And then the author realized that I have a separate fic that meets a request for this one, so instead of writing another I'll be lazy and just post this one. Sorry, guys. Just wanting to prove that I'm not dead, just kidnapped by Hussie and Homestuck.

Japan was walking down the street, heading to the store for this winter's supply of manga and ice cream. He loved the frozen treat almost as much as America, which was saying something. That was when he unexpectantly ran into his friend Greece, a quiet nation like himself, though he was much more open with thing like sexuality.

"Konichiwa, Nihon." He said, bowing low at the waist.

"Hello, Greece-san, what has brought you here?" Japan asked, wondering why the nation had come here. Usually their meetings were at his house.

"I wanted to see what Japan was like during New Year. You always said it was a big holiday at your place. I hope I'm not imposing to much." He said in his normal monotone.

"Not at all, feel free to stay with me, though I was just headed to the store. Would you like to come with me?" He said, and the Greek nodded, following his tiny friend into the drug store. He was taller than everyone there, and it was a little odd. He wasn't a giant by any means, but here he felt like Godzilla. As they made there way back to Japan's house, Greece was surprised to find it snowing. Living near the Mediterranean, it rarely snowed at his place, and the tiny crystals of frozen water mesmerized him.

"We have to get inside, Greece-san, otherwise we may get caught in the blizzard." Japan said, being as polite as possible while telling his friend to get the f*ck in the house.

"A blizzard?" He asked, hopefully just not realizing that that is indeed what was happening and not that he didn't know what they were.

"Hai, so come on. We could die if we get caught in it." The two rushed back to the smaller nation's home, closing the door right as it started to snow in earnest, already starting to cover the doorway.

"What if the snow covers the door? Then we can't get out."

"That's called being snowed in, and it appears that will be the outcome."

"That doesn't sound good, especially since I only brought the one outfit." He said, looking down at his white tee shirt covered in a light jacket. He was already shivering.

"Why would you not wear something more proper for winter weather?"

"This is appropriate where I live. I didn't know your place would be this much colder." He said, chattering his teeth.

"Hold on, I have blankets. Follow me."

"You don't have air conditioning?"

"It broke yesterday, and no one has come to repair it yet. We will have to do this without technology." He grimaced at the thought. Japan loved his technology, and if would be a terrible snow in without it.

"But if I use your blankets, won't you be cold, Japan?"

"Yes, but you are more unused to this weather."

"We could both be under the blankets. Body heat is good for warming up anyway."

"Hai, but your clothes are soaked, and you need to take them off. I would lend you some of mine, but we are not the same size."

"So. Body heat transfers better when naked anyway." Japan couldn't tell if he was joking. The nation never used inflection, and he defiantly had an open sexuality.

"But it is improper for two men to sleep together, especially naked."

"Why? You bath together naked all the time, right?"

"Well yes, but-"

"And those are strangers, I'm Japan's friend, right?"

"Yes, but-"

"So what's the p-problem?" He was stuttering as his teeth chattered worse, rubbing up and down his arms. Japan couldn't think of a reason at this point, and didn't have time to think about it more. Greece was getting hypothermia, and needed to be warmed up

Besides, it wasn't as if Japan didn't want to see the Greek naked, in fact it had been the object of his fantasy for quite some time. He could even say that he was in love with the quite, strong man. The only problem was that he was embarrassed go his own body. Italy had even thought he'd shrunk his own thing, for crying out loud! He was sure that the Greek never meant any of his suggestions to actually be meant as invitation, just that he had no problem with his body, which was most likely just as magnificent as the rest of him. Japan, however, was skinny, with little muscle and even a little flabby in this time of peace. He wore his Kimono to Greece's house even when it was too hot to do so because it made him look bigger, and broadened his shoulders. He was reluctant to let his friend and crush know that he was really quite the small man.

But he wouldn't let him die just to uphold his own self-image, so he led the man up to his bedroom, telling him to strip and get under the blankets while he went to get extras. He re-entered the room with furry blankets in his arms, and found the Greek already sleeping in his bed. He sighed in relief and got out of his own wet clothes, covering the taller man up, and getting in next to him. He was drifting to sleep himself when He felt the brunette's arm wrap around him, feeling cold and flaming at the same time.

"Touch transfers heat, and friction helps too." He said, inwardly smiling at the way his Japanese friend was blushing and biting his lip as he slowly rubbed his arm up and down the pale torso.

"I-I see." He said, biting his lip harder. Greece turned him around and put a finger on the elder's lip.

"You shouldn't bite your lip, Japan. You could cut it." The smaller man's eyes were fluttering, wanting to close, but being willed open by their owner. Greece gave a smirk before pressing his own lips to Japan's.

"What are you doing?" Japan asked, looking alarmed, but not scooting away in the slightest.

"Well, our goal is to create heat, yes?" He asked, latching his mouth onto Japan's neck and sucking.

"Y-yes." Japan arched his back, rubbing his member against his friend's and gasping at both the sensation and the realization that both of them were hard.

"So then, what creates heat? Friction, right?"

"Ungh, y-yes." He could barely think as the experienced man roamed his hands around his body, stopping to cup an as cheek.

"The let's make friction, Japan." Japan bucked his smaller hips and gasped again and a large hand went to enclose his member, stroking it with varying pressures. He was near tears of pleasure under the skilled ministrations of the Greek, and was digging his nails into the tan back.

"G-Greece." He panted.

"Yes, Japan?" He teased, knowing that the man couldn't express his needs. He was a century-old virgin after all. something Greece had learned when Japan had drunk far too much sake.

Instead of answering, the smaller man just moaned, rubbing his body against the others. Greece moved to be on top of him and moved to nibble his earlobe.

"Will you let me take you, Japan?" He asked, not wanting to do anything that the other didn't want to. Fortunately, Japan was too turned on to say no to anything but stopping, and so he just nodded, gyrating his hips desperately. The larger man sat up, letting out the heat that was supposed to be there goal, but letting Japan get a good look at the God-like body. Tan and well defined with just the right amount of hair to be manly but not a monkey. A moment later, Japan realized that it also gave Greece a full view of him, and covered as much as he could with his arms.

"Don't do that. I want to see you, Japan." He slowly pulled the arms away, and seemed to worship the body underneath him like it was one of his Gods. Japan blushed further, if it was indeed possible by this point, and was surprised when Greece got up all together, telling him to wait their, but not to touch anything.

Japan lay down for a moment, simply trying to figure out if this was a dream. When he decided that it was indeed real, he was left with the question of whether or not Greece was simply doing this for body heat, or if he shared his feelings. Then he decided that at the moment, he didn't care.

When Greece came back, he was holding a bottle of lotion from the bathroom, and was putting a good amount on his hands, more than he could possibly rub in. Japan was wondering what it was for, but he got his answer when a finger rimmed his hole, and he jumped. Greece knew he should ask again, but he'd die if Japan said no, so he went with the initial yes that was already given, unless of course Japan told him to stop, in which case he would.

He pressed the middle finger in slowly, looking at the face of his love contort in a fast array of expressions. He used his other hand to keep the small man focused on his member, rather than the pain as he inserted a second finger. Japan winced anyway, and he moved up to kiss him, trying in every way to distract him. Soon, he was moving against the fingers, not away, and so Greece put in the third and final finger, licking away the small tear that formed in the corner of Japan's closed eye.

"I'm going to continue now Japan." He said, though his voice was raspy and much lower than Japan remembered it being. The elder man simply nodded, and gasped when the larger-than-he-thought member entered his hole, inch by inch until the Greek was balls deep in Japanese uke.

They moved against each other, Greece knowing just where to touch to make his little Japanese groans in pleasure. It wasn't too long before the muscle around him contracted, leaving the hole Greece was pounding into even tighter. He leaned into Japan' ear.

"I love you, Japan." He moaned before Cumming in the tight buttocks of his lover, and falling down beside him.

"Greece, did you mean that?" Greece was tired, but he could always stay awake a little longer for his Love. He pulled up the blankets before answering:

"Of course, Japan. What kind of man do you take me for?" He joked, and Japan smiled, curling up into the chest of his lover.

"I love you too, Greece." He whispered, thinking that the man was already asleep, but for the second time that night, he was wrong, and he was surprised when arms wrapped a little tighter around him, feeling warm and quite comfortable.