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Chapter 8: Seeing you again

He stood there watching me as I looked at him, I saw how burned his face is and I also saw the glove he still had.

"Hello Freddy, nice seeing you again", I said as he walked closer to me. He smiled darkly as he stood in front of me, his face only a few inches away from mine, I stood my ground and didn't move away.

"If it isn't little Cecilia, how you've grown, you're definitely better than before", he said as he laughed when he saw me looking away as I remembered what he would have done to me so many years ago if I hadn't told my parents. He came even closer to me and I had to back up, while I was walking back the room changed into a different one. The walls are creamy white, the bed is a single bed with beautiful white covers. I stood there in the room as I started backing up into the wall. He came closer to me and smiled darkly as I tried to get away from him, but when he held the razor glove near my face I stood still and looked at him.

"Why don't you just leave the others alone Freddy, leave Kris and the others alone", I told him as I tried not showing my fear. He laughed and I felt something other than fear growing, it was anger for what he had done to my friends.

"And what will you do if I don't leave them alone, are you going to kill me?" he asked with a grin. I knew that you couldn't kill something that's already dead, but you can still try and torture it as it can still feel pain. I smiled at him mischievously, it seemed to confuse him as I finally woke up. I knew I had to warn Jesse to look after Kris because Freddy will be trying to kill her and this time he might just get it right. I called Jesse and told him that he better get to Kris before she goes to sleep.

"And just why should I do that when she might not talk to me", he asked me as I tried staying calm.

"Just do it or do you want her to die without you having said a fucking word to her!" I screamed at him as he realized what I meant, she would die the same way Dean had if he didn't get to her. I sat awake the whole night when I suddenly heard the police roaring across the streets, sirens whaling as I watched them go by. I knew that Freddy had killed Kris, I ran out of the house and ran straight to Nancy's house knowing Jesse would go there. As I arrived at her house I saw her standing with her mother, Jesse was in a police car screaming that she knew who he was talking about. When he saw me he told me that I also knew who he was talking about, but as I watched him pass by I said that I would come visit him every single day I could. I looked to see Nancy and her mother looking at me, I turned around and left before one of them could ask me anything. The next day at school I was with Nancy in English class when I felt like sleeping since the teachers talking was putting everyone to sleep. I knew it would be a bad idea sleeping, but I couldn't hold out anymore so I fell asleep. I looked up and saw that I was the only one who fell asleep in class, but I was thankful for that because I didn't want anyone else to also get hurt right now. I looked around and saw everything turn to ashes in the room. I looked to the chalkboard only to see Freddy standing there with his back to me, I wasn't quite glad to see him.

"Well, well, look who fell asleep in class. You should know better by now", Freddy told me as he turned around and looked at me. He seemed to be pleased to see me as he got closer and closer. I had to back up right into the wall, but it wasn't enough. He still came closer until he was standing right in front of me. I stood there as I felt the four blades cut my arm, I screamed out in pain as I woke up in class. I looked around and saw everyone looking at me, I looked to Nancy and saw the horror in her eyes as she and everyone else stared at my arm.

"Cecilia, what happened!" the teacher asked me as I looked to see blood running down my arm.

"I accidentally hurt myself", I told the teacher while I stood up and went to the bathroom. As I walked out of the class I noticed a bloodied bag on the floor. Oh great, now he wants me to see Kris all bloodied up, I thought as I looked and saw Kris standing in the distance. I could hear her faintly calling for help, but I couldn't help her now for it was too late. I just watched her until I saw her disappear into the air around me. I went to the bathroom and washed away the worst of the blood and I tore at the waist of my shirt so that I could put it around my arm. As I was putting the material around my arm I looked at the mirror and was shocked at what I saw. I could see my face all burned up and I also saw Freddy standing there next to me in the mirror, I knew I would have ended up looking like him if he hadn't saved me from the fire. I ignored him and walked back to class just as the bell was about to ring.

'Where are you going', I heard someone say.

"I'm going to class, so just stop bothering me Freddy", I said aloud so that he could hear me. When the bell rang I quickly went home for the rest of the day, but I knew he would still be after us.

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