This story starts right after the number "Gee, Officer Krupke" (in the MUSICAL, not the movie version), when Anybodys comes to tell the Jets about Chino's plans to kill Tony. This is in Anybodys' point of view. NOTE: I DO NOT OWN WEST SIDE STORY.

Chapter 1: Finally a Jet

I sprint, feeling my legs pumping beneath me, the concrete pavement hitting the bottom of my old Converse. I'm panting, both from the run and from what I had just heard.

Chino is going after Tony.

I wasn't surprised; the Sharks had been after Tony ever since he had been spotted with that brunette foreigner Maria at the dance. And now that he had killed the Sharks' leader Bernardo, he was dead in their eyes.

But Tony had been right to kill the bastard; Bernardo had killed Riff!

I turned my hands to fists as I kept on running, striving to find the boys. Chino isn't going to get Tony without a fight, I think, as I spot them in an alleyway a couple blocks away from Doc's.

I slow down, watching them as I approach. I see Diesel, his fist in this hand, obviously angry, like he usually is. Baby John, huddled in the corner, scared of fighting and wishing that everyone would just get along (what a wuss he is). A-Rab, smoking a cigarette, leaning against the concrete building behind him, talking to Snowboy. Big Deal and Gee-Tar, polishing their knives...

And Action.

Tall, handsome Action.

I shake my head, knowing that now is not the time to fall into my infatuation with the now-leader of the Jets. I slowly approach him, as all the other members of the gang start to stare.

"Action?" I say cautiously, taking in the annoyed stares of the gang members. The only one who's not annoyed is Baby John, who just looks at me innocently.

Action sighs, and looks down at me. "What now, Anybodys? Why can't you just scram?"

I frown, and get up closer to him, so that we're inches apart. "I have news on Chino," I whisper.

He instantly gets serious, and motions for the other Jets to come and listen. "What is it?"

I tell him my story. "I was hanging around their territory. I overheard Chino talking to Pepe, who took over the Sharks." I pause, seeing Baby John's horrified expression. Wimp, I think. I continue. "Pepe gave him a gun. Chino is going after Tony. He's going to kill him."

Action's face falls, probably thinking of Riff's death. He quickly masks his grief and puts on an angry face. "They're not getting Tony. Not without a fight."

He looks over at Big Deal and Gee-Tar. "Boys, give everyone a knife. Get ready to fight." He pulls out his own knife, and raises it up. "We're going after the Sharks!"

The gang members cheer, taking the knives given out by Big Deal and Gee-Tar. As the guys leave to get ready, Action comes to me with a knife and his jacket.

"Anybodys," he says. "Thanks for the information."

"No problem, Action," I say, scraping my Converse nervously.

He hands me a knife and the jacket, putting it on my shoulders. I cock my head at him, confused.

"Welcome to the gang," he says, winking at me. He then walks off, joining A-Rab and the guys.

I stare back at his retreating figure, dumbfounded. I'm a Jet. I'm finally a Jet. I stand there for a moment, and run after the rest of the gang.