Survive the Nightosphere 2

Chapter 1: Chores for Finn and Jake

Hunson Abadeer was indeed rather tired of often going to release prisoners or sending one of his typical minions to do the job. So, since Finn and Jake were down in the Nightosphere visiting Marceline who was visiting her father, Hunson himself, he decided to have Finn and Jake do a few chores for him.

"Since you two are down here, I think I am going to assign you a few tasks" continued Hunson.

"And just what are those tasks going to be?" asked Finn.

"You are going to release a few prisoners" continued Hunson.

"So what kind of lowlifes are stuck down here in the Nightosphere?" asked Jake.

"Well, the last time, a reality show host came down here" continued Hunson, "he's still lurking around, but you two better be on your guard, he's even trickier than me."

As Finn and Jake were led to the area of where the prisoners were, a certain Chris McLean was lingering in his cell waiting for someone to retrieve him.

"Man, it's been so boring down here!" cried Chris.

"Ha, there was no way that you were going to get a second chance, and I was going to make sure of it!" laughed Duncan who was in another cell.

"It's your fault that I am still here!" cried Chris, "When I get out of here, I am going to make you regret what you did!"

"Yea, bring it on then!" laughed Duncan, "I dare you!"

"Uh, Jake, I think we should really leave these two alone" said Finn as he approached the two cells.

"Wait, you don't look like any sinister minion of Hunson's to me" said Chris as he was rather suspicious of the two.

"Hey, do you want to get out or not, the big guy wants you out" said Jake.

"A talking dog, and I thought a talking monkey was strange" laughed Chris as Finn ended up releasing Chris first and then Duncan.

But before the two could continue, Chris ended up tackling Duncan in trying to beat him up, which Jake ended up using his powers to separate the two.

"Hold on there buddy, we just released you" said Jake.

"But he's the reason why I'm still here!" cried Chris.

"Come on, we got others to release" said Finn.

Mandy and Billy were typically in their own cell waiting as Finn, Jake, Chris and Duncan came.

"I think it's that time" said Mandy.

"Great, you're going to release that loser?!" cried Mindy who was in another cell.

"How did someone like her end up here?" asked Chris to Mandy.

"I have no idea" replied Mandy.

After releasing Mandy, Mindy and Billy, Finn and Jake noticed a few other prisoners whom were rather anxious to get out.

"This is rather demeaning, I am the one who usually puts souls away!" cried Walker who somehow ended up in the Nightosphere, "In the Ghostzone!"

"Uh, you're already dead, how did you end up here?" asked Finn to Walker.

"Kid, you don't want to know" replied Walker.

After Walker was released, Mandy noticed Pandora and Velma the Spider Queen were in two cells.

"I think we're going to need to release these two" said Mandy.

"Oh, don't forget that vicious other spider guy" said Velma who was referring to Venom who was trying to break out.

"Let me out!" hissed Venom to Finn and Jake.

"Do as he says, do as he says!" cried Jake who was rather afraid of Venom.

After Venom was released, both Finn and Jake heard some unusual giggling voices.

"Get me out of here!" cried Squidward as he was trying to escape the same cell that Spongebob and Patrick were placed in, "These two morons made a deal with the Flying Dutchman stating that they along with myself could be sent to the Nightosphere!"

"It's a vacation!" laughed Patrick, "And I dressed for such a tropical occasion!"

"Yea, and the best part of it is, the Flying Dutchman said that you can never leave it!" added Spongebob, "Vacation forever!"

"Get me out of here please!" cried Squidward who was begging Finn and Jake.

"Alright, alright, geeze man" sighed Finn as he released the three.

"Walker, I thought you were the one who locked up souls" laughed Spectra as she was in her cell mocking Walker from afar.

"Come say that to my face" said Walker.

"Boys, if you be so kind to give me that opportunity" said Spectra.

"You heard the crazy spirit lady" laughed Jake.

After Spectra was released, Mandark was indeed not happy that everyone else was being freed.

"Hey, what about me, I'm a genius who deserves to be freed!" cried Mandark.

"No you're not, I'm more of an evil genius than you" laughed Evil Jimmy who was in his cell.

"Ha, you two are both wrong" laughed Evil Timmy.

"I'm afraid that goes to me" laughed Nega Wally.

"Such bothersome pests" sighed Dan Phantom who was also in the Nightosphere.

"I just say we just release all of these guys that are here just to shut them up from complaining" said Jake.

"That's a great idea" added Finn.

As Finn and Jake released each of the trapped souls, they came across a certain Noob Sabiot who was busy meditating in his cell.

"Uh, I think it's time for you to come out now" said Finn as he opened up the cell door.

"I'll go on my own leave" said Noob.

"The guy sounds pretty serious, do you bet he was a ninja in life?" asked Jake.

"Probably, we better let him follow us when he can" added Finn.

They soon came across Triton, and the cell that held Magica de Spell, the Boogeyman, Shredder and NegaDuck.

"This is so unfair, all I wanted to do was just takeover the world!" cried Shredder, "If it were not for those pesky turtles, I would not be in this mess!"

"And all I wanted was Scrooge's number one dime!" cried Magica.

"Ha, I deserve to conquer the world more than you all put together!" laughed NegaDuck.

"Well I should have replaced that Grim Reaper" sighed Boogeyman who apparently got over his phobia, "but somehow I ended up here instead!"

"No, I deserve to rule!" cried Triton who ended up chiming right on in.

As they all argued who deserved to rule the world more, Finn and Jake just simply quietly opened up the cell doors with them not even noticing it.

"Excuse me, excuse me" said Finn who was trying to calm them down.

"Wow, you two are having trouble getting these folks to calm down" said Him as he came by, "let me show you how it's down, EXCUSE ME BUT CALM DOWN!"

Suddenly the villains topped arguing and noticed Finn, Jake and Him.

"Your cue" laughed Him.

"Hunson has given us the tasks of freeing you all" said Finn.

"Yea, so you better all calm down and follow us" said Jake.

But as Finn and Jake were just about to leave, two more prisoners were left.

"So what are you in here for?" asked Dennis to Scott.

"Ha, like I'll ever tell you" laughed Scott.

"I tried to help conquer Bikini Bottom, but that went south" continued Dennis.

"Hey, looks like we almost forgot you two" laughed Jake as he ended up releasing the two from their cages.

"About time" said Scott, "so, the big guy wants to see who'll deserve a second chance again?"

"Yep" replied Finn.

"Can't wait" laughed Dennis.

As the prisoners whom were released began to follow Finn and Jake, the two had an uneasy feeling they were going to stay longer just to help out old Hunson Abadeer.