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Chapter Rated T: For death.

Ch. 1: Baseball to Murder

The sky was light blue and it stretched in every direction with not a cloud in sight. The sun was shining and the heat was bearable since the previous days had been insanely hot and humid.

Conan and the Shonen Tanteidan were walking down the street with ice cream cones in their hands. They were headed toward the park to play baseball since Conan got out voted once again. Conan wanted to play soccer, but all three of them were dead set against the idea since they knew they would be beaten badly. Haibara was "sick" and couldn't join the group for a riveting game of baseball. The ice cream store just happened to be on their way and once Genta saw the blue and white-stripped awning, he just HAD to have some. Conan had a scoop of Vanilla, Genta had a Double Scoop of Chocolate, Ayumi had a scoop of Strawberry, and Mitsuhiko had a scoop of Pecan. The cool ice cream revived them from the heat as they continued walking. Ayumi and Genta were in front talking about the most recent Kaimen Yaiba episode while Mitsuhiko and Conan were behind them talking about the recent murder attempts. The target was none other than the heir Sora, Kazuki from the famous Sora Electronics Company. His father, the president, had shown signs of early retirement and possible death as he was hospitalized for a heart attack. His hospitalization left the company at the weakest point. The paparazzi are now interested in learning about the new president who is most likely going to be the one and only son. There were two attempts.

The first: Kazuki-san was partying late with his friends at a bar. The fog was rolling in thickly and the stars were barely visible despite their shining twinkle. It was 11:37pm when Kazuki-san and his friends Tanaka Akira and Inoue Ito came out of the bar. Witnesses say that Kazuki-san had drunk two beers and his friends had three. They had staggered out of the bar and the bartender had called a taxi for them. All of them were on the verge of either passing out or vomiting. The bartender saw the taxi he had called for the group leave. Kazuki was in front while his friends were in the back. According to Tanaka-san, Kazuki knew the driver since they were talking in a friendly manner. The taxi driver dropped the two friends in their respective locations leaving Kazuki-san last. Before leaving Inoue-san, who was awakened when they reached his home, swore that Kazuki had passed out. However, according to the law, both testimonies are not legal since they were both drunk. The driver helped both of the men in the back get home safely, even going as far as escorting, or rather supporting, them to their bedroom. Lastly, Kazuki-san was brought home. The taxi driver had helped him get to his room and left quietly. Motomata, Ichigo the next door neighbor witnessed the taxi man support Kazuki into his house and then driving away, came to see if Kazuki was all right. Motomata-san walked over to the house and let himself in. Inside, he saw found Kazuki-san rather quickly as there was a strange noise. Motomata-san quickly found the man lying on his back in his bed choking on his vomit. According to Ambulance records, Motomata-san had quickly called the Ambulance at the sight and tried to help his neighbor. The ambulance came quickly and took Kazuki away. Later, the case had been exhausted, but there was no solid evidence against the neighbor or Itoue-san and Tanaka-san. All leads led to a dead end and the taxi driver had not been in the records as a registered driver and it was reported that a Taxi cab was stolen the night before the incident. Itoue and Tanaka both answered their inquiries with "I don't remember" and Kazuki woke up with no memories of the previous night. Motomata-san had commented, "It was too dark to see the man" giving no help to the unanswered questions. The holes left in this case forced the police to abandon their case. A week later, an abandoned taxi cab was found in a ditch with fingerprints of the group, but none from the mysterious taxi driver.

The second: Since the first murder attempt, Kazuki-sans security had been doubled. About two weeks after the incident, Kazuki-san had somehow gotten rid of his security and he took the metro to the Beika Hospital where his dad was held. The metro had been crowded since it was near the 5 O'clock rush. Everyone was going home from a tiring afternoon of work. There was also a recent Spirits game nearby that had ended so the metro cars were also filled with Spirits fans. "The attack came out of nowhere," commented Kazuki. A man wearing sunglasses and a black suite had a handheld gun in his hands. He was going to shoot, however, the metro came to a sudden stop making the man unbalanced. "We thought he was a bodyguard for Sora, Kazuki since he was buff like one and no one wears sunglasses indoors," witnesses report. The unbalanced man had fallen causing a big disruption of groans and the gun had skittered out of sight. The only person who saw the gun was Sora-san. Once the doors opened, the man in black sprinted out as fast he could. No one knew where he went.

By then, all of them had finished their tasty ice cream. Mitsuhiko and Conan were discussing the commonness of the murderers attempts. Crowded location, when the target was at his weakest, and whatnot. Why did the man leave Sora-san at his home instead of killing him at some unknown location? Why did the man, if it was the same man, resort to using a gun in the second attempt where as in the first, he had left Sora-san to die by himself. What made the man change his mind? Is he desperate to have him killed? and Why?

The discussion was interrupted with some yells and shouts from Genta who was racing for the park that was near just sighed and ran with the group. Genta had bolted past the park padded with safety padding and smiling kids much like himself. He ran past the public bathroom and the basketball courts into the open field arrived first and called dibs on being the batter. Everyone else just groaned because Genta usually hit it far and SOMEONE had to fetch the ball. The field was wide and it had barely any holes. The lively green grass jumped out at the kids in the warm sun. The kids fell into their usual locations. Mitsuhiko as pitcher and Conan and Ayumi in the outfield. The sound of Genta hitting the ball was ringing in the air as Conan went running for the ball only to find it stuck in an oak tree. Groaning, Conan started scaling the old tree. He could hear Genta in the distance yelling in joy at his brilliant hit. Mitsuhiko and Ayumi went over to the old oak tree to see if they could help. Conan was sitting in the tree with the round, white ball in hand. His annoyance was obvious as he climbed down. He was about to yell at Genta for hitting it hard, but was interrupted by a loud noise.

Everyone turned their attention to a darkly coated figure running into the public bathroom. Takagi-keiji and Sato-keiji were fast in pursuit and called for everyone in the bathroom to come out. The unlucky group of people came out since it was the police. There were four people. Two men, one with a dog, one woman, and a child about Conan's age. At the sight of the police officers, Conan became curious and started walking in their direction. As he was approaching the two police officers, the Shonen Tanteidan made loud greetings causing the police officers and suspects to look in their police officers and suspects saw the group and an annoyed Conan who quickly changed his expression into an innocent child.

"Konichiwa Sato-keiji and Takagi-keiji," Conan greeted with a joyful voice.