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"So you heard strange noises coming from the west side of the mountain?" Kim asked the inn's owner's wife.

"Yes, I was out there last night making sure our lifts were shut down for the night since someone accidentally left the light on in the station at the top, and there was odd growling in the forest nearby. I left immediately."

The redhead smiled, "Thank you so much."

"Be careful out there, it could be dangerous. I'm even thinking about closing the slopes on that side to make sure no one gets hurt," the woman said.

Kim smiled, "Don't worry. I'm Kim Possible – I can do anything."

The owner's wife's eyes widened, "Kim Possible? The famous girl who started out as a teen hero?"

She grinned, "That's me." Kim then waved and left the building, heading out to where Ron was waiting.

A few moments later, Shego came walking up, "Alright, Chef Rui finally arrived. I can take over the front desk for you."

The older woman almost mentioned the fact that their employee's old rival was there, but was stopped when she saw her husband coming down the stairs and almost fall. She rushed to him to be sure he was ok and to be sure he didn't injure himself more.

Shego took over the front desk and settled in for a long day.

Kim and Ron trekked up the mountain. It was exhausting work, but it wasn't the first time they'd traveled up a mountain to find a secret lair. They were three fourths the way to the top of the mountain when they came across a cave entrance.

"Let's try here," Kim said, turning on her flashlight and shining it into the cave. They couldn't see the end of it.

Ron quickly flicked on his flashlight and followed after.

They walked for about 20minutes before they hit a dead end. They were close to turning back when Ron tripped over a stone and fell to the ground, setting off a mechanism that slowly opened a wall in the cave.

Kim pulled her partner up, "Nice going, Ron."

He grinned.

They two entered the small opening to find themselves in a small cave within the cave, with four tunnels across from them.

Leaning towards her, the blond asked, "Which way do we go?"

Kim raised a hand for silence. After listening for a few moments she pointed to the third tunnel from the left.

They crept along the cave, turning their flashlights to a dimmer setting. After a few more minutes of walking they came to a large opening with machines and equipment throughout the whole place. In one corner there were cages, filled with large monstrosities – stranger than ones they'd seen before. They were much more rabid and less cuddly.

As they snuck around the cave, searching for DNAmy, they found the machine that must've created the beasts. After scanning the area a bit more and concluding their foe wasn't there, the two set about reversing the process of the monsters, goading them into the machine while avoiding their snapping jaws and sharp claws.

After changing several of the monsters back into people, they found their contact. He had been one of the experiments.

They still had half of the monsters left, some in different cages, which were much more rabid, but they were stopped when DNAmy arrived with several of her hired guards.

"You meanies! How dare you ruin my beautiful creations!" she cried out.

"Beautiful? These things are rabid! They're way worse than the first genetic experiments you created!"

"No, no! These are perfected! I don't need people to make those!" She pointed at the ones still in the cage. She then looked at the men she had experimented on and said, "They were just practice before the real thing."

Kim and Ron looked at each other before Kim nodded to Ron and told him to get the hostages out. He nodded as Kim went and started to fight the guards.

After she took them down her attention turned back to DNAmy who was running towards her creations, "Run free my children!" she laughed.

They ran rampantly around, destroying machinery and trampling the fallen guards. They were completely wild. One even started chasing DNAmy before Kim intervene and tackled the scientist out of the way. "These guys don't love you! They're willing to hurt you as well!"

"That's just absurd!" the woman replied. It was when they started to charge at them again did the geneticist realize she was wrong.

"See?!" Kim asked.

The woman nodded and said, "Come on! This way – I have an escape route!"

Shaking her head the redhead said, "No, you go! Wait with Ron, alright? I have to change them back to normal! What were they originally? How do I change them?"

"Umm, well I created them out of test tubes pretty much. Almost all of them came from baby wildlife – like deer or rabbits. I don't know how to change them back."

The redhead said, "Fine, you go, I'll figure out what to do with them!"

DNAmy nodded and took off.

Kim led them in a different direction, moving about the lair wildly, wasting time to allow Ron to escape as far away as possible while trying to figure out what to do.

As she was jumping around she called Wade.

"Hey Kim, you ok?"

The redhead was a little out of breath, "I'm fine. I need you to get animal control to my location. We have some rabid monsters. They weren't made from people, and DNAmy doesn't know how to turn them back. I need you to get some major animal control – we'll have to tranquilize them to keep them from harming anyone."

Wade immediately started typing. "Got it! They're 15 minutes out. Hold them off for a bit longer and we'll have your backup."

"Thanks Wade, you rock."

Wade leaned back in his chair, "Don't I know it."

Kim put away her Kimmunicator and ran through the tunnel she'd come from. The beasts immediately followed her.

It took her ten minutes to run to the exit, so in five more she'd have her help. She had to keep them occupied a little longer.

She had a moment's reprieve when the beasts first entered the snow, not sure what the cold fluff was. After a minute of sniffing it and figuring out if it was safe, they remembered they were chasing someone and began to run after Kim again.

The redhead used trees to dodge them and keep them occupied. They were slow and clumsy, so sometimes they'd run into a tree or two, and that helped her out.

When she heard the helicopters of the animal control, she headed for a clearing, to let them know where she was.

She brought all the beasts with her. As soon as they were in an open space, they picked up speed. There were no more obstacles to avoid.

From the helicopters the animal control people shot tranquilizers. They fell one after the other, and eventually they were down. The beasts were picked up and locked away.

They were all about to pull out when one of the beasts, who had strayed from the course, finally found them. It was one of the larger ones. It took three tranquilizers to take it out, and as it fell, it let out a large bellow.

Her backup had just secured the last beast when they realized the roar must have caused an avalanche, because a large cloud of snow was coming towards them.

Kim helped them take off, but before she could grab the rope to climb into one of the helicopters, a large gust shoved the craft away.

The redhead acted fast, pulling out a rocket snowboard and taking off. It wasn't fast enough though, and the avalanche was coming in fast.

Those in the helicopter could only watch in horror as the redhead was enveloped in a wave of snow.

Shego was flipping through a fashion magazine with Anna when their inn's hired paramedics started to rush out. Looking around, they saw Anna's mom and asked what was going on.

"There was an avalanche on the west side of the mountain. Kim P- I mean someone was caught in it." The woman tried to stop herself from saying the hero's name. Shego and Kim were enemies before, so telling the ex-villain that her ex-enemy was there may not be smart.

Shego caught the slip of the tongue and asked, "Who?"

Anna stared at her mother, who cracked under the pressure.

"Kim Possible."

Shego's eyes widened. "What?! When did this happen?!"

"Two minutes ago."

"SHIT! That means she only has 13minutes before she runs out of air!" The woman took off without another word, running out without grabbing any snow gear.

Anna's mother was a little shocked. She looked at her daughter for an explanation.

"Shego is in love with Kim." Anna told her mom everything, so Shego had to have known that she would tell her mom.

Her mother's jaw dropped.

Shego hopped onto one of the snowmobiles their inn usually rented out and took off in the direction she saw everyone else going to. When she arrived on the site she pulled out her phone and dialed a number. "Jean!"

"Shego, hey, what's up? We haven't talked in a whi-"

"We can catch up later. Call Monique. Get her to give you Wade's number – NOW."

The designer could hear desperation in her friend's voice and didn't ask any questions. She put Shego on hold and did as she was asked.

When Shego was patched through to Wade, the woman immediately said, "Kim's caught in an avalanche. I need you to set off an alarm on the Kimmunicator so I know where to look."

Wade was confused, "Shego? What are you doing there?"

"I work around here. Look, just set it off so I can find here already!"

The genius quickly did as he was told and a little ways away a siren started to go off from beneath the snow.

Shego dashed towards the sound as others looked in confusion.

When they saw her start to dig, they began to rush over. Ron came running up around this time, having only just heard that Kim was caught in the avalanche.

The green skinned woman lit up her plasma, causing the other searchers to back away. Melting the snow she went deeper and deeper until she was ten feet down where she found the Kimmunicator, but no Kim.

In desperation she lit both her arms ablaze in plasma and started to make a wide crater in the snow, moving in every direction. Instead of stopping her, Ron held everyone back. He didn't want anyone getting hurt by Shego. He could tell that Shego would never hurt Kim, at least not while trying to save her life – however she might accidentally hurt someone else while trying to save Kim, and that he couldn't allow.

There were two minutes left when she heard a shallow breathing noise. She toned the plasma down to just her hands and began to dig in a certain direction. She made her plasma go out when she bumped into something soft.

She rose her body temperature and plowed herself into the snow, melting it as she moved, reaching around the object in the snow and pulling it into the open. She found the redhead.

Shego pulled the girl closer to her, letting the chilled girl absorb her body heat as the medics climbed into the snow crater to help pull her out.

Hefting her up, the raven haired woman placed her on the stretcher and rushed with them down the mountain to a waiting ambulance.

Ron's eyes caught Shego's as Kim was loaded into the ambulance and he nodded to her. She smiled slightly in thanks and climbed into the ambulance with Kim, the medics not being able to stop her, fearing her glare and the hand enveloped in plasma.

They'd just shut the doors and started to move when the hero slowly opened her eyes.


The green skinned woman smiled down at the girl, "Hey Princess."

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