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I am a big fan of Bianca's. However, there a few issues that must be dealt with. And, of all the "commotion" of Sarah Livingston when Bianca came home and before she "came out" to her mother and the entire world. Sarah is too much apart of Bianca, forever, to not be coming back in some future date.

However, what if that future date was now. The time is the Senior Prom. And, Bianca has "plans" but they are soon changed. There will be a scene between Erica and Maggie (or is it really Frankie). Sarah will not except anything less than winning Bianca back. They've been through too much, together and apart-but, always and constantly loving each other-rather in secret or in chosen admissions of feelings to other respective parties.

I promise there will be enough to satisfy everyone. This is a work in progress. So, please be patient with me. I am always ever evolving and adding.

Blah! You don't want to hear me ramble, you want a story…so, and here it is…enjoy!

Part 1-

Boston: The blonde sat at her desk in her room, it was dark but lighted by the rays of the sun shinning brightly through the huge picturesque window, that overlooked the grounds of the family estate. She reviewed the portfolio she kept and updated frequently. Scraps of news articles. Well, not news articles as much as they were cut from tabloids and printed from online news sources. She kept secret and hidden. Her mother would have surely destroyed it, had she found it. Like she did to the letters she found that contained a secret that was too scary to face; so, Mrs. Livingston burnt them, unable to accept her daughter for who she was, and forced Sarah to marry Ian. What a mistake that was. It nearly destroyed the person she loved more than life itself. They have always been drawn to each other, always escaping to each other. Rather consciously in the realm of the living, but that's been too long since the last time or simply daring to slip from the bonds of the earth and joining their souls-by slipping into the dream realm. Neither really knew if it was real or not.

As, she came upon the latest edition to the scrapbook, the one that detailed plans for a prom. To take a "friend" to the dance, a female friend to the dance. The older girl could no longer stand it. She was going to defy her mother, forsake her family, and walk through the burning fires of Hell, itself. Just to be with the one who is her life's breath. That makes living worth living.

She got up and whirled around to her closet, flung the doors open, standing there in her robe. She reached in grabbed "The Garment Bag" that concealed the key ingredient to her plan. Hanging it up on the mirror, she quickly changed into a pair of jeans and baby doll T-shirt and threw on some Doc Marten's, before she quickly and stealthily snuck out and through the back way of her estate-the one that the servants used. To a car and quickly sped off. She picked up her cell phone to make sure all the arrangements and people were in place. Everything had to go off as planned for it to work perfectly. She would not accept failure. Not this time, defeat was not an option. This time she chose to live, and part of living meant she chose to be happy, and happiness meant Bianca.