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Digimon Tamers: The Legend of the Blue Wolf

Chapter 10

It had been a week since the Alpha Black Wargreymon had attacked. There was still no leads on who was controlling the Alpha digimon, or what their end goal was. They knew it had something to do with the real world, but that wasn't specific enough.

However, they would find out very soon.

Lycamon stretched as he rose from his bed. Rika's guest room was very cramped for him, he preferred the open air. But they had insisted he had a bed, not wanting to insult them he complied.

He stepped out through the door and inhaled the morning air. His senses expanded to take in his surroundings. He was the only one awake so far, but he knew Renamon wouldn't be sleeping for much longer. She had a habit of waking up just after or just before him.

He hadn't forgotten their discussion a few days ago. Neither had he properly answered her. He couldn't answer himself yet, let alone Renamon. There was too much in his head to focus on any one thing, the fresh air seemed to help, but not completely.

True to his thoughts he felt Renamon stir. She would be heading his way soon, possibly awaiting an answer he couldn't give. He sighed, she had been doing this since she told him how she felt. It wasn't desperation, well maybe slightly, it seemed more determined. There's a fine line between the two.

Lycamon shook the thoughts off and focused on the morning. The crisp clear air filling his nose-

Wait. He was in a city. There was a heavy tinge of the usual city smells on the air, not quite so clean or crisp.

-The peaceful sounds drifting to his ears-

Traffic, car alarms, screaming children as they played nearby...

-While the blue sky overlooked the area.

Okay, that one is right. Except the clouds...

Lycamon frowned. The digital world was far more peaceful than here. No wonder he couldn't focus.

"Something wrong Lycamon?"

Said wolf startled slightly as Renamon approached. "No Renamon. I'm fine. Just lost in thought again."

A glimmer of hope sparked in her eyes. "You've been doing that a lot recently."

"There's much that needs answering with me. But they continue to elude me."

Renamon stood beside him for a few moments before heading for food. Even she was hungry from time to time. Lycamon joined her after a few more moments of contemplation.

As he ate he thought back to the days with his mate. He realised that they never made it official. He was called away before they could finalise their status together, when he returned he didn't feel worthy to resume their relationship. He hadn't actually mated.

His thoughts turned to Renamon. It didn't matter if she wanted to go that far or not, but he was risking repeating his mistake from before. Delaying in his decision with the risk currently involved could yield the same regret he already had, but for two potential mates instead of one.

But his mind simply wouldn't make that decision. No matter how long or how hard he thought he couldn't find an answer for Renamon.

He focused his mind, shutting out everything else as he put his entire being into finding the answer. She was almost a carbon copy of his former mate. She wouldn't replace her, but would it be so wrong to form that bond with her? She wasn't the same species, but he knew of several digimon who mated outside their types. His mate would want him to be happy, that's how she became corrupted to begin with. Would Renamon make him happy? He had no doubts that she would try, but he doubted if he would let go of his past. Could he actually do that, let go and move on? It was doing him no good dwelling on it, maybe it was time to shed himself of that weight and move forwards.

Renamon tapped his shoulder, breaking him out of his thoughts. "You alright there?"

"Huh?" His least intelligent response he had ever given.

"You wouldn't answer me. I called you three times."

He lowered his head slightly. "My apologies, I was thinking again."

She quirked a brow. "Care to share? You've been thinking too much for it to be trivial."

Lycamon sighed. It was now or never, seeing as she was now asking questions.

"It's about what you said a few days ago." She didn't need prompting on what he meant. "I've been trying to find an answer for you ever since." He sighed again before facing her. "I believe I have one now."

Renamon's hope flared inside her. This was it for her. Either her dreams would be answered, or she would be forced to bury how she felt. Her hope prayed for the former as she braced herself for the latter.

"Renamon, I-"

A sudden explosion interrupted Lycamon, coming from within the city. The pair shot to their feet and scaled the roof in record time. They scanned the horizon but saw no smoke or fire. No indication of a source for the noise-

"Lycamon, up there!"

He followed Renamon's view to see a large rip in the sky, digital data streaming around it. It looked like someone had literally ripped the sky open. Lycamon paled, he knew this scene. He had seen it before. Only that was in the digital world, away from human population.

Lycamon didn't remove his gaze from the sky. "Renamon, get Rika and gather the others. Get to that rip. This world is about to be invaded!"