How long until you just can't go onAnd the urge to break loose is just too strongYou should let go that's what you want to doOh but you don't know, you don't knowIf it's the right thing to do

Reese knew what he had to do. It had been two days since their little rendezvous gone sour. He had a plan that would make everything come back together between he and Julia. He was going to pick her up for a romantic weekend in the mountains. Once there he was going to shower her with flowers and cards, all that gooey romantic stuff that women loved, even strong feminists like Julia. He had made all of the arrangements and left the office early to make his way to Julia's house. It was close to 3 o' clock in the afternoon when he pulled into her driveway and walked happily to her door. He knocked but no one answered the door. Strange, all the lights are on and her car is here. He turned the doorknob and found that it was locked so he lifted the small terra cotta flower pot and reached for the spare key beneath. He deftly unlocked the door and pushed it open.

The door swung open slowly and nothing in the world could have expected Reese Watson for the sight that greeted him. Julia was laid across her desk, papers and other supplies strewn on the floor next to it. She was naked and an equally naked petite red head stood in front of her open legs, her fingers buried deep inside of Julia's womanhood. The red head Reese instantly recognized as Julia's friend and co worker, Mary Jo Shively. He could not believe this…this was why she had been so distant…she had been lying to him…she had been having an affair…with a woman…he just could not believe it.

He stepped into the living room and cleared his voice loudly. The petite woman instantly stopped her movements against Julia and froze.

"Darling, don't stop…please…" Julia begged her younger lover, ignorant to what exactly was going on.

"Julia…You better sit up…" Mary Jo said somberly as she helped the older woman sit up on the desk top.

Julia sat up slowly and gasped as she saw Reese standing there. Caught. She had been caught in the act. Seeing the pain in his blue eyes, Julia felt sudden guilt at betraying such a loving man. Lord knows, she once loved this man for all her was worth. He had made her feel beautiful and alive again after Hayden had passed. There was just always something missing, not just with him, with her other male lovers as well. She had found her missing piece in Mary Jo. She had never wanted to break his heart but she did not want him to ever find out like this. Julia had meant to tell him many times … over dinner…at the opera…but her nerves got the best of her so she kept on with her charade….she made her bed…now she had to lie in it.

Mary Jo slipped her sweater over her head and handed Julia her blouse. Mary Jo excused herself and retreated upstairs knowing that the two needed their privacy to talk this out. Julia buttoned up her blouse and slipped off of the desk top.

"Well, well Ms. Sugarbaker…Would you like to tell me what the hell is going on here ?" Reese asked, anger obvious in his voice.

"Reese…I don't know what to say…I tried so hard to tell you…I never thought you would find out…especially like this…I am so ashamed of myself…of the lies." Julia gulped as she moved to sit on the Queen Anne chair.

"Julia…How long…? Are you…you know a…a lesbian?" Reese asked, disgust in his voice, as he made his way from the doorway to the sofa to sit.

"About four weeks now…but the attraction has always been there. And yes, I believe I am." Julia said in a cultured tone.

"Why…? I mean didn't I love you right? I tried Julia…tried to give you everything a woman needs." Reese said.

"I needed something deeper. I have always felt like something was missing in my relationships…incomplete and she completes me. She treats me like a woman not like a trophy girlfriend showering me with things that don't really amount to hill of beans. Our intimacy is special… I know you tried, darlin' and believe me when I tell you that I am thankful for everything you have done for me…but I need this…need her." Julia said passionately, tears clouding her eyes.

" Call her down here" Reese demanded.

"Al…alright. Mary Jo, Darling…Can you come down here?" Julia yelled.

Mary Jo walked slowly down the stairs unsure of why exactly she was called down here. Julia pulled the small red head onto her lap and boy, you could cut the tension in that room with a knife.

"You love her?" Reese asked sincerely.

"Very, very much" Mary Jo admitted.

"She is very, very special. Incredibly smart and so damned classy but I also trust that since you have spent time with her personally you know how hard headed she can be…and sassy. Those are her most endearing qualities but you probably know that already…" Reese lectured.

"Yes, I know…she is really something." Mary Jo agreed.

"I guess then that is all I need to know…I really don't want to keep you two from anything… I wish you both the most happiness in the world…" Reese said as he rose from the sofa and walked over to where Julia was sitting.

"Goodbye, Sassy…" Reese said as he caressed her cheek with his hand and then walked right out of the door.

"Goodbye, Mr. Watson…" Julia whispered.

If we had known our love would come to thisWe could have saved our hearts the hurt of wasted yearsWell it's been fun - what else can I sayIf the feeling's gone words won't stop you anywayIf being free's worth what you leave behindAnd if it's too late for love to change your mindThen it's goodbye time