Meg ran towards the edge of the ship and looked down at the water. There was no sign of Kida and Gaston anywhere. She watched the ocean for several moments waiting for them to surface, but they never did. She turned around and scanned the ship's deck until she spotted Hercules walking towards her. She smiled at him and ran to him.

"They're gone!" Meg could hardly contain her excitement. "You know what this means."

"It doesn't mean anything, yet."

Meg took Hercules' hand and pulled up to the upper deck. She then whistled loudly and everyone looked up at them.

"With Kida gone, this ship needs a new captain. Hercules has been on this ship longer than anyone and knows how to run it; I nominate Hercules for captain!" Meg announced.

The crew talked amongst themselves for a while. But, just as Meg was beginning to lose hope, a chorus of "aye"s rang out across the deck as everyone voted Hercules their new captain. Meg looked up at Hercules and he was smiling brightly at the crew- his crew.

"You did it, baby!" Meg threw her arms around Hercules' neck and pulled him into a kiss.


As soon as it was clear the fight was over, Pocahontas crossed to The Damned in search of her brother. Aurora followed after her, but Jasmine hung back for a moment. She turned back to Norrington who was now staring over the edge of the ship at the horizon. She stepped over to him and put her hand on his arm.

"Are you all right?" Jasmine asked him.

"How did I go from Commodore to Pirate?" Norrington asked. "I thought my future held more than this."

"Your title doesn't define you," Jasmine told him. "You're still the same man."

Norrington glanced at Jasmine. "That may be true, but no one will ever be able to see passed title."

Jasmine turned around and leaned against the ship so she was now facing Norrington. "You saved my life, James Norrington. I'm sure my father will look passed your title. In fact, if you want, I can recommend you for my father's Navy."

Norrington smiled at Jasmine. "You would do that for me?"


"Thank you, Princess."

Jasmine looked over at The Damned. She spotted Aladdin right away. He, too, was staring out at the ocean. He was sad, that much was obvious, and Jasmine wondered if he was thinking about her. She looked back at Norrington. "Actually, I'm thinking of living a life of piracy."

Norrington looked over where Jasmine had been looking. "Love has a way of changing your life."

"Yes it does," Jasmine agreed. "I will talk to my father for you. Everyone deserves to choose their own life."

Jasmine walked away from Norrington and made her towards The Damned. She was intercepted by Barbossa, however.

"Are you returning to The Damned?" Barbossa asked.

"Yes, I am."

"Let their new captain know that The Black Pearl will be an ally to them should they ever need us." Barbossa held out his hand.

Jasmine shook his hand. "I will."

When Jasmine was finally back aboard The Damned she ran right for Aladdin. He instantly picked her up and spun her around, before setting her back down.

"What are you doing here?" Aladdin asked.

"I want to be with you. I love you, Aladdin."

"But you're giving up your entire life."

"You're worth it."


As soon as Ursula, Kida and Gaston were gone, Jim ran back down to the medic center. Anastasia was just finishing bandaging John's side.

"How is he?" Jim asked.

"He'll be fine," Anastasia replied.

Jim looked down at John, but John turned his head away. "John, I-"

"I don't want to talk about this now, Jim."

Anastasia glanced between Jim and John and then cleared her throat. "I'll give you two a moment alone."

Jim watched Anastasia leave, then turned back to John.

"We have to talk," Jim told John.

"Everything's already been said." John slowly sat up and swung his legs over the side of the table.

"Kida's gone."

John glanced up at Jim. "That doesn't change anything. Just because now you won't sleep with her again doesn't take away from the fact that you were cheating on me from the start."

Jim knelt down in front of John. "I will do anything to get you back."

"It's not about getting me back, it's about me being able to trust you again."

"You can trust him."

Jim spun around to see Meg standing in the doorway. Meg walked into the room and stood beside the table.

"Jim has proven to me that he really does love you. He fought against Ursula and risked his life to protect you," Meg continued. "Plus, you know if he screws up again, I'll kick his ass."

"Meg, I appreciate you trying to help, but I need to speak to Jim alone," John said.

"All right. But, John, it's obvious that you both still love each other and-"

"Thank you, Meg," John interrupted. "But, I need to speak to Jim."

Meg nodded and left without another word. John reached down and pulled Jim to his feet. Jim kept his head lowered; there was no way he could handle seeing the pain in John's eyes again.

"Jim, I've been hurt before; you know that. But I have never had my heart broken until now. You've said everything to try and get me back, except the one thing I've been longing to hear."

Jim finally looked at John. "I don't know what else to say. I gave you my heart and, no matter what, I'm never going to take it back."

John didn't say anything for a long time, but eventually he reached out and gently took Jim's hand.

"When you first told me you love me, you said you would never take it back. I just want to know that's still true."

"I would never take it back. I will be only yours forever." Jim paused. "Even if you don't take me back."

John stood up and leaned his head towards Jim's.

"My heart is still broken, but..." John whispered, his lips just above Jim's, "...three words and I'm yours again."

Jim's heart was pounding and it took all of his strength not to kiss John, but in the end he wasn't strong enough. Jim gently kissed John and when John didn't pull away he kissed him more urgently. It felt so good to taste John again that Jim never wanted to part from him.

"John," Jim whispered. "I love you."


This is the end of "The Damned". Thank you all soooooo much for reading. A huge shout out to all of my loyal reviewers, especially supersmashkingdomhearts1999.

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