Rose Of Rohan

Book 1

~Chapter one in which I meet the Princes~

Adriianii woke with an unpleasent jolt of the carriage passing over a stone. Her eyes snapped open, and her hands flew and unsheathed the small daggar hidden in the folds of her dress. Her swift actions recieved an icy glare from her father, who was pearched at the end of his seat across from her. He sighed lougdly and ran an exasperated hand through his hair.

"Adriianii PoisenOak there is no need for you to act so unladylike anymore. You are representing my kingodm, and your actions reflect thus so, and incriminate me."

Adriiannii cracked her neck and straitend out her spine before moving to smoothe out her dress and hide her daggar.

"Sorry, I didn't realize acting in ones defense was deemed unladylike by your people. My people, value the importance of such qualities."

She turned her head to look out at the passing buildings, determined to not snap or do anything else to earn more dissaproval from her father. King Marcaius Poisen shook his head at the mutt of a daughter he had to take claim of. He didn't ask for her to show up at his capital city, Helltayon a month prior. He didn't ask to even have such a creature born into existance. That, was the only grivance he could have kept from procuring. If only Araya had told him, she wasn't Queen of some human tribe. But that, of an Elf.

Adriianii felt the ghost of a small smile grace her pale fetures as the White City came into view.
The entire thing was carved into the mountian, and was amazing to behold.

After entering the city the carriage was stopped, and Adriianii and King Marcaius Poisen where escorted to the palace. Where they would meet the Steward and the Princes. One of them, her intended.

"Marcaius, it's been all too long!" The Steward proclaimed walking towards his old friend and, now buisness partner.

Adriianii bit the inside of her lips to keep from chuckling. The Steward wasn't easy on the eyes, and seemed a bit forced in his welcome and body actions.

Her father grinned at the othe man, and shook his hand.

"All too long indeed. This, is my daughter-"

Adriianii cut him off, "Princess Adriianii of Oakdale, your Stewardship."

The Steward's facade momentarily faultred and a low noise, that could have passed as a laugh escped his lips.
He waved a hand and two men where ushered forward. The taller of the two was blonde, well built and looked as if he belonged in battle. The shorter of the two had darker hair, was leaner than the other, and looked as if he belonged in a library somewhere.

"May I present my sons," The Steward said with what i supposed was a grin.
"Borimir, my first born and heir to the throne", He said with pride gesturing tothe taller of the two men, "And Farimir, my second born", he said glancing at the shorter spaking with a hint of distaste.

Adriianii's father softly kicked her ankel prompting her to speak.

"It's a pleasure to meet you both" Adriianii said speaking carefuly.

Farimir smiled softly and brought her hand to his lips, as is custom among men.
"I'm happy to meet my brother's intendant so. Welcome, to the city. I hope you'll find it to your liking."

She nodded and smiled back. When Adriianii went to reply, she recieved another sharp jab to the ankel. Her eys danced dangerously in her fathers direction. Knowing that it wasn't the time to snap at him, but she wanted to despiratley.

The soft feeling of hands on hers stole her back from her mind's violent schemes.
Borimir smiled warmly at his intended and kept her hand in his.

"I am egar, to know such a delicate and beautiful creature more." He drew her hands to his lips, lingering there a second longer. "Why don't you let me show you around the city? It's quite lovely this time of year."

Givin no real option in the matter Borimir pulled Adriianii away, moving them into the city. Looking back on her father, she swore that her father's eyes danced with hellfire and content at her being whisked away.


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