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Hinata clung to Sasuke as they walked down the street paths. Everything look foreign to her yet familiar in the same breath. The doctors had said that getting out and seeing the village would help her, but each face looked new and different to her eyes. Yet many smiled at her and knew her name, greeting her like they might have anyone else that day. She tried her best to greet them back, but just found herself becoming depressed each time she or Sasuke explained about her memory loss. The feeling she was letting people down as they gave her a pitied look before they moved on.

Sasuke was not excited about this either. Hinata had been clinging to him all day. He had tried pulling away from her at first, but now he had relent to being her safety net. Her fist clenched his shirt with each meeting. He never realized how many people were in the village till now. Maybe because he never talked to many people. He sighed as another person waved hello to the clueless woman next to him, who timidly waved a reply. Only giving thanks that the person didn't try speaking to Hinata.

They had returned to the village today and while Sakura and Naruto went to report he was left to care for Hinata. He tried to argue it, but Hinata only remember him for whatever reason. And she had become oddly close even though Sasuke could hardly remember any exchange of words between them before or after his revenge quest. As another person greeted the female he got frustrated.

Sasuke grabbed her. Lifting her off the ground and onto his back he fled the area. He could feel her cling to him further in fear that he might drop her. He didn't though the thought had crossed his mind as he was not a fan of being the babysitter for the grown woman. He stopped outside his apartment since he had no idea where Hinata lived, he did know that it wasn't at the compound.

Silently he opened the door and as gently as he could manage, meaning not that gently, pushed Hinata inside before closing the door. The room was dark mostly due to the windows being covered shut. He walked past Hinata and went directly to his bedroom to strip down and shower after the long mission.

He as he stood in the shower letting the warm water run down his bare skin he let his mind wander. Wandering mostly to thoughts of the woman now somewhere in his apartment, most likely where he left her. He wasn't sure what to do about it. She remember him for who knows why...Maybe because he shouted her name when he noticed the attack? Or the fact that she had last seen him running towards her? Or maybe all memories of him were over looked cause how small and insignificant they were when her brain was whipped clean? He didn't know! He had no idea what possessed Hinata's brain to remember him of all people.

He made as disgruntled groan as he stepped out of the shower. Grabbing a towel he dried himself the best he could from the lingering water on his skin and in his hair. Stepping out from his private bathroom he entered his plain and dark bedroom. Quickly grabbing a change of clothes from the dresser and putting them on before going out to see what was going on with the woman. Think she was probably to frightened to move from where he had left her standing.

He was surprised to say the least when he found her in the kitchen. She was timidly looking through the cabinets for something. She had already pulled out various foods, that he didn't even know he had, and preparing to cook them in some way. She was oblivious to his presence, so he decided to change that. "What are you doing?" Sasuke questioned. He watched her bounce in surprise a small squeak coming from her mouth before she turned her head to look at him.

"...I-I wanted to make you some food...As um a thank you?" She answered drawing her arms close to her body as if they could defend her from his gaze.

He was kind of disappointed as he looked at her. Hinata had grown more since before and after his return. He hardly remembered her stuttering anymore. She had actually spoken up during the mission, putting in her opinion and using her skills. Not that he didn't find the meekness of her shy nature adorable in a strange sense, he would never admit that ever. But he much preferred it when she had some back-bone to back up her obvious skills that she seemed to not even realize she possessed.

He didn't say anything else though. He let her get back to doing whatever as he went to the living room. He turned on the television and laid across the couch to relax. He knew it was rare to be able to do this so he was taking every opportunity. He could smell Hinata's cooking from where he was. The scent just made his mouth water as it filled the room. But he kept his calm knowing it probably wasn't ready yet and did not want to seem eager. His stomach had other ideas, as it growled impatiently and urged him to fill the empty cavern. He refused to budge though, he didn't want to seem eager or weak in front of anyone. Let alone the woman who had been clinging to him for security since even before they returned from the mission.

He shut his eyes forcing himself to relax. He felt tired and even with his stomach complaining he decided to sleep. Maybe when he woke up this would all be some sort of dream...

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