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Sephirah Genomics Primary Research Facility : Tokyo

Day 48

The subject has fully developed. She is a likeness of the original host. More concerning, the subject is starting to display personality traits similar to the original host. We've run a battery of tests and confirmed that there are no abnormal brain functions that would account for this. Additionally, psychological testing indicates that though the subject is highly unstable at times she has no recollection of previous events.

Physical tests of the subject show increased strength and motor coordination as well she appears to posses the appropriate sensitivity to Intron sequences necessary to create Genomic resonance. It should be possible to deploy the subject in a live testing scenario within the next 60 days.

Day 49

Today's psychological testing results were unproductive. Doctor Kazuma was unable to make any progress with the host. Physical testing today also produced interesting results. In a simulated combat scenario the subject showed hesitation on a target resembling Doctor Ouma's son. Additionally, increased and heightened aggression was noted toward targets that resembled certain members of GHQ. This is indicative that the host may have at least some latent memory capacity. Further psychological evaluation will be needed if this host is to become viable for deployment.

Day 50

Genomic resonance ratings were off the charts today – however there was a fluctuation in the spectrum. It appears that the host has the ability to generate both positive and negative Intron sequences and manipulate the Apocalypse strain much more. Additional psychological testing today was unproductive, hypnotropic therapy was a complete failure. The combination of heavy sedation and hypnotic technique yielded nothing. Doctor Kazuma indicates no progress, the host is completely internalizing. However, pupilary response and increased heart rate were noted when Doctor Ouma entered the room momentarily. Additionally, the subject's heart rate also dramatically increased when shown images of Ouma Mana. Doctor Kazuma has indicated that he is almost certain that the host retains latent cognitive abilities however he is not sure how this is possible. Further testing, and possible remedial memory condition has been scheduled to remove any unforseen issues. In the meantime the subject is under heavy sedation.

Day 51

After a thorough cognitive barrage it has become clear that the host does have recollection of previous instantiations. Upon discovering this Doctor Kazuma was called to perform necessary mental recondition, upon beginning the treatment the host completely rejected it. Moments later heavy Genomic resonance was detected in the treatment area. Doctor Kazuma was pronounced dead 8 minutes later. The subject is now locked in solitary confinement under heavy sedation. We may need to purge the subject.

Day 52

Doctor Ouma asked to speak privately with the host – her conversation yielded no positive information. The subject was completely withdrawn save for one reaction that Doctor Ouma was able to illicit.

"I will protect him."

No clarification was given, and Doctor Ouma declined having knowledge of what the host spoke of. Doctor Ouma was relieved of duty effective 1900 hours today.

Day 53

During continued pschological evaluation and intense hypnotropic therapy the subject began singing for reasons unexplained. Again – the Genomic resonance alarm went off in the evaluation area, there were no casualties, it was a positive Intron sequence reaction.

Additional extended combat training took place today, this was a two pronged effort using live ammunition. The intent was for the subject to fail the course. However, she survived with surprising results. Intron sequencing confirmed visual accounts that the host was able to change form into her more lethal combat mode and she quickly destroyed all targets. Minus one, the final target a copy of Ouma Shu, she instead disarmed and subdued the target.

Subject has become unreliable and is scheduled for termination at 0600 hours tomorrow.

Day 54

The host has escaped during what was staged to look like a routine escort to psychological examination she lashed out and killed the four guards escorting her.

Subject's location is currently unknown and GHQ has been notified of the incident. All records concerning the host are scheduled to be destroyed at 2100 hours tonight. If the host can reunite with Ouma Shu this may prove inconvenient for Sephirah Genomics.

Day 55

The location of the host is still unknown, however intelligence reports that at 0900 hours today they have located Ouma Shu's primary place of residence. It will be monitored for appearance of the host, and if necessary neutralization of Ouma Shu.

Records indicate that the subject will be psychologically inclined to sacrifice herself for the wellbeing of Ouma Shu, so maximum care should be used to leverage that. GHQ antibodies have been briefed on the capabilities of the host. Theoretically Ouma Shu could become involved in the situation, however medical records indicate that he is blind and should pose little threat to trained soldiers.

Day 56

No information on the host has been uncovered yet – she has not made an appearance at Ouma Shu's residence either. However, another shocking discovery was made this morning at 0714 hours. Research and development, the primary department that Doctor Ouma Haruka worked in has reported a missing specimen. A prototype Intron modification Genome aimed at promoting nervous system development specifically for treatment of the optic nerve and severe Glaucoma. Additional documentation was found missing at 0939 hours. The missing documentation includes an in depth study of both the void Genome as well as the King's Void. Particularly, extended combat usage of both abilities as well as combination of these with certain Intron sequences, particularly those found in the subject and Ouma Mana. Doctor Ouma was scheduled to be questioned at 2100 hours today by GHQ personnel, however she was not at her residence.

Monitoring of Ouma Shu continues and it appears there is no change in his behavior, so it is unlikely either the host or Doctor Ouma Haruka have made contact with him. Authorization has been given to neutralize Ouma Shu before he becomes a threat.