After my great grandmother," Rachel replied. "Her name will be Suranne Lumb."

"No," Kevin said to everyone's surprise. "Suranne Bailey. She will always be a Bailey."