Author's Note: Sorry I'm so slow and stuff. School has been hectic and then it was November so I was doing NaNoWriMo and writing a 50,000 word novel xD but I'm finally get back to working on my fanfics! I can't guarantee I'll be too quick at releasing chapters since I still am swamped with work, but I'm going to be trying to get as much done as I can! Thanks for bearing with me and I'm sorry I'm a slow nincompoop xD

"What?! What do you mean there is no reservation?! You've got to be kidding me! Look again!" Kim said in aggravation. She was covered in sweat and sand, and she really wanted to get into their hotel room. Yet now supposedly there was no reservation.

"I'm sorry miss, but you all are not in the system, and our hotel is booked," said the receptionist.

Kim groaned and looked at Monique for answers. She was too tired to think on her own.

Monique seemed to ponder over it for a moment before it hit her. She pulled out her cell phone and dialed a number. "Hey Jean, we have a little problem. Think you can help?"

The redhead immediately grew wary. What was her best friend up to?

"Well, you see… something happened and apparently the reservation we thought we had. We don't have a place to stay…. Yeah…. I'll wait."

"What're you doing?" Kim hissed.

"I'm getting us a place to stay, now be quiet."

The redhead grumbled and Ron looked at the two in confusion. He hadn't exactly connected the dots yet.

"Ok, so you guys are about two blocks down from this hotel? Beach house number 26? Ok, wait out front for us. Thanks." Monique clicked the phone shut and turned to her friends. "Come on, we're heading to the place Jean rented. They said we can stay there."

"Uh… How large is it?" Kim asked hesitantly.

"Three rooms and a couch in the den," Monique said, turning on her heel and heading for the door.

Ron furrowed his brow as he followed his two friends. "Wait, we're going where?"

"To the place Jean, Shego, and the Wegos rented."

"Why?" he asked in alarm.

"Because we don't have a place to stay and Jean is helping us out. Now come on," Monique said. She wasn't going to let him retaliate, and one glance from Kim told her that the redhead was putting the pieces together and had already resigned herself to their fate.

It was a short walk from the hotel to the beach house, and as Monique had requested, Jean was waiting out front for them.

"Hey Jean," Monique said, giving the fashion designer a friendly hug. "Thanks."

"No problem. Come on in," she smiled, leading them into the house. She looked the three of them up and down and said, "Now then, Kim, I'm guessing you'd like to take a shower right? There are two bathrooms in this house. Currently Shego is using the one on the upper floor, so you can use the one on this floor. It's down the hall and the second door on your right."

"Thanks," Kim sighed, picking a spare change of clothes and a towel out of one of her bags and heading for the bathroom.

"And you two, come with me. I'll show you where you guys will stay."

Ron and Monique nodded as Jean gave them a quick tour and showed them to where they'd be staying.

Monique was to be on the second floor, sharing a room with Jean, and Ron was placed on the couch. The blonde boy wasn't the happiest camper, but after relaxing on the couch to test it out, he found that it would be easy to fall asleep, seeing as how he did so in an instant.

Because he had fallen asleep, Jean and Monique went up to their shared room to talk about designs. When Kim came out of the shower they'd surprise her with the news of who she'd be rooming with. They had it all planned out, and they were having a lot of fun doing so.

Kim's shower ended quickly. She was pretty quick to wash and dry off, pulling on her clothes and wrapping a towel around her hair. She didn't feel like blow-drying her hair at the moment, so she just opted to towel dry.

She walked around the main floor, just seeing where everything was and wondering if Monique and Jean were around. When she couldn't find them she started up the steps. She hoped they were still in the house.

She opened one door to see the Wegos playing cards. She waved at them and they smiled. Then she closed the door and went on to the next room.

When the door slowly opened, her eyes connected with Shego's form and she froze. Shego was sitting on her bed with a guitar on her lap. The slight creak of the door had caught the green woman's attention and she'd already lit a hand and was ready to hurl the ball of flames at the intruder.

Kim looked her in the eyes and said, "Uhh. Hi. Sorry to intrude. I was looking for Jean and Monique." She slowly closed the door.

As soon as the door shut the redhead could hear the green woman from behind the door, "What the hell?!" Then there was a sudden stomping of feet and the door swung open again.

Kim was only a few feet from the door when it swung open. She immediately stiffened.

Monique and Jean also rushed to the corridor, worried that some shit was about to go down.

When Shego saw Jean she asked, "The hell is she doing here?!"

Jean shrugged, "They had a mishap with their hotel so I offered for them to stay here. The Wegos agreed as well."

Shego groaned. "Damn it Jean! Stop scheming would you?!"

The fashion designer grinned and shrugged, "It's a part of me. You should know that if I didn't scheme you and I would never have gotten together."

Grumbling, the green woman walked back to her room angrily.

"Oh, did I mention that Kim is staying in your room?"

The villain froze. Her hands slowly lit up and then flamed all the way up her arms. They slowly sizzled out as she went to her room. She slammed the door shut behind her.

Kim looked at the two designers with wide eyes.

"Oh don't worry about it Kim, she won't kill you," said Monique.

"…Probably," Jean finished.