Scott Summers: Retro Video Game Genius by Batman100

Genre: Humor

Rating: K+

Characters: Cyclops/Scott S. and Boom-Boom/Tabitha S.

When Scott starts an interest in classic video games and game consoles, everyone gets video game fever!

"Scott? What the heck is that supposed to be?" Jean asked as she was looking at a small black video game console. "I'm very glad you asked, Jean. This isn't any video game console, no sir. This is a genuine example of the golden age of video games! It's a Genesis! Or Sega Genesis, for short!" Scott said proudly as he was setting it up. "Well that explains that question. My next one is: Why would you get a console that hasn't been around in years! This isn't the 80s anymore! This is the modern…hey is that Out Run?" Jean asked in delight. "Yes it is. Try it out. It'll be like you're in the 80s all over again…" Scott said dreamily as Jean was already mesmerized by the many video games she once played as a child. Tetris, Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Frogger, Galaga, Rampage, Donkey Kong, Excitebike… Jean thought happily as she was already addicted to Out Run. "Oh Scott, thank you for buying this! I feel like I'm 17 again!" Jean smiled. "Have fun." Scott grinned and headed back to his car to continue carrying in his other video game purchases. "Hey Jean, what's up…Oh my gosh, is that-is that Out Run?" Tabitha asked joyfully as she was watching Jean play it with precise skill. "Yes it is. I feel like it's the 80s again… ah, those definitely were the glory days." Jean said dreamily. "Hey Tabitha! I got you an Atari Jaguar installed in your room! Wanna test it? It'll be fun!" Scott hollered upstairs. "On my way!" Tabitha whooped.

Later, in the dining room…

"I don't understand it. All Jean keeps talking about is this Out Run game. She talks about it at breakfast, lunch, dinner, heck, even during missions, for goodness sake! Ororo, are you listening?!" Kitty screamed, hoping to get Storm's attention. But she had her eyes glued to NBA Jam on her Game Gear. "Ugh…and people said Nintendo was better." Kitty muttered as she left the dining room and headed for the main area, only to see Piotr carrying in a giant arcade machine. "Colossus! What are you doing?! And who put up the sign "Summers' Arcade Coliseum"?!" Kitty screamed. "Oh, uh, Scott did. But don't worry. Xavier said it was fine also." Colossus replied calmly. Kitty looked like she was about to faint. "All right! Summers' Arcade Coliseum is open for business, every 24 hours a day!" Scott announced on his megaphone. "WHAT?!" Kitty screamed in horror. But she was powerless to stop the stampeding video game fanatics from entering the mansion and running over Kitty. "SEGA!" Kitty screamed before passing out.

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