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There are about three things Peter knows right know; firstly, he has been kidnapped, secondly, he can barely open his eyes, and thirdly, the Avengers are coming for him. Or rather, they are coming for Spiderman. And he hasn't got his mask on, which is going to be really useful when his dads come, and 'Oh look! Here's Peter, your perfect son, who happens to nearly die every day, and currently masquerades as a spider, helping people and getting beaten up by both bullies and supervillans. Yay! Have a bucket of mixed up feelings!' Yeah. Loads of fun coming his way. Except, all the sub-angst is currently being overriden by pain. Shitty pain that claws through his belly and hurts so much. He's been stabbed and nearly blown up and shot at least once. He really, really doesn't know how he survived (thank God for the stupid spider bite, and the fact he, as a small kid, had an accidental dose of a kind-of-super-serum-but-not-really), but it really, honestly hurts. Unfortunately, being hung up by the wrists really doesn't hurt, and he thinks he's popped his shoulder too, but thats more of a white pain rather than the stormy horrible thing that's running over the rest of him. Oh, and now breathing hurts; fucking perfect (he likes that song, he thinks). No sound, no light. Hmm. Even the captors have fled now. Back to buisness. He tries, very hard, to break out of the shackles. No break through. Blindly, he shoves his legs out in a half-assed attempt to grab the mask, but to no avail. Great. Just great. Eventually, Pete just sits back and lets the shit hit the fan.

Tony has no idea why they wanted Spidey in the club; he's only been on the scene about, what, three months, not even enough to be called a vigilante, let alone a hero, but the whole 'Green Goblin and Doctor Octopus' incident has put the kid on the map, and he need protection (HAVE YOU SEEN THE THINNESS OF THE SUIT? It's criminal), so they inducted him. Sure, it's been awkward, and Spidey hasn't taken off his mask yet, despite endless teasing and shoulder punching (mostly from Tony, actually), but nothing's quite as awkward as it was the first time SHIELD assembled the Avengers. But now Arachkid has gone missing, and they have to fetch him, cause no one has heard hide or hair of him for nearly a week (and Pete's gone too, with his Aunt May to Canada, for no reason whatsoever, except that Pete wanted to go for some weird science-y reason). So here they are, outside the house Spiderman is housed in. Bricked off in the front, with no windows or anything, it must be very bad in there (and Tony can't help but be worried, because the 'hero' is only a kid, really). Anyway, not time for that, he thinks, as he cuts through the brick, the old door now open, leading into darkness. No light, nothing, just black. Great. This'll make the job a lot easier.
'Holy shit. What's that smell?' Clint's appeared in the background behind him, and Steve lingers a couple of meters behind him. The others are attempting to stop intergalactic war, and that's where he'd rather be, except that there's a scamp currently in 'trouble'. They step through, into the black, and he turns on the lights built into the suit. It's still dark, but he can make out the rest of the room; someone in the back (probably Arachkid), blocked off windows with tiny little gaps of light streaming through, and someone standing in the middle, arms wide in greeting.
'Mr Stark, Mr Rogers, and Mr Barton. I was expecting the whole lot, but I suppose new boys are rather expendable, aren't they? If you knew who he really was, of course, then I don't think you'd feel the same way. You don't, of course, and in that l our predicament.' The man announced, bright white teeth glinting in the dark.
'What predicament?' Steve says, stepping further forwards to stand directly beside Tony.
' I was going to bargain with you for the spider's life, but now... Hmm, I think it would be better to let him say for himself. Kiddo, dear?' A light flashes on from above, and... oh good lord. There, in the spidey suit and with the mask removed, covered in blood, and holy shit is that a bullet lodged in his side, is Peter. Parker. As in, the Peter Parker that he and Steve adopted (along with pretty much all the Avengers) when Pete was five. And he's Spiderman. Fuck. That's where he's been then. Alongside him, Steve seems to be sharing the same feelings; a tiny bit of pride but mostly anger.
'Don't touch him,' he shoots out, powering the suit up.
'Ah, bit too late for that,' "Evil Guy" says. And holds a gun to Pete's head.
'Now, we need to discuss a deal. And be quick. I don't hesitate, Mr Stark,'