Author's Note: Ok, so in this story you will meet Shego's mom and dad, and just for your info, yes, they are partially based around StarvingLunatic's story Walking the Line and you will see similarities other than their names. They won't be the same people altogether, but I was highly influenced when writing them. I don't know how deeply I plan on going into their characters, but I do hope that it's enough to satisfy you all. Now then, without further ado, I hope you enjoy, and I'd also like to say that I own nothing. I mean seriously... this is . I don't think we're supposed to own anything other than some OCs xD Now then, do enjoy!

The phone was ringing off the hook, and Shego continued to ignore it and Drakken's yelling as he tried to get her to answer it. He whined and stomped his foot, but nothing got done, so in the end the blue idiot huffed and picked up.

"Dr. Drakken speaking," he said with an annoyed tone.

"I'd like to speak to Shego if you'd please," replied a woman's voice.

"SHEGO! IT'S FOR YOU!" he yelled, even though she was about two feet away.

"Oh shut up!" she snarled snatching it from the scientist, "What?!"

"Selene Go, is that any way to talk to me?"

"Mom?" she gasped, her eyes wide. She immediately started to scan the building and grew to be in a fighting stance. Drakken was too preoccupied with his work to notice.

"Oh calm down sweetie, I'm not there," she laughed slightly, knowing her daughter would be looking around warily, "I needed to talk to you about something."

Shego groaned, "What?" If her mother needed to talk to her, it always seemed to be trouble. She seriously did not want to deal with her family.

"Your father and I are holding a masquerade ball at our family home in the countryside outside Go City. I want you and your brothers to attend. In fact, your brothers are already here. You're the only person who hasn't arrived yet."

"Do I HAVE to go?" she asked, desperate for a way out.

"I EXPECT you to be here, understood? You are not worming your way out of this one. Last time you had a valid excuse, but not now. You're obviously at a lair which isn't too far away."

"Alright, alright. What day is it?" She still remembered how the year before her excuse was that she was in prison. She could've broken out easily, but her mother had called her a few days before, saying that the family ball was coming up. So, the next time little Miss Priss came to foil their plans, she'd let herself get captured by the police. Kim had wondered why it had been so easy, but Shego said nothing. She just went to prison quietly and stayed a few days until the ball was over. Her mother couldn't get her out of prison just to go to a dance. The day after the dance she'd escaped prison.

"Saturday," her mother replied in an even tone.

"THE HELL?! THAT'S TOMORROW! I still have to get my outfit together then!" she said in exasperation. "Can't you at least give me a two day warning?!"

"Maybe next time you'll send me the number of your lair when you move so that I don't have to track you down."

Shego rolled her eyes, "It wouldn't be a secret lair if I did."

"Anyways, Selene, you better be here. So get your ass in gear. See you tomorrow. Love you," her mother finished in a chipper voice.

Almost inaudibly Shego groaned, "Yeah, yeah… love you too." As soon as she hung up the receiver she cursed vehemently and said, "Dr. D I'm taking a few days vacation!"

"But Shegooooo! I had plans for tomorrow! There's something I want you to steaaaal! It's been two months since I started this, and I finally need something!" he whined. He hated when she randomly disappeared like this. He hoped to get the doomsday device working soon before Kim Possible foiled their plans. Drakken was surprised though. They hadn't seen the redhead at all while he was working on building it. He was somewhat happy for the reprieve.

"Family issues Dr. D. You can wait a few days, can't you?"

Before he could pout and make things harder on her, she went to the garage where she pulled out her custom made green and black motorcycle and sped off towards her apartment. She had to get ready for hell.