Rose Of Rohan


The life of a runaway turned Ranger leads you through many strange lands, and past the prettiest of palaces.
Out of a sever longing for what once was, my journies often lead me back to the kingdom of Gondor.
A place where most of my days where once spent.

I grew up in the lavishly decorated palaces of Oakdale, where my mother rules with dignity and grace.

I had little interest in the duties of an elven princess. I spent my little free hours tending to an extravagant rose garden.
Home to rarest blooms in all of middle earth.

The hours spent tending to my flowers only held off the want of something more.

Years into my elven life my mother felt the need to disclose the truth about my absent father, who I pressumed was dead.

Apparently he was the ruler of a small kingdom of men, located in a forest east of Gondor.

In the morning, I mounted my horse, Storm and set off toward his kingdom.

I was welcomed with open arms, a personal library and a week long celebration.
My father presented me as, 'The princess who once was lost, now found'.

Many people visit this small kingdom curious to see my father's half-elf offspring.

After a while my father lost interest in me and saught as most Kings do to place his daughter with a suitor.
My father's waring kingdom was strong, but saught to expand their broders.

Being so, he looked toward the kingdom of Gondor, who had fallen into war.

And thus I was sent on my way to a new kingdom full of frightened people who I couldn't do a thing to help.