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Chapter 7: Dean's death

I was sitting at a table in the diner listening to Dean snoring as he sat there at another table behind me sleeping. I knew him from preschool, but now that we're in high school and only a few of us are together it was good knowing that I could still remember everything. It's been eleven years since we knew each other, but none of them remembered what happened eleven years back only because of their parents keeping it a secret. I watched as I saw Quentin and Jesse looking at me every now and then as they talked with their friends about the weekend. I knew that Quentin had a crush on Nancy so I had talked to him many times trying to tell him to just ask her out. I come to this diner many times to just talk with Nancy since she works here. I watched as I saw her walking past me to wake Dean up for the second time, I also saw Kris coming in. She and Jesse used to date until they broke up because of Jesse being an asshole most of the time. I heard the door open and watched Kris come in and she went to sit down opposite Dean, I knew that Jesse wouldn't be happy once he saw her with Dean. I listened to them talking while Kristen then stood up and left just for a while, I turned around and looked at Dean.

"Hey Dean, why is your hand bleeding, did you cut it or did it happen while you were sleeping", I asked him as I saw him tense up at the mention of it happening while he dreamed.

"I'm not too sure, but I keep seeing this man with a burned face in my dreams. I think he's trying to kill me", he told me as I saw him falling asleep. I watched in horror as he then stood up with the knife in his hand screaming the same thing over and over again, Kristen came just in time to see Dean holding the knife close to his throat.

"Dean let go of the knife! Dean!", she screamed as we both watched in horror how he slit his own throat, but I knew who it was that had done this. It was Freddy, I used to call him Mr. Krueger, but now I only say his name. At his funeral everyone was crying except me, because I knew that the killings were only starting. Nancy and I would be left for last since both of us were Freddy's favorite girl, only I became his favorite just as I started learning more about him. All I could hear was Dean screaming 'you're not real', I closed my eyes as the pastor prayed for Dean to be delivered from evil. As I closed my eyes I felt myself drifting of to sleep, when I opened my eyes I saw that Kris had also fallen asleep for both of us saw the little girl throwing flowers on Dean's grave before turning around. The little girl was Kris when she was younger, I watched Kris look around and she was frightened by what she saw next. On little Kris' dress was four cuts made by Freddy's razor glove, suddenly he grabbed her leg from the grave and Kris and I woke up. I sat there as I watched Kris looking scared just because of the dream, but that wasn't the only thing that seemed to bother her. Dean's family had put up a board with all of the photo's they had of him, I saw Kris looking at one picture that didn't make any sense to her. It was a picture of Dean climbing up a slide and her standing nearby, she didn't know how she could have known Dean that far back, but I understood it perfectly since I had been there. Jesse had come and walked with Kris while she tried to tell him what had happened to Dean, he didn't want to believe her when she said that someone had forced Dean to kill himself. I walked up to them and I saw Nancy also come to help Kris out, I stood there as Nancy and I told Kris that we believe her.

"You do?", she asked us as she looked hopeful, I knew I couldn't tell them about what I knew, but it wasn't necessary.

"Yes I do, I've seen -", Nancy was saying until Jesse cut her of.

"Leave her alone, you weren't there, you didn't see what happened", he told her.

"Hey Jesse! Don't put her in danger just because you don't believe", I told him as he left with Kris.

"You don't know what I've seen", Nancy said as her mother came to her and put her hand on her shoulder.

"Nancy, I'll see you again on Saturday", I told her as I smiled at her. As I walked past her mother I saw a look of concern in her eyes. I looked at her and smiled reassuringly to give nothing away of what I knew. That night it was hard for me to sleep knowing that Freddy was back for revenge against the parents of Springwood. At Kris' house she had gone to bed for some rest, but only to fool her mother into thinking that she was asleep. She got out of her bed and quietly went to the garage, there she took a flashlight and pulled down the stairs that lead to the attic. In the attic she looked around and found a light switch hanging from the ceiling, she pulled it and put away her flashlight once the light went on. In the attic she went to the boxes with all the photo's of her and with some of her old toys. When she took one of the boxes and opened it she saw a lot of things, a photo of her when she was younger, one of her dolls, but also something that scared her even more. She found the dress she had worn when she was little, it had been cut by four razors, her hand was shaking as the lights went out. Freddy jumped out of nowhere and pinned her to the floor.

"Remember me", he asked Kris as she woke up screaming. I stood there in the attic having seen everything, I knew that I was asleep as I watched Freddy stand up and look my way.

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