Chapter Two: Escaping Prisoner

There was this cold wet object rubbing against my feet. I feel the drops of water escaping from this item running down to my heel of my foot to the firm soft surface which I lay in. As I begin to awaken I begin to realize where I am. I turn to left seeing the same water in the same position as I remember from before; as I turn to the right I see the same tea stain envelopes and the green tissue box as I remember from before as well. The only difference I see in my right side was that the vase once fill with decaying flowers is now fills with fresh bright red lovely flowers. Compare to the flowers, everything else looks dead to me, especially the man who is washing my bloody stain feet. In disgust, my feet kick his hands and I pull them towards me while glaring at the man. Miyagi, who was look down before I kick him away now slowly makes his way to my body, then to my face, stop and stare into my eyes. His dark sapphire eyes is now looking more indigo than before probably due to light in this room; the clear white part of his eyes are now stain with red and watery just like the damp white towel which is now stain by my bloody feet. I sense the aura of misery and loneliness just by the condition he is in. Was it because I reject him from his help or was it because of earlier when I escape and fainted out there under the blazing sun. Either way I feel no sympathy for him after what he has done to me. Kidnapping and isolate me into this shitty looking home; he is just lucky I haven't killed him yet. I look about 4 centimeter lower from his eyes and trace a scar which I left as a welcome home present. I smile at my accomplishments on ruining his handsome face. Miyagi came closer to me which in my response I scoot back as far as I could but the wall stop me. He grabs my leg and forces it to bend straight; I scream, kick, bit his ear and punch him in order to stay away from me. I fell out of bed on my face and try to release my leg out of his hands which I manage to but his pick me up and threw me back to bed. He got on top of me and roars at the top of his lungs at me.

"Stop moving you stupid boy! Can you not see that I am helping you?"

His voice scares me so much I feel shivers down my spine. Something about his voice made me obey and stay in place and if I don't he will hurt me. My eyes shed searing tears while he continues washing my feet so delicately and kindly that I might break if he applies anymore pressure. I sob silently until he grabs a bottle of alcohol from a plastic box fill with medicines and pours it all over my feet. I shriek at this painful stinging sensation. He told me to shut up which I did by covering my mouth. He places the empty bottle back into the box, brought out tan bandage and wraps them around each foot like if it was a precious jewel to him. Without a word, he put the bandage back to the box, grabs the box along with the bucket of red water and left the room. I uncover my mouth, hiccuping I look at my bandage feet. He wraps it so securely like a fitted sock that it couldn't unravel by itself if I walk. I got out of bed and felt a dominant painful sting when I stand up without support. I fell back to bed and whimper for bit about the pain. I lay there in that bed for about an hour before I got up again. This time I did not feel a strong sting as I did before. I walk to the door and peak out to what I see is an empty hallway. I walk to the end of the hallway and saw no one. I sigh in relief of not seeing Miyagi here. I felt a warm strong firm hand touch my shoulder, I jump and shriek while falling to the floor. I look up and saw Miyagi looking at me with a sincere look on his face. His eyebrows did not frown as well as it did not rise in happiness. It remains in between keeping a neutral look. I scoot back away from him in fear that he may decide to do harm. He did nothing in what I imagine he would do. He just smack his licks, took out a box of cigarettes, burn one with the Las Vegas lighter in his mouth and put the rest back as well as the lighter were they came from which was his back pocket. He took in a large amount of smoke and blew it out slowly flying the grey smoke right to my face.

"Stupid…" he comments and walks over me like if I was some piece of garbage. This angers me in so many directions.

"Wha-What the hell? You kidnap me here, isolate me from the rest of the world, heal me and now you call me stupid? "I exclaim

He turns around and raise one of his eyebrows in a 'do I care look'

"What the hell do you want from me?" I continue "Why did you kidnap me here for?"

He gave me no answer, only more puffs of grey smoke. I got up from the floor and sat on my knees desperate to know.

"Tell me! Do you want to murder me? Do you want to make me a slave?"

He still gives me no answer. I pick up my navy blue shirt and show him chest.

"Or do you want my body?" I ask

He turns around and sat on the sofa facing away from me continuing his smoking. I drop my shirt in shock. I ask him once more and finally he answers.

"Why do I want to sleep with someone who does not love me?" he replies calmly.

I got up, saw a picture of a fish next to me on the wall, took it and smash it in frustration. I scream and begin to throw things like the end table, vases, plates, books, papers, chairs and small statues. I went to the huge yellow curtains covering the entire wall where Miyagi is facing which cover the unknown scenery; yank it in anger and my eyes widen in what I see is an endless red desert. I fell to my knees and flat out begin to cry.

"I want to go home!" I sob.

I chant those words again and again at the window. I heard Miyagi's voice but could not verify what he was saying. I am lost in my infinite pool of misery.

'When can I go home' I ask myself in my mind. I sat there crying for hours until no more tears could be shed. Even after that I still stair at the window and call myself stupid. Stupid for moving to this country, stupid for leaving my family, stupid for talking to this man at the airport. If I hadn't been such a smart ass back home then I would never think of moving to this country.


Miyagi clean up the mess I have made due to anger. He didn't say anything about it and left me alone in my pit of despair. I didn't know how long I stare out in the window but I did not realize it till now that it is night time. The hard wood floors feel icy cold against my bare legs and hands. It feels nice to feel something cold instead of the burning red dirt. I heard Miyagi scouting around the kitchen and making something to eat. By know I feel no anger or hate towards this man. I just feel pathetic, stupid and depressed. The reason why was because I acted so ugly today that it is so embarrassing to think that Miyagi thinks I act like a snobby little kid.

He calls my name and I came to him like a lost child. He points to me to the table which I sat. He then brings me a plate of food. It is mash potatoes, corn for the can, poorly chop carrots, fried eggplant, rice and meat. I taste a bit of the meat first, it is flavorless. Miyagi sat down with his plate of food, mumbles that he thanks for the food and begin to eat. He looks at me and then to my plate of barely untouched food.

"I know I am a horrible cook but you don't have to rub it in." he said in a concerning tone

I begin to eat the mash potatoes to please him and then I wonder a question I should have thought before I ate the mash potatoes or the meat. Did Miyagi poison my food? I look up and stare at him until he finally notices me.

"If I ask you something, would you tell me honestly?" I ask

He nod

"It doesn't matter by now since I already ate some of it but did you poison my food?"

"No" he replies and continues eating.

I look at my food and left it alone. Miyagi notice this and sighs in frustration.

"Look, if I wanted to poison you, you would have already been dead right now. If I wanted to kill you, you would have been right now. I am not those types of people who like to kill slowly and painfully just for fun."

I stood up and smash my plate of food to the wall.

"Then what the hell do you really want? You didn't capture me so you can kill me, torture me or have sex with me! What do you want? Tell me!"

He remains seated but places his fork down next to his plate.

"You wanted to come here."

I threw his plate of food to the side and grab his shirt collar violently.

"Well then, I want to go home!"

He smiles at me mischievously.

"I don't want you to. Besides you can't since we are thousands of miles to the nearest airport. I don't even have enough gas to drive you." He said

I push him away and turn my back against him.

"I remember we were drinking coffee. Did you drug my drink?" I question

I heard a small chuckle which turns into a loud laughter.

"So what if I did?" he lingers on snickering.

I turn around and I am ready to slap him across the face.

"If you can admit to that then tell me why I am here?"

His amusing face return neutral and stare at me long and hard.

"If I tell you, you won't understand." He said and left off to the room on the left side of the hallway.

I ran after him but he shut the door right in front of my face and locks the door. I try to open the door, kick it, slam my hands until they turn red and yell at him to open the door. I end up falling asleep in front of the door due to exhaustion.


I find myself waking up in a bed in a familiar room. I got up and walk to the kitchen where I smell something decent. Miyagi turns around and smiles while scooping up a pancake from the pan and drop it onto the plate. He said to eat and that it he did not put poison in it. I grab the plate since my stomach hurt a lot due to lack of food and plus it look somewhat good. I grab some syrup and pour a lot all over my pancake until it is all soggy. I ate and ask for more.

"Someone's hungry."

He place to pancakes onto my plate which I soon devour in a split second. He gives me two more pancakes and it went all to my stomach. I ask for more but Miyagi refuse.

"You are going to get sick boy, if you are really hungry then wait for another hour at least."

I shook my head and demand more. He complies by giving me three pancakes and that seems to tame down my stomach. Miyagi sat down with his two pancakes and ate slowly while reading a book. I took my dish and went to wash it as well as the other dirty dishes. An hour later I whine while lying on the couch due to a stomach ache. Miyagi gave me a pill and some murky water to drink with. I frown in disgust at the water but drank it with the pill without a complaint. The water absolutely taste repulsive but I felt better soon after. Miyagi went out to fix his truck while I lay on the couch. It looks too hot outside and feet haven't healed yet. I look around the room and thought aimlessly for a while. If I am going to be here forever then I guess I have to get used to it. I can always steal the truck but from the looks of it I won't even get near to a city. Maybe he has a map, phone or a walkie-talkie? He has to have something in order to live in this place just in case he gets injure. I got up and decide to clean the house. If I am doom to live in this shitty place he calls home then I want it to be clean. I begin looking in the cabinets for cleaning utensils. I start of by cleaning the kitchen and just from the looks of it; it will probably take me all morning just to clean this dump.

I clean the refrigerator, cabinets, counter tops, stove, microwave and so on until the whole kitchen is absolutely spotless. I met a few dead rats here and there and a clan of cockroaches hanging out behind the refrigerator. I couldn't kill them all since they run so fast into small cracks and holes. Miyagi probably has some kind of cockroach poison hidden somewhere. He better have one because I do not want one morning to pour a bag of cereal filled with cockroaches into my bowl and call it breakfast. I could feel the stomach ache coming back to me already as I remember there are some open boxes in the cabinets. I threw those out in case it has already met its fate. I rest for a bit until Miyagi comes in all sweaty and black from the oils. He took off his shirt and my eyes gaze upon his lean muscular torso. My cheeks burn in embarrassment when Miyagi realize I was staring. He smiles and heads to the bathroom to wash up. I went to the refrigerator and grab some cabbages and meat. I never cook before but I am hungry and I want to make Miyagi something since he looks exhausted. I chop the cabbages into bits of pieces and threw it into the pan along with the meat. I stir it will pouring what I think is the right amount of oil into the pan and for some reason it turn into a huge flame. Fortunately I did not burn down the house but I did turn on the fire detector. The alarm rang deafeningly and Miyagi rushed out of the bathroom only with a towel hang loosely around his hips. I open the glass doors and let the smoke outside by fanning away. I cover my nose while coughing.

"What the hell happen, Takatsuki?" he demand

"I was cooking and the food went on fire." I cough

Miyagi grab a chair and stood on top of it; grab the fire detector and took out its batteries which cause it to turn silent. He got off the chair and rashly threw the alarm onto the table while walking back to the bathroom. I think he is angry. I look at the meal I have prepared. It looks good so I figure it shouldn't taste that bad. I grab two bowls, one for Miyagi and one for myself. I place them on the table along with silverware and juice that I found in the refrigerator. Miyagi comes back and saw the meal I made for him. He looks at me while rubbing his jet black hair.

"Didn't know you could cook." He said calmly which I realize he isn't angry at me anymore.

We sat down and he took a bite in his meal. His expression is not what I expect it to be. He continues eating and I thought maybe it didn't taste that horrible to him then it is edible to me. I took a bite in my portion and spit it back out. It tastes so dreadful and revolting and horrible. How in the world is that man still eating?

"Miyagi, be honest. Does my food taste like shit?" I ask

He stops eating and took a sip of his juice and faces me.

"Yes, no offence but it taste like burned coal." He said

I nod it and thought on how to improve my technique on cooking cabbages while continue eating.

"Why are you acting normal and tranquil today?" he ask

"What do you mean?" I reply

Miyagi took a sip of his drink and went back to eating.

"Well you were screaming and crying yesterday about me kidnapping you and poisoning you. Now today you ate like 10 pancakes and clean the kitchen as well as cook lunch. Did you bump your head or something?"

I thought about it and I just have no other answer then to lay low and find a way to escape.

"I figure if you are going to keep me here and never let me go then why escape. Besides I already learn my lesson and I am not stupid enough to go out into the desert and attempt to do yesterday's scene." I lie.

I think he is questioning my word but took it as the truth.

"I thought you would be hard to maintain but I guess I thought wrong." He finally said

"So can you tell me why you want me here so badly?" I esquire

"As I said before, you won't understand. Maybe when you're older, you're still just a kid." He said

That is too long. I want to know but at the same time I don't.

"Did you fix the truck?"

He shook his head and said "Nope, a rotten probably chew up my wires."

We have a conversation about the wild life in this red dusty place. I found out there are kangaroos nearby and sometimes come to the deck looking for food. I learn about other animals like the Bilby, Dingo, Emu, Kowari and fairy penguin. They all live in Australia but many live in certain regions. As he talk more about these animals I begin to think that if I go outside and see if there is an animal only living in this region then I can figure out the fastest way to get to a city. We finish eating and Miyagi head out to fix his truck while I wash the dishes. I then scout around the living for a map of some sort. All I found are just Japanese literature along with English dictionary books. I walk to the hallway and open the first door on the right and found a small library and an office. I saw an old dusty yellow Compaq desktop along with many papers surrounding it. I immediately turn on hoping that I can get on the internet to call for help. It took about at least 10 minutes for the computer to start up and when it did unfortunately I find out that there is no internet here. I curse to myself knowing that this is a desert and obviously there wouldn't be any signal here. I mess around with his documents, reading his reviews about a book and a journal diary consists of nothing more than pictures of animals that he found and how he interact with them. I look at the journal date and he wrote this all from ten years ago. How old is this man to begin with? I remember all the animals that Miyagi took pictures of and place them in my head along with the names. I turn the computer off once I finish snooping around and check his papers. All of which are address to his house back in japan. I look around more and found a letter about him selling his apartment exactly one week ago. At least I think it is one week ago. For all I know I might have been asleep more than a week before I wake up to this place. As I read more I soon begin to think that Miyagi might have been spying on me and knows who I am before the airport incident. He cancels his phone bills, quit his job, cut his cable and sold all of his furniture. I remember the all the numbers in my head for future reference. I put all the papers back where they belong and now searching through his book self's. Most are Japanese novels but a few are English. There is how to do books, cooking books which I grab and kept under my arm, articles, and animal books. I grab the animal encyclopedia and look through it. Many are what Miyagi mention and there are geographic maps on where each animal lives. I tore out a couple of the animals that I think I am most likely to see and fold then into my left pocket. I place the book back and exit the room with the cooking book. Miyagi comes in and notice the book.

"So you found my library." He smiles

I could see something suspicious about him. He looks at me as if I have not found the pot gold to escape this rotten place.

"I fix the truck." He said as if it was a signal for me to grab the keys and head out to the rode. I can't do that unless I know exactly where I am. I think he is tempting me on my deceitful words which I am going to but now is not the time. I need to study more and plan out my escape.

"Okay, I'm going to wash up." I said and Miyagi told me to wait and just fill up the tub. My heart race in what he might do. Was he going to drown me or attempt to harass me? No, he said he would already kill me if he wanted to and that he doesn't sleep with people that don't love him but for all I know he might just be lying and just said that in order for me to feel safe with him. I kept my guard up and try to look something that I can use as a weapon. It is a small bathroom. It has all the necessities of what bathrooms need which is a sink, a toilet and of course a tub. The toilet looks a bit dirty and the sink has green and blue what I think might be some sort of mole growing around it. There is shaven black hair inside the sink along with soap runs and what appears to be shaving cream. I open the mirror which is right in top of the sink. There is medicine, creams, toothbrushes, tooth paste, an electric razor, Band-Aids and an orange comb. I look under the sink cabinets and I just saw the sink pipes which are leaking, toilet paper, boxes of tissue, soaps and air fresheners. I look behind me and saw a metal rack fill with new fresh bright towels that Miyagi might have brought when he came here. The come in assortment of colors which look a bit strange against the crack old grenade green tiles and dirty white wall. I open the faucet of the tub and stuck my right finger under the tap. It is a bit cold at first but it soon increases warmer and warmer. Miyagi open the door and call my name. I turn and saw him handing out clothes for me to wear.

"Here, I try to look for clothes that might fit you. This is the best I could find." He said

I grab the clothes and put them on top of the toilet seat while Miyagi closes the door. I lock the door in case he decides to come in while I'm bathing. I sat on the floor staring at the water until it raises wear it should be at. I close the tap, got the pink bottle of soap and went in the tub slowly. It is steamy hot but it feels nice. I sat in there bathing for about one hour and then got out, pull the plug and put on the clothes Miyagi hand me. The white khakis fit exactly on me but the plaid green shirt hangs to lose on me. I could see my chest almost expose fully. I roll up my sleeves but left the shirt un-tuck since it looks stupid without a belt. I exit the bathroom finding Miyagi sitting on the chocolate brown sofa with the same box of medicines like yesterday. I walk towards him and he signals me to sit down which I did. He then unwrap the soak bandage and exam each on. He took out a small jar of white cream and drab them onto each cut. He then re-wrap each of my feet with new bandage. He told me not to walk so much and left to the kitchen to put the box back into the top shelf. I watch him and thought why he is so kind to me yet at the same time he insults me and yells violently when provoke. He does not lash onto me with anger or attempt of murder. He speaks to me in a kind manner but sometimes he jokes around but insulting me. He kidnaps me here for what reason? What is the sole reason of me being here? I want to ask Miyagi again but I do not want to anger him. I do not want him to strike me and yell at me. I'm scared and do not know what to do. I wish not to live here forever. I want to go home and forget about this ever happen. I want this to be all a bad dream but sadly fate has me here with him.


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