Soldier in Blood Splattered Uniform

Chapter 13

The sound of their silence struck through her like a searing hot poker. Their icy gazes killing her slowly. They didn't know what was going on. To be honest, neither did she. Skye's breathing grew quicker and frantic as she saw the sadness and anger in Walter's eyes. They thought she was fooling them. Bringing a false Swift as either a sick and cruel joke, or a weird way to make them okay with the fact Swift was dead.

"What do you think you're doing, Skye?" Walter growled, losing control of his temper.

"Its not what it looks like-"

"How can you remind us of-"

Walter was interrupted by an abrupt cough from Swift.

"I'm not dead." He stated calmly.

"I, I don't, what-" Walter stuttered.

"Logan locked me away. Skye and Toby rescued me after figuring out I wasn't dead."

Skye quickly glanced at Ben. You could see his shift in moods when he realised it was the real Swift standing in front of him. He looked happier than a beggar, after they'd been given spare change. That made Skye feel warm inside, like she'd downed a hot drink. The feeling was soon replaced with curiosity, as to why she got butterflies when she was around Ben.

Page turned to them, her usual grumpy look plastered on her face. "Why didn't you tell us? Logan could have caught you!"

"He didn't though, which means no more talk about it, just be happy about the fact Swift's alive." Toby said.

A crowd formed around Swift, with everyone shouting 'hooray for Swift' or 'we missed you, Major' or something along those lines.

"How about we all go for a drink, to celebrate?" Shouted Walter.

Swift grinned, oblivious too the rambunctious attention he was receiving. "Splendid idea."

After a few hours they were all worn out. Dancing, singing, listening to Walter talk about when him and Swift first joined the army, pretending to laugh at soldiers unfunny jokes. The one person who seemed left out, the last person Skye would want to talk to, was sat alone, at the back of the tavern. Ignoring the queasy feeling in her stomach, she walked over.

"You alright Ben?" She asked, setting her mug down on the table and sitting down. "How come you're not joining in the fun?"

"I'm absolutely fantastic!" He beamed, leaning in closer. He smelt of alcohol, but not so much to say he was drunk.

"Are you glad Swift's back?"

His face changed to a serious expression. "Thank you, for everything."

She was taken aback, but smiled. "Its no problem-"

"No, it is. You risked getting caught, you did a really brave thing, don't forget that."

Her smile grew larger as she took in Ben's compliment.

He studied her face for a while, summoning up the courage to say the next sentence. "You know, I really admire you, and look up to you."

"I- I, what?" She stuttered, stunned.

"Like, you're the best fighter I've ever seen, and you're beautiful." He said, not meeting her eyes.

She laughed silently, watching Ben slowly move his hand away from the table, but she caught it with hers before he could do so.

"Ben, there's something I need to tell you."

'This is it'

"I get this really weird feeling when I'm around you, and I can't really explain it-"

He gripped her hand back and grinned. "I get exactly the same feeling when I'm with you."

Accidentally, she cut Ben's hand with her nail, making it bleed.

"Oh, I'm sorry."

"Its okay, I can hardly feel it." He said.

"Still, I'm really sorry, I didn't mean to."

Ben laughed. "You can kiss it better if you like."

She thought about it, and she did.

But she leaned in and kissed him on his lips.

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