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. . .

"Sophie Rice."

Sophie bit her lip and walked up the stairs, her gown flowing behind her. She met her principal's eyes and smiled, grabbing her diploma with her left hand she shook the prinipal's hand with the other.

"Honour Roll, Top Grade's in World Religion, and National Business." it was announced. Sophie smiled broadly and faced the crowd for the picture. She took the moment to search through the hundreds of faces. She wasn't there. Mary wasn't there.

. . .

Sophie didn't return home after graduation. She asked a girl from one of her classes if she could drive her to the grad party. The girl looked shocked, then nodded ethusiastically. Sophie Rice was going to a party. The Bible Thumper was going to a freaking party. It'd be a sin to say no.

About halfway into the ride Sophie felt her stomach drop. "Are you changing?" she asked Nat quietly. Nat nodded, giving her the 'are you a dumbass?' look. "You can borrow one of my outfits, y'know," Nat said casually, smirking. Everyone always joked about wanting to corrupt those kids that were so damn perfect, and now she actually had her chance to do it. And in her luck, Sophie seemed rather down to Earth that day. More so than normal, at least.

"Great!" Nat laughed. "This is so cool. Do you're parents know you're going to a party? It's gonna be pretty wild tonight. Everyone's just sleeping over so you might have trouble finding a DD to get you home."

Sophie shrugged. "You know, I really don't feel like my mom would care much if I went tonight." Since she obviously didn't care enough to come to my fricking graduation.

Nat grinned mischeviously, pulling into a laneway. "Wicked."

. . .

Mary watched as Griffin paced across the room (if you could even call it that) back and forth, back and forth. She yanked at the chain she was attached to, testing out its strength. It held well enough. The hook he attatched it to held well enough aswell. She wasn't going to be able to free herself, without a tool or weapon at least.

They're arrival to his liar had been a sloppy one. Jump rot fell all around them. Before Mary could even evaluate her surroundings Griffin clamped a handcuff to her wrist and jumped to the other side of the room, looking to her as if she was a ghost.

She yelled at him and fought and tried anything that would usually strike his nerves but he appeared deaf as he stripped off his jacket and torn dark tee shirt to press a white towel against his wound. His blood stood out brightly in contrast to the towel. That was at least an hour ago. Since then he had paced, wasting the odd glance in her direction. Finally he slumped on the couch, his back to her.

Mary took in her surrounding. The walls all seemed to be made of course rock, the odd bristol board nailed to it. Walls and walls were filled with sketches, all different styles and sizes, all of Paladins. A large map was on display, different coloured push-pins decorating it's surface. Above groups of pictures were sloppy labels; Sensitives, Non-Sensitives, Dead. Mary narrowed her eyes, he knew a lot about them. A lot more then any other Jumper. He had to have been studying them for a long time. A Jumper that hunted Paladins that hunted Jumpers. She almost smirked, she knew Griffin had to have been different to survive so long. To have killed Kemp and invaded his team for so long, it was almost impossible. Jumpers didn't make it into their teens; the Paladins made sure to rid the Earth of the demons before they were old enough to cause real harm.

But what about David?

David. Mary was torn with him. If faced to, she knew she had to kill him. She knew it was God's will to kill him. But could she do it? She liked to think she could, but given the oppurtunity ... she just didn't had she thought, protecting him into adulthood? She should had let Kemp or Roland dispose of him when he was young and harmless, but now he's old and mature. And strong. Strong enough to escape Roland. But not quite strong enough to kill him. That would be the death of him she knew; if he couldn't kill them, they would kill him.

. . .

Sophie shut her eyes as she felt the loud bass tremble through her body. She felt her body free and move, she felt hands all over her body and felt her hands all over his. For a second she thought of her mother. But then the thought was gone as fast as it came. She smirked upwards, his lips making contact with hers once more. Fuck you mommy, she thought drowsily.

Lights. Laughter. Screams. Water. A pool. In a pool. She looked around wide-eyed as others laughed with her.

She was on a table. One hand in the air holding her drink, the other to her side dancing to the music with her. She looked down at her bra-clad torso. Where did her shirt go? Groping hands gained her attention and she forgot about her shirt, and concentrated on the music.

Hands. Around her waist, on her fly. Hands; under her bra and sliding down her back. Hands, over her mouth and on her arms. More hands, holding her ankles and binding her wrists. Darkness, as the door slammed shut and she was all alone.

Darkness, as something stabbed her side and her eyes closed immediatly.

. . .

"Alright, if you just tell me, I'll kill you fast. Comprendo?" Griffin snarled from across the room.

Mary narrowed her eyes back him. "No tengo nada que decir." I have nothing to say.

Griffin chuckled and rolled his eyes. "No juegues conmigo. Hablo cuatro idiomas y ya no va a hacer el ridículo." He switched back to english. "So tell me."

"Tell you what?"

"You tell me."

Mary jerked against her chains. What did he want! She would never tell him, whatever it was he wanted to know. "I don't know what you're after, but whatever it is you're not getting it."

Griffin shook his head. "Bloody idiot. Don't you know me after chasing me down for almost fifteen years? I'll do whatever it takes to get what I want. And I've got a fucking good record all considering."

"How about you're parents? Or those dirty immigrant friends of yours? Where those successful Griffin?" she snapped back.

Griffin growled, jumping so close to her their noses almost touched. "Fucking mention them again and you're dead, y'hear? I don't give a crap if you're a mother; if you insult my parents, or anyone else in my fucking life, you're dead. Understand?"

Mary gritted her teeth and resisted pulling away from him. She held eye contact while filing through her mind everything she knew about Griffin; his life, his history, his family, his jumpsites; looking for anything she could use against him. Then she realised the answer was right in front of her. "So that's what this is about," she said slowly, showering in her victory. "You can't kill me. You can't kill me because you know David's my son."

Griffin stiffened, his mouth tightening into a fine line. "No, I can't kill you because I know you're David's mother."

Even against her instincts Mary flinched. Mother. Mother. Mother. The word echoed around her head. The word that stopped her in her tracks everytime David's file passed by her.

Griffin smirked, jumping back ten feet from her. "So until I figured out what to do, you're staying here, with me."

. . .

Sophie awoke to bright lights. He head pounded. One word went through her mind- hangover. She's heard kids complain about them since seventh grade, and now she was having one. Suddenly she had a bit of sympathy for them.


Sophie sat up quickly, fear over-riding her headache. "Who are you?" she yelped, leaping from her bed to the far wall from him. His dark skin stood out boldly to the white walls and furniture. She glanced around feverishly, searching for something to defend herself with. The man, however, did not move. He just stood there unmoving with a deadly-calm look in his eyes. His arms dropped from his chest to his sides.

"Sophie, my name is Roland. Please don't be alarmed, this is simply you're destiny."

. . .