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Part 3-

Sarah raced down the back roads of Boston to get to the private airstrip where the Livingston Family kept their private jet. The pilot had always been a good friend to Sarah. He helped arrange for everything to help her out. The severants knew how miserable Sarah had been, how her mother was keeping her from being with Bianca. And they all agreed to help this girl be happy again. They planned everything and timed it all out. All they had to do was distract Mrs. Livingston while Sarah made her grand escape.

Mrs. Livingston, indeed, had been bribing Sarah to, not only, remain married to Ian (despite the fact, that he knew she was gay and that they would not be sleeping together) to have them living there. But, she also insisted Sarah stick close to her and go with her to all the High Society pretentious gatherings. However, Ian worked for her father's company and her father had arranged for him to be in a high position and travel on business a lot. Ian had a separate bedroom and Sarah even told him he could have all the women he wanted on the side, because she did not care one way or another. Even though, Sarah was to keep the straight and an honoring her wedding vows; which meant she slept alone every night. And every night she'd think and dream of Bianca. It was sheer agony. Her mother slept with one eye opened. Anytime that Sarah had tried, in the past, to make an escape. No matter how quite she was, her mother always heard her. This life was going to kill her. Her mother monitored all her meals. They were 3 times a day and they were hardy meals, too. Her mother took her to the Country Club, to play several rounds of tennis at least 4 times a week. To keep her in a healthy, slender figure; her mother wasn't going to let this anorexia thing happen ever again. Sarah thought for sure her mother was going to out live her, if she didn't do something drastic and soon. Because, she figured she'd be dead in an about 5-10 years. 23- 28 years old is not long enough. Sarah was an adult now; she could live her life the way she wanted to.

Her first plan of action, was to fly to Pine Valley win Bianca back, while her private attorney sat up an annulment and prepared legal documents for her mother to sign-agreeing to let Sarah live her life the way she so chose, otherwise, she'd be charged with kidnapping and would be sued for about half of what her family was worth. To let her have her trust fund without bribery or blackmailing her. She was going to move to Pine Valley permanently and set up a home for Bianca. Finally, she was going to attend PVU in the fall.

She pulled her Porsche Speedster to an abrupt halt right in front, leaving about only 5 feet of clearance for the take-off, of the private jets entrance. There were already nation's top hairstylist and make-up artist awaiting for her and the jet to take off and reach a reasonable, stable cruising altitude. So they can perform their magic on her. It was going to be an hours flight, so they'd have to work pretty fast.