Soldier in Blood Splattered Uniform

Chapter 12

The twins awoke early that morning to discuss the matter at hand.

"I can't believe we're doing this." Skye whispered.

Toby nodded. "What if ot all goes wrong, though?"

Skye frowned.

"What if Logan recognises us, or wants to talk to us?" He elaborated.

"The potion will make us look like different people, and you can talk to him, can't you? He is your brother."

"That's the point!" He explained. "I've grown up with him for years, it almost feels like we're betraying him..."

Without thinking, she slapped him, leaving his cheek bright red.

"I- Wha-?"

"HOW DARE YOU!" She shouted, her booming voice bouncing off of the walls.

"I dont-"

"WE ARE BETRAYING HIM? Have you seen what he's done?"

"I know, but-"

"No! If you don't want to do this the fine, but its for the right reasons." Her voice went cold. "Its him who's betrayed us."

Toby sighed, clutching his burning cheek. "Okay, I'm sorry."

She nodded. "I'm sorry for..." She pointed to his cheek.

He gave a tired smile. "S'okay."

Skye winced, she wasn't a morning person.

"I just thought, he'd always been there for us, loved us, you know, he helped us through that thing about dad and mum, and th-"

"No." She whispered, hoarsly. "Don't ever mention that."

He scoffed. "What, you still can't be upset by it? You've known for years."

"Just because someone has known something for years, doesn't mean they get over it."


After a slow and awkward walk to Bowerstone Castle, the twins stepped inside the grand entrance, kitted out in the ultimate disguises.

"Where do we go now?" Toby whispered.

"Dungeons." She mouthed.

They scuttled away, until a loud, familiar voice made them stop in their tracks.

"You two."


"K-King Logan, y-yes?" She stuttered.

"When does the tailor arrive?" He asked.

"T-two." Toby said, not meeting his brother's eyes.

"Right, now shoo."

After he'd gone, they let out two huge sighs of relief.

"That was close." He said

"Too close, now let's go." She replied.

Soon enough, they were at the dungeons.

"What if he's not in there?" Toby fretted.

"He will be." She said. "I know."

Sure enough, Swift was in there, looking beaten and battered. With countless cuts and bruises all over his body, yet no guards were around him. In fact, they hadn't seen any guards at all on the way down. Logan must have been so sure he could of caught them himself.

"Swift." She whispered, kneeling down beside him.

"Skye, Toby?" He groaned. "Am I dreaming? Or am I dead?"

"Neither, we've come to rescue you, okay?"

He nodded, sleepily.

"Can we leave a note for Logan, please?" Toby said.

"What? A note?"

"Yeah, it'll annoy him."

She thought about it for a while. "Okay."

Toby wrote his note, and then transported to the sanctuary with Swift and Skye, like nothing had happened.


Logan stormed into the room, after being informed that Swift was missing. He searched the cell several times, until stumbling upon a scrappy bit of paper.

To Dearest Logan,

Sorry for all the confusion, but we had to borrow Swift, and we mean take, and not bring back.

Love you lots,

From your favourite people in ALL of Albion,

Skye and Toby x

He crumpled up the piece of paper, and was just about to throw it, when something stopped him. He flattened the bit of paper and smiled, Logan then placed it in his pocket and exited the room.


As they were walking down headquarters, they heard the voices of Walter, Ben and Page. Skye's stomach bubbled. She knew they'd be pleased that Swift wasn't dead, but once that had all died down, what would they say? Would Walter be mad that they made a dangerous move and could have been caught? Would Ben be annoyed that they went behind his back to get Swift? Would Page be angry that they could have exposed the location of Rebel Headquarters?

Their heads all turned to face her.

"Oh, Skye." Walter sighed.

"Where have you been?" Page asked.

Skye gulped. "To the castle."

Here it comes.

"The castle?!" Page boomed. "What were you doing there?"

"We, er-, we found someone..."

Ben looked up. "Who?"

Toby coughed, the whole room turned their heads in his direction.

They all gasped.


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