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John and I arrive at the hospital as early as we can the next morning. We are so ready to take Gabriel home with us. We walk to the nurse's station and they direct us to a room. I am beyond excited bring home our little Champion. "Well, Ms. Morgan and Mr. Cena all the paperwork is here. These are your discharge papers we just need to make sure you have a car seat to take him home in," says the nurse.

"We do," says John as he shows the nurse the blue and green plaid carseat.

"Very nice," she says, "and it is a 5 pt. harness?"

"Yes," says John.

"Wonderful," she says, "I will be right back with Gabriel and you will be free to go."

"Thank-you," I say with a smile. I feel like a child on Christmas day. As the nurse leaves I pull out Gabriel's coming home outfit.

"Here he is," says the nurse a few minutes later as she brings Gabriel into us. "This little guy is ready to go home."

She hands him to me, "Thank-you," I say as I look down at my son. "You're going home, Champ." I lay him down and put on his coming home outfit and then put a light white snowsuit on him with little bear ears. He looks absolutely adorable. I snap a picture of him before we put him in the carseat. He is ready to go home. We are ready to take him home. I buckle him in and soon we are on our way out of the hospital.

John leaves us waiting as he walks to get the car to drive it to the doors to put Gabriel in the car. He pulls up in front of the hospital and gets out of the car with the biggest smile on his face. "Here we go, Champ," he says he takes the car seat from me. I watch him try to put the seat in but he is having trouble. "How do I put this thing in here?" he asks. "Why is this so complicated?"

"Snap it down," I say with a smile.

"I'm trying, Natalie but it's not working," he says.

"Push it down harder," I say as I watch him try to fit this seat into the car. It is pretty funny to watch and he is getting frustrated.

He finally gets the seat in nice and secure and says, "Finally." I just smile at him trying not to laugh. It's not that complicated to do. He shuts the door and looks at me. "What?"

"Nothing," I say with a smile as I get into the passenger's seat. He rounds the car and gets into the driver's side.

"Here we go," he says starting the car and we're off to the house. We arrive home in about 45 minutes as John had to drive the slowest he could because of Gabriel in the backseat. He parks the car in front of the front door and gets out. He takes Gabriel out of his seat and says, "the seat can stay in here. I'm not going through that again."

"Whatever you say," I say trying not to laugh. John is so cute holding Gabriel especially since he is 3 times bigger than him.

"I'm serious," he says as we walk to the door. He opens the door and says, "The champ is here!"

"Gabriel!" yells Angelina as she comes running with John's mom following behind her. "He's home!"

"He's home," I say with a smile.

"He is gorgeous," says John's mom. "He looks just like John did as a baby. Can I hold him?"

"Sure," says John as he hands Gabriel to his mom.

"He is so beautiful," says Angelina as she sits next to her grandma holding Gabriel. "Can I hold him?"

"Sure," says John's mom. "Make sure you hold his head."

"I will," she says as John's mom places Gabriel into Angelina's arms. Angelina smiles down at her brother and for a second it looks as if he smiles up at her. It is the most beautiful sight I have ever seen. I have waited for this moment for a long time.

"What do you think, Angelina?" asks John, "are we keeping him?"

"Of course," she says with a smile. "I love my brother."

"And he loves you too," I say with a smile.

"How long do you want me to stay?" asks John's mom.

"You don't have to stay that long," I say. "I think John and I can handle it."

"Are you sure?" she asks. "Two kids can be a handful."

"I'm sure Angelina's going to be a big help," says John. "And I'm not going back to work."

"You're not going back to work?" I ask. This is news to me and I am very surprised.

"No I figured I would stay home and help out with the kids. At least for a couple months," he says.

"But John, Wrestlemania is coming up and you're supposed to have that big match with The Rock. You have to go back," I say.

"Natalie, my place isn't in the ring. My place is at home with my soon to be wife and my kids."

"John, you need to go back. Vince has been marketing this match for almost a year. He is looking forward to it."

"And my fiancé was attacked, had a baby so I'm not going to be back in time for Mania."

"John," I say.

"Angelina," says John's mom, "how about we take Gabriel upstairs to his nursery so that your mommy and daddy can talk."

"Okay," she says as Carol takes Gabriel from Angelina so they can go upstairs.

"Natalie, I know you're upset but this is where I need to be right now. I need to be at home with you and the kids."

"John, you need to go back to work. You have been out of work since November even before November. The kids and I will be fine and besides I plan to go back to work in a couple weeks as soon as I get the nanny for the kids situated."

"Then I will go back then. Right now my place is at home with you," he says and I see something in his eyes I have never seen before; fear.

"John, is something wrong?" I ask.

"No," he says. "You just need help at home."

"John, I'll be fine. The kids will be fine. Remember I did it alone for 8 years. I think I can handle a couple days by myself."

"Nat, I can't leave you alone," he says.


"Because I just can't," he says.

"Are you scared to leave me alone?" I ask realizing that's the fear I see in his eyes. He is scared to leave the kids and me home alone.

He lets out a sigh and says, "yes, Natalie, I'm scared. If something happens to you or the kids I would never forgive myself."

"What's going to happen, John? Max is dead and Ashley is in jail waiting on her trial. I think I'm pretty safe."

"I don't know, Natalie. I just feel like it's better for me to stay home with you to make sure you're okay."

"John, I will be fine. You can go back to work and do what you love. Don't let Vince down."

"But," he says.

"No buts, John. We'll be okay and like I said I'll be back to work with you in a couple weeks. Everything will be all right."

"Are you sure?" he asks.

"I'm sure stop worrying yourself. Go back to work," I say, "and I promise you that the kids and I will be front row at Wrestlemania cheering you on against The Rock," I say.

"All right," he says. "I'll go back but if something happens.."

"Nothing is going to happen," I say. "I promise."

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