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(Shur'tugal Fell, Moonstone's P.O.V.)

Moonstone woke and started at the ceiling. She'd been at the mountain for a few weeks now. Every night, Eragon would request a certain food, and she'd make it. There was a few times when he didn't like main course. The incident that stood out most in her mind, however, was her run-in with Fireclaw.

Sighing, she stretched and crawled out of bed. She has agreed to help the elves with breakfast this morning. Moon quickly dug through her few outfits and chose a simple shirt and pants. She had learned early on in life that skirts and dresses were useless unless you were a princess or a housewife. So she didn't own any. She quietly made her way down the hall, tip-toeing past Yale and Blackflame's room. Yale was not an early riser and would rip open anyone's throat if they bothered him.

In the kitchen, Moon was met by the sight of the elves already baking. She moved out of the way of one elf who was chasing a loose chicken around. The cage it had been in was open in the corner. The other elf was mixing some batter for pancakes on the counter. Hopï, the elf who was mixing the batter, looked up at Moon.

"Ah, Moon," she said in her lightly accented and musical voice. "As you know, tomorrow is Eragon's 168th birthday. He does not yet know, but we will be having a celebration. Will you make the cake?"

"Yeah. What does it need?" Moonstone replied easily. Hopï gestured to the counter where a bunch of ingredients and a recipe lay. Moon made her way over to them and began working.

A few hours later, the cake was made, the feast was prepared, and Moon had set the huge table outside of the hall. Hopï told her to go get Eragon and make sure he wasn't onto them. Moon left the kitchen and quickly went to Eragon's room, which was in a separate caving system. Saphira was outside of the door, napping. Hearing Moon's arrival, the blue dragon raised an eyelid.

Moonstone bowed, and Saphira moved her tail, allowing the human girl entrance. She quickly knocked on the door. It opened and she was facing a bleary-eyed Eragon. "Come," Moon said. "The elves need your help." Eragon blinked the sleepiness from his eyes and hastened to follow the girl.

Right before they hit the clearing, Moon stopped, looking back at Eragon. When he had caught up to her, she continued on. As soon as he had entered, everyone jumped up from their hiding spots and yelled "SURPRISE!"

Eragon wore a shocked look on his face for a moment, then laughed. "Really? You guys didn't need to!" There was something that showed through Eragon's normally constructed face at these words, and Moon thought she saw an almost youth carelessness. But it was gone a moment later, replaced with his normal joyful expression.

The party swirled off, taking up most of the day. Moonstone found herself contentedly full, snoozing by a fire that had been lit as soon as dusk had started falling. She was jolted awake, however, at the touch of a mind. She vaguely recognized it from a few weeks ago.


(Cave, Fireclaw's P.O.V.)

Fireclaw rolled over, adjusting his position for the fourth time in an hour. For some reason, he could not seem to get comfortable. His mind kept casting back to the girl he had met. A lonely feeling surrounded his heart. After he thought about it for a while, the orange dragon he had figured he was missing human company, strangely enough. He stood and stretched, realizing trying to rest was pointless. He shook off the dirt that was clinging to him, then headed out to feel the wind underneath his wing.

Once he was up in the air, Fireclaw found it was much easier to clear his mind. As he flew around, the dragon looked down upon his forest and watched the small creatures dart around, desperately trying to avoid become dinner. He could feel the terror that rang through the rabbit's minds, and the pain of a snake as one rabbit trod on it. His lip curled as he chuckled at the unusual feeling.

The feeling reminded him of one time, when he was only a few days old, resting in Ursula's room. She was dancing, and failing, too. He had just closed his eyes to try and get some sleep, when she had stepped on his tail and then tripped over him. She'd have a hard time trying to trip over me now, Fireclaw thought.

Thinking about the memory made him also remember what it was like to fly through the air with his partner on his back. Even if she had been a fake, he missed human company. That brought him back to thinking about the girl. He snarled, trying to cast out the thoughts and failing yet again.

Finally, the beast sighed, sending out a probe to where the girl's slightly familiar mind was.

Fireclaw? She asked.

Yes. Would you like to accompany me for a walk? I seem to be missing human company, he offered.

Sure. When?

How about tomorrow at noon?

Sounds great. I'll meet you at the base of the mountain.

Fireclaw acknowledged her and then withdrew. He growled yet again, wondering when he would ever return to feeling normal.

(Shur'tugal Fell, Moonstone's P.O.V.)

Moonstone drew the cloak tighter around her and darted behind a tree. She hadn't told anyone that she had been going to meet Fireclaw. From the rumors she had heard, many of the residents of the academy thought he was deranged and unstable. For that reason, Moon felt it was necessary to keep their meeting private.

Making her way through the camp proved difficult, but once she had reached the narrow, winding path that lead to the base of the mountain, she allowed herself to breathe easier. She worked her way down the path, going slow to avoid plummeting to the bottom. It took her a half-hour to get to the bottom, but once she set foot on the flatter ground, the deep thundering of wingbeats reached her ears. They were far off, but getting closer.

She mentally prepared herself to face the 'deranged' dragon.

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