Hey guys!

So my first Jumper story- wish me luck! Hopefully I'll keep everyone in character. So concerning backround to this story it'll take place a couple of months after the conclusion of the movie Jumper, and will follow Jumper: Griffin's Story for Griff's past.

If you haven't read it, don't fret. I'll make sure everything will make sense for everyone.

As with most writer's, reviews are loved and adored. Criticism is always good:) If you notice any mistakes sorry:S Love you all and hope you enjoy the story!

Umm so all character's from the movie will be featured, as well as one OC and one from the book (J:GS).

I do not own Jumper or any corresponding characters, or Alejandra.

. . .

"Good morning beautiful,"

David grinned as he felt Millie's warm arms wrap around his waist. He turned from the counter and kissed her gently, feeling her lips turn up into the kiss. They pulled apart gently, Millie releasing David and pulling herself up onto the island styled counter.

"Coffee?" he asked, pulling out two mugs from the cabinet, already knowing her answer.

"Please," she exasperated, yawning tiredly. He poured the hot liquid into the mugs, dumping sugar in his own. Millie gracefully jumped from the counter and grabbed both mugs, giving him a playful look and darting outside. He chased her duelfully.

"So breakfast?" she asked seriously, setting the coffees down on a round side table on their porch as David came through the open door. She flopped down on the closest seat, looking out onto the surrounding lake. That's the thing about living on an island, there's a view no matter where you turn.

"Wherever you want," David expressed, choosing instead to watch his girlfriend instead of the rising sun. Her dark eyes looked to the sky in thought. "France," she said slowly.

David nodded and sipped at his coffee. He made a face. "Let's go," he said, dumping the beverage off the porch. Millie giggled and rolled her eyes. "We'll get some coffee there. Obviously you still haven't caught on to the whole 'providing for yourself' thing."

"Oh, is that what it's called?" David asked sarcastically. "I thought it was the whole 'instant coffee sucks' thing."

Millie hugged his chest. "Yeah, maybe that too."

She squeezed her eyes shut.

. . .

Jumping was an euphoric sensation. As Millie shut her eyes she felt David take a breath. Although she didn't feel a change in atmosphere shivers ran down her body. She buried her head in his chest. When she pulled away, they were on the sidewalk in a busy street. In France. They released each other and started to wander down the street, their hands intertwining. It happened just like that.

David looked around in search of any Paladins that might have spotted them. A women with dark hair and hispanic looking skin looked at them with wide eyes, but no one else in the streets seemed to have much as noticed them. He looked away from her as Millie gave his hand a reassuring squeeze.

They entered a corner diner, a faded red sign above the door reading, "La Petite Café ".

They choose a corner booth, their waitress following them. "Bonjour! Mon nom est Nathalie. Qu'est-ce je puis aider vous?"

David looked to Millie expectantly. She begain to order, speaking fluently to their waitress. She had taken the language all through high school. David didn't even finish high school.

A bell chimed as the door opened. David looked up to see the same dark haired women enter. He straightened up noticeably. However the women didn't so much as look his way. She sat facing him, looking up from the menu after a moment to his eyes. He didn't look away; trying to read her; trying to understand her. But she just stared right on back, making no motion to moving.

"David, do you want crepes or something else?"

He looked to Millie quickly, jerked back from her eyes. "Uhh, yes."

She rolled her eyes. "Il aura le meme." He'll have the same.

He glanced back to the women but she was involved with her own waitress. He looked away. She wasn't trying anything, for now.

. . .

Walking down the very same street they has appeared on Millie ducked into a store. "Wait here!" she ordered to David before entering. "I want to look at the plates!"

Rolling his eyes David walked a little farther and leaned against the wall. Buying furnishing for their house at every place they go was Millie's idea. 'It adds culture' is what she had said. He was in no position to argue. Since they started living together David had to admit their house was looking nice. He decided just to leave the decorating to the lady of the house.

"Pardon! Excusé moi!" David backed up as the women from before ran up to him, constantly speaking in fast rapid bursts. He held his hands up innocently. "I don't- Je ne parler francias pas!" he managed to shout between her quick speech. She stopped talking immediatly. "Oh, sorry," she grinned sheepishly, a spanish accent on her words.

"I know what you are- this will sound crazy if I'm wrong but you're a jumper! You can teleport. Please don't leave, I'm not here to cause harm to you! "

David tried to walk away. "Look, I'm sorry but I don't know what you're talking-"

"I need you're help! Please, you might be my only chance. I need to find Griffin O'Connor," she asked desperatly. "Please!" she begged, reaching out with her arm as if to grab his arm. "Please, if you know anything please help me."

David stood frozen, looking down at her hand she had rested gently on his sleeve. He looked up slowly, her chocolate eyes wide in suspended hope. She retracted her hand back slowly, straightening her posture. "If not, will you please just tell him Alajandra needs him if you see him?"

"Why do you need him?" David asked carefully, glancing away as her eyes flicked up hopefully.

"It's my son, he has you're gift. I've known Griffin for a long time, he will help." she tried to explain.

David laughed. "Griffin? You sure?"

She cocked her head. "Do you not believe me?"

He bit his lip. "No, no it's not that! It's- look I'd really like to help you, but I'm not even sure if I can. I haven't seen him in months and- well we didn't exactly leave off on a good note."

"But you will help me find him?"

"I'm not even sure if I can do that. I know where he lives, but he might not even live there anymore. It's a long shot."

Alejandra smiled. "I'll take any shot I can, David."

David shook his head, trying to organize his thoughts. God what am I getting into? Finally he looked at her again.

"Okay. I'll do it."

. . .