How the Mighty Fall

Lisa had ridiculed Terry endlessly for his crush on Mandy Brocklehurst, but that was before she got to know Matt. Matt Goodnow was a sixth year Ravenclaw, barely her height (and Lisa was not tall) with dark hair and pointy ears. He and his best friend Scott, who was a prefect, were the smartest students of their year.

Lisa met them because she had been having difficulties with her extracurricular project. It was an unspoken Ravenclaw tradition to study subjects outside of classes, and she was doing a study of ancient magical traditions of various countries. She had already completed Australia, the United States, and Canada because they all spoke English, but was stumped on France. Lisa did not know French and was terrible at languages. She had expressed her difficulties to Professor Flitwick who had promised to find her an appropriate French tutor. Enter Matt, a foreign Muggle-born student.

The two spent hours together, working on her French. At first she had not wanted to admit her growing feelings for him, but soon she could not deny them. She was in love, or at least in crush. She would spend the entire time that he spent with her gazing at him and listening to his perfect voice smoothly sliding out French sylables.

Of course, being Ravenclaws her peers did not notice this change in Lisa, or if they did they kept quiet about it. So Lisa was left to flounder in her crush in peace. She spent hours daydreaming about him, getting a wonderful sick feeling whenever she thought of him, and thinking of something appropriately clever and witty to dazzle the smart boy. She began to feel sicker and sicker though after one morning she noticed him talking and laughing with Cho Chang. The sick feeling twisted in her stomach, and Lisa finally recognized it: jealousy. And that was when she first realized that she had a horribly large crush on Matt Goodnow.

Time seemed to expand that day, as she could not focus on her homework. All she could think about was Matt and Cho and their relationship. Were they dating? She hadn't heard anything about it, but then again Lisa was not one to keep up with the gossip. She sat miserably as she contemplated that evening's French lesson.

Her best friend Terry Boot came up and rapped her lightly on the head. "Lisa, what are you doing? Aren't you coming to lunch?"

"I, um, I'm not that hungry," Lisa stammered. She couldn't imagine having to eat at the same table as Matt.

Terry rolled his eyes. "Come on Lisa. You don't want to starve, do you?"

Yes, Lisa thought, it would be preferable to have that pain as opposed to this one that twists and wrenches my heart. Aloud she said, "Fine, I'm coming." She stood and tried to force normal conversation with her best friend as her heart and mind was focused on Matt.

In the Great Hall, she and Terry chose seats apart from everyone else as they always did, mainly because Lisa did not feel like suffering through conversation. Terry had noticed his friend's weird mood and was unusually silent. They filled their plates and quietly began to eat.

Suddenly, three guys descended on Lisa's solitude. One of the boys she did not recognize but the others were Scott and . . . oh, damn, Matt.

"Hi Lisa," Scott said as they sat down.

"Hi," she said trying to sound as nonchalant as possible.

The others said nothing.

Lisa ducked her head and pretended to be fascinated by eating as quickly and neatly as humanly possible. Meanwhile, thoughts swirled wildly in her head.

iWhat is he thinking? Why aren't they talking? Why did they sit here? Could Matt like me? Oh, he looks so good too. Why does he look so good? He's wearing the exact same thing as everyone else is school. Oh, I wish he would just talk to me. Should I talk to him? What's he doing here? Why aren't they even talking to each other?.../i

Lisa longed to talk to Matt and dazzle him with her knowledge, but she just couldn't. She was too afraid. Terry kept giving her a weird look out of the corner of his eye. Finally he stood. "I'd better go Lisa. I've still got a lot of homework. I'll see you later."

Quickly Lisa said, "Okay. I'm coming in a second. Just let me finish my milk."

Terry didn't hear her though, and just walked off. Lisa quickly downed her milk and stood to follow her out of the dining hall. Scott stopped her, though.

"So Lisa, what's McGonagall like for your Transfiguration class?"

Lisa's first thought was, iHuh?/i But she found herself babbling, "Oh, um, not too bad. I mean, she's really strict, and sometimes she just talks and talks right into lunch. And she can be almost mean if someone asks what she thinks is a stupid question."

Scott nodded. "That's the way she is for us too."

"Oh," Lisa said, completely confused. "Well, um, I'd better go. Tons of homework."

"Okay," Scott said amiably. "Bye."

"Bye," Lisa said.

The other boys said nothing.

Lisa left the Great Hall, blushing furiously. It had been a very confusing and weird. As she left, one question kept tossing and turning through her mind, not even leaving when she went to bed that night: Why had they sat there?

A/N: This is based upon my own experience with my first all-consuming crush. The event is taken from real life, but of course I have changed the names. I tried to capture the feelings and events as accurately as possible. Any and all reviews are of course welcome and desired.