AN- I, like a lot of others, was annoyed that you weren't able to marry Ben Finn (Oh why Lionhead, you let us marry Elliot but not Ben), and thus, this story was born. I hope you enjoy it.

Soldier in Blood Splattered Uniform

Chapter One

After mercilessly slaughtering an entire army of hobbes, Skye, the princess of Albion, and her mentor Walter walked out of the cave into the open air, a marshy swamp under their feet. They were in Mourningwood. The pair were recruiting allies to help them lead a rebellion and throw Skye's eldest brother, Logan, off of the throne. It had seemed that Logan would make an excellent ruler, he most definitely had the arrogance, plus he also had the brains to make the right decisions that would benefit Albion the most. No one had forseen him being the cause of the country's downfall, him being a tyrant and introducing child labour to help the rise of the industrial revolution. He needed to be stopped.

"I hope the people we are looking for are still alive" Walter spoke up, a nervous tone lacing his voice.

Skye was confused. What was the point in trekking through a colossal cavern full of hobbes in order to seek out some people who aren't alive? "Why wouldn't they be?" She asked.

"Because, come nightfall, Mourningwood is one of the most dangerous places in Albion" He replied.

Gruesome images of hollowmen and other dangerous creatures plagued her mind. She'd grown up inside the castle, so the closest she had gotten to these ghastly beasts were pictures in storybooks. Well up until now of course. Even though she'd just been through a full cave of hobbes, the thought of being in Mourningwood at nightfall terrified her. Skye tried her best to hide her troubling thoughts from Walter, as she didn't want him to think she wasn't capable of carrying out this quest, or even worse, incapable of becoming queen. She was expected to do all these quests without difficulty, because of the fact she was a hero. Just like her father, who died along with her mother when Skye was fifteen.

She shook her head pushing the thought of her parents out of her mind, she didn't want to think about it, as it brought back toomany painful memories, that unfortunately spring up every now and then and she has to try hard to suppress them all again.

Skye ceased her thoughts arealised that while her mind had wandered off, Walter had been talking to her, but she hadn't heard a thing he'd been saying.

Once Walter stopped talking they both noticed a soldier pop up from lookout above some rickety gates, pointing his rifle towards them both.

"Cease your movement, be you men or be you hollowmen?" The soldier asked, aggressively.

"Have you gone daft boy. Open up the door." Walter demanded, however it sounded more playful than an actual order.

"Walter, is that you?" The soldier replied, rather timidly, embarrassed that he had mistaken then for hollowmen.

"The very same." Walter said. "Now let us in."

"Open up these doors, and tell Major Swift that Walter is here." The soldier yelled down to the other side of the gates.

The wooden gates, considerable in size, groaned as they opened and the two walked inside the fort.

They were greeted by two men, one with a large mustache and a blonde haired soldier with a hint of a smirk on his face.

"Walter, what in the blazes are you doing here?" The mustache man asked. Skye had deduced that the majority, if not all of the people here knew Walter and were obviously atsome point quite close to him.

"I came here looking for you," Walter replied, his face then turning serious. "I have a proposition."

"You came all this way to proposition us? And I thought you were here to save us from the legions of the damned" The other soldier said, the one with the smirk plastered on his face.

Skye looked at him, her eyes trying (but failing) not to linger. With a look of ruggedness about him, he was very attractive.