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Warning: Spoilers. If you haven't read the Inheritance book, don't say I didn't warn you.

(A week after leaving Alagaësia, Eragon's P.O.V.)

"What?" asked Eragon, his head snapping up from the paper he was reading.

"The orange egg has begun to hatch to one of the natives of this village," Blödhgarm repeated. Eragon sprang to his feet, abandoning the paper and pushing his way past the furry blue elf. Exiting the cabin the villagers had loaned him, he made his way to the crowd that had gathered in the village's center. It seemed like everyone in the small village was here to witness the event. In the center of the crowd was two young girls. One looked like she had been roughly pushed down by the other, who was gazing intently at the rocking egg.

The group had departed Alagaësia a week ago, traveling down the Edda River in the Talìta, only to come across a small village on the banks of the river. This village was not a part of Alagaësia, but they had heard of Galbatorix's evil reign and his downfall. They had welcomed the group graciously and provided a few cabins for their use.

A rather loud crack! brought Eragon back down to earth, and he resumed watching the egg. It had managed to roll over on its side. A few cracks decorated the flame-orange sides. An even louder crack produced a small hole in one side. The egg was silent for a few moments, then broke cleanly in two, revealing a dragon that was unmistakably male and just as orange as the egg that had encased it moments ago.

The dragon shook its head, then looked up at the excited people surrounding it. It made a squeak and started to run toward the girl on the ground, only to be intercepted by the larger girl's hand. A bright flash revealed that the girl who'd touched him was branded with the gediway ignisia. He squawked as he found himself lifted up into the girl's arms rather roughly.

Eragon shook his head at the girl's actions. She was obviously the girl who got her way around here, and was very spoiled. Why the dragon had chosen her, he didn't know.

"What is your name, girl?" he asked, stepping up to her. She didn't look too intimidated at the sight of him.

"Ursula," she responded haughtily. Eragon led Ursula away from the group to begin her training then and there.

Nearly two months later, the new Dragon Hold had been built on top of a medium-height cliff. It was named 'Shur'tugal Fell', which meant Dragon Rider Mountain. There was an expanse of caves, and the whole area seemed more homely once a stone castle-like building had been built for the others to find shelter from the elements.

The orange dragon had been dubbed Fireclaw, and Eragon's first opinion of Ursula was correct. She was a spoiled brat. She had demanded the best of everything (which she wasn't provided- that made her throw a temper tantrum at which point Blödhgarm had thrown her off the cliff, saving Eragon the trouble of having to do it himself. Fireclaw had grudgingly saved her. Even he didn't really like her), rarely focused on her studies, and complained about everything.

Eragon tried to teach her that Dragon Riders weren't supposed to be comfortable themselves, they were supposed to help others.

"But everyone says they were like royalty," she whined. "This isn't how royalty lives." Eragon had retired to his room early that day with a massive headache.

She's enough to make Galbatorix look almost sane some days, Eragon complained to Saphira.

I'll deal with her. You need to rest, Saphira told him.

Eragon tried to rest, but was getting tidbits of what Saphira was doing to Ursula through the bond.

Saphira grabbed Ursula with her claws. You are a nuisance, Saphira growled at the child. She held Ursula up against the wall, and the human looked around for someone to help her. No one even bothered to look over. Even Fireclaw was sitting in his bed (which was just a pad of cloth), licking his abnormally sharp claws.

Aren't you going to help me? Ursula whined. Fireclaw paused for a moment, thinking.

No, he said, returning to grooming himself. Saphira's right, you whine too much.

"I'm sorry, I'll work harder on it, I swear," Ursula said. Saphira growled at her before setting her back on the ground and turning to go back to Eragon's quarters.

After that, Ursula was the same haughty girl, unless Saphira was in the room. Then she feigned innocence. Somehow, Eragon found this more annoying then her acting like a brat.

The next time he saw Ursula (which was all too soon for him) he stopped her, asking for a word.

"You really need to stop acting like a brat. I won't hesitate to kick you out of the academy," he threatened.

"Well fine then. I was about to deliver good news for you." Ursula turned away.

"What news?" Eragon asked, his patience for her already gone for the day.

"I'm not telling, she said, turning her back on Eragon. He growled. Fireclaw, who was rarely in Ursula's company alone, was standing beside her. He nudged her with his snout.

One of the wild dragon eggs is hatching, he told Eragon.

You weren't supposed to tell him, Ursula whined. Fireclaw snorted and headed for the hatchery, not waiting for his rider.

Eragon smirked. Fireclaw, one. Ursula, zero, he thought as he made his way after the orange dragon.

Author's Note: Ursula's a witch, isn't she? This chapter takes place 150 years in the past from my story, so think of it as background knowledge for the story. Thanks for reading!