Chapter 25: Y Wolf Race

Once again Hunson Abadeer was going to give a recap.

Hunson Abadeer's commentary:

Last time here on Survive the Nightosphere 2, it was a race through a maze with a few monsters worse than Venom himself! Some of them caught up with Venom whom ended beating the tar out of him, but not before Spongebob and Chris ended up finding the marbles I was looking for in the Iron Maiden and shining a light for Venom to escape.

In the end, it's come down to Chris and Spongebob, so who'll get another chance? Find out here on Survive the Nightosphere 2!

End of commentary.

As the two remaining contestants slept in their fort, both of them were itching for the fight.


"I better get a second chance" said Chris, "I really, really, really do."

"I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready!" laughed Spongebob.

End of confessions.

As the two slept, Marceline who floated right down with her guitar in hand began to strike one string alerting the two inside as they ran out they were surprised to find her and not her father.

"Dad says he wanted me to give you two the final challenge" said Marceline.

"Oh boy, just what kind of exciting challenge that we'd have to do today?" asked Spongebob.

"Follow me" said Marceline.

She ends up taking the two to where a couple of Y wolves were located.

"You are to ride these two Y wolves in a race, you are also to take Hambo toward me and hand it over to me, the winner of the final challenge gets to have a second chance" said Marceline.


"That's it, this will be simple!" laughed Chris.

"Piece of cake!" laughed Spongebob.

End of confessions.

But as the two got onto the Y wolves, it proved to be harder to maintain balance and control, and Marceline purposely left out how she had laid traps around the race course. Hunson himself was there with his daughter as Chef fired the gun filled with blanks the two started off the race.

"Oh boy, I'm going to do it!" laughed Spongebob.

"Not if I am going up ahead!" laughed Chris.

As the two raced around the corner, some spikes ended popping up which Spongebob was able to dodge, but Chris couldn't keep his Y wolf steer clear which the wolf ended up trying to heal. Chris eventually got back on his feet and so did the Y wolf on its paws as it zoomed off with Chris on top of it racing Spongebob. Spongebob and his Y wolf were knocked down by a large club which allowed Chris to pass by.

"Ha, looks like I'm going to get that toy bear!" laughed Chris.

"Not if I can help it!" said Spongebob.

Spongebob quickly cooked up a Krabby Patty and handed it to his Y wolf.

"Here boy, go really fast and avoid all the traps!" laughed Spongebob.

The Y wolf took the Krabby Patty and the two raced ahead of Chris, and ended up heading to where Hunson and Marceline were, but before Spongebob could give Marceline her bear back, Him who made a deal with Hunson was doing his best to try to sabotage Chris mostly he fired a fireball at his Y wolf that sent them tumbling toward Spongebob and in the midst of the struggle, Hambo was torn into two which Marceline gasped in horror that her bear was now in two.

"Uh, don't worry Marceline, we can fix it" said Spongebob, "It'd be all better!"

"You two are going to pay!" roared Marceline as she grew into her large bat form ready to stomp on the two for good.

"I guess there will be no winners this season" sighed Chris.

"Wait a second" said Hunson as he stepped in, "Chris' Y wolf was knocked down by a fireball that came from Him."

"Uh oh" said Him as he began to make a run for it.

Him not even in his own large form could defeat Marceline and was quickly beaten up.

"I think I am going to give Spongebob a second chance" added Hunson.

"And I can have Patrick and Squidward return by trading in Mr. Krabs, the Flying Dutchman and Plankton, wouldn't they all like to vacation here!" laughed Spongebob.

"It's a done deal" laughed Hunson.

"No wait!" cried Squidward as he soon found himself being given a second chance, "Let me stay!"

As the trio were lifted up in the air by a heavenly light, Chris soon found himself in the same place as last season. For the trio of new guests, Mr. Krabs, the Flying Dutchman and Plankton soon found themselves in the Nightosphere.

"What happen to me money, I was having the time of me life!" cried Mr. Krabs.

"Say, I am the one who is supposed to put people to their doom!" cried the Flying Dutchman.

"This place, is perfect to conquer!" laughed Plankton.

"Uh, fellas, I am the one in charge here" laughed Hunson, "and I got some nice cages for you to be in."

[Instead of Spongebob grabbing Hambo, in spite of the sponge's best efforts, Chris managed to grab it, as Him fired a fireball attacking Spongebob and his Y wolf, both tumbled toward Chris and his Y wolf were as the two struggled for the bear, they ended up tearing it into two.

"You two are going to pay!" cried Marceline as she changed herself into her large bat form.

"Wait!" cried Hunson as he stepped in front of the two, "You don't want to hurt them, it was Him who sabotaged Spongebob that caused the accident."

"So, you!" laughed Marceline.

Him was pounded into the ground by Marceline pretty good.

"I think I am going to give Chris a second chance" laughed Hunson.

"And I am going to bring in Heather and Alejandro as a trade in for Chef to come back with me" laughed Chris.

"So be it" said Hunson.

Soon both Heather and Alejandro found themselves in the Nightosphere with Chris and Chef gone for good.

"What, where are we?!" cried Alejandro.

"You are in the Nightosphere!" laughed Hunson.]